Ok. This is my first fanfiction story…. I know Hogwarts doesn't have lockers… but if they did

DISCLAIMER: It's not mine. Though I can wish all I want that I was JK Rowling, I, sadly, am not and the characters are hers. See? Ha! I have a disclaimer so you can't sue me! HA! Ok… read!

Lily Evans briskly walked down a stretching stone hallway of Hogwarts, searching for her locker. When she had finally reached the locker, 713, she quickly spun her combination: 17…31…01.

It didn't work. Glancing at her watch, she frantically spun the lock, hitting each number exactly. It still didn't open. She had to get her Transfiguration homework out! She'd rather get a detention for being late than one for forgetting her homework.

With an exasperated grunt/sigh/groan, she tried once again. And again. And again. And again, each time getting faster than the one before. With a final spin, she tried, it still not working, and Lily slammed the locker with her fist.

"BLOODY LOCKER!!" she screeched at it. She gave it one more chance. It didn't work. With a growl, she whipped out her wand.

"AVADA KEDAVRA!!!!!!!!!!!!!" she commanded it to die. James Potter tapped her on the shoulder.

"Lily? Let me try…" he hesitantly said. Lily grumbled something inaudible, and moved out of the way. James spun the combination, Lily not paying attention until she heard a click and the sound of the locker opening. (A/N James knows the combo… stalker…). She whirled around, staring into the evil locker.

It didn't look right. Books were shoved in, parchment sticking out. It wasn't right.

"Potter, what did you do to my locker?!?" she said in an answer-this-right-or-I'll-kill-you kind of voice.

"Er… this is… my locker…" he said, hoping he would live.

"What?" she asked.

"That one is yours…" he pointed at locker 713. She had been trying to open 712. Scarlet, Lily walked to hers and spun the combination.

It worked.

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