And it happens again.

Maybe if she keeps quiet it'll end quickly or maybe it'll take longer.

He stands there at the door watching as she fidgets under his gaze.

She thinks of him as disgusting about how he likes to hear her scream, whimper, he loves watching her cry; to beg it to stop.

She can't take the silence so she screams out mad "This isn't suppose to happen to me, it's suppose to happen to someone else in the room!"

He chuckles as if watching a child overjoyed opening his first Christmas present.

His words roll off his tongue keenly "To everyone else you are the other person."

Everything he says he makes it sound like she was born just yesterday.

Her sense of reality blurs, she feels weak and tired; she feels as if she could sleep for years on end.

She just wants to kill the voices, close her eyes, drown in darkness, but she knows when she closes her eyes he's there too.

He's been waiting far too long hiding in the shadows watching her, loving her, caring for her.

When she cried in her sleep he was there to soothe her and whip away the tears.

But she loves another, another that never even spared her a glance but she still loved him no matter what.

So he got what he wanted; he wanted her and he got her the way he got most things by force.

He stalks slowly towards her watching as she flinches every time his sandals hit the ground becoming closer to her.

He squats in front of her and whispers in her ear, "Im just garbage with an umbrella so give me my dream. I am so used to hiding under an umbrella so I want you for me."

She has nothing to say, she's been locked in this room, this room for five months, and she knows there's no more hope for her so why deny him?

He sighs and sits beside her and puts her on his lap while soothing out the wrinkles in her pure white dress with a bright blue silk obi tied around her wait.

The dress he gave her when she first came here.

He saw her eyelids getting heavy and he started to tell her the old fable of the pink flower and the lizard.

(Sorry like you know how most characters have animals I couldn't think of one for him he kinda reminds me of one)

He tells her how the lizard saw the prettiest pink flower in a window and falls in love. How everyday the lizard would go to the window and confess love just never getting a response from the flower it happened every day until the lizard finally gets a plan to get the flower.

He lays his head on her shoulder while telling her all the events the lizard went through to try to get the flower.

The end is coming "So finally the lizard got the flower he did everything he pampered the flower brought it gifts from the woods he was so happy he never noticed how the flower never uttered one thing. So one day a rabbit came by and saw the lizard's unusual obsession and tells him he brushes him off saying 'the flower is just shy'.

After many years the lizard is weak and the flower is wilting he soon founds out everything the rabbit said was true."

He never finishes it where the lizard dies from being weak getting those presents for the flower.

He placed gentle butterfly kisses on her neck and said, "I don't want us to be the lizard and flower. Don't you understand Sakura I love you."

Sakura sighed and ran her hands threw his short silver hair and down his double-jointed spine his twin brother must have been reabsorbed back into his body.

Sakura looks at him and smiles figuring she can't get away so why fight it?

"Yes I love you too, Sakon."


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