Rose Red

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Chapter 11: Broken

"Bella?" Charlie was shaking violently. Carlisle's chronicle of vampires, werewolves and the reason for everything that had happened in Forks for the past two years had put him in shock. We'd waited for him to respond to anything for several hours. He'd simply been staring at the glass-lined wall while we sat around. Jasper had finally interceded, making Charlie's pulse slow, until he finally calmed down.

"Yes?" The corners of my mouth twitched into a smile as Charlie emerged from his trance. Edward squeezed my hand lightly and rubbed my back in light circles.

He's fine. We're all fine. Edward's voice echoed in my head.

"Charlie, you can't tell anyone. We can… change you, if you want," Carlisle said softly.

"I won't tell anyone. But I don't want to be… one of you," Charlie's tone changed rapidly. He didn't seem scared, but rather disgusted. Like I was some kind of monster. One who drank human blood.

He stood up, and began to amble towards the massive front door. I grabbed his arm.

"Dad…" I pleaded.

"No, Bella. I can't… It's different now. I hope you're happy with your life. Now I understand why Jake is… was… so averse to you being with him." He gazed at Edward, tears brimming his chocolaty eyes. "Goodbye, Bells."

Suddenly I was angry. Charlie couldn't even accept my choice. A choice that would make me happy forever, even if it did require a few sacrifices. Jacob included. My temper raged. I clenched my fists and strutted furiously to the doorway where Charlie was shutting the glass paned door.

Bella, stop. Edward commanded me. This isn't your fault.

I kept moving.

"Bella! BELLA!" Emmett's voice roared from behind me as I broke through the door. Glass rained to the cold, marble floor. A huge hand gripped my shoulder. "Bella, don't you dare go after him. If you do, I may be forced to go Medieval on your ass."

I repressed a giggle at Emmett's attempt at a joke. My split-second pause allowed Alice to get in front of me, blocking my path. Emmett and Jasper were at either side of me, and Edward followed behind.

"Bella," Edward said in his familiar velvety voice. "If you go after Charlie, he could die. You could kill him. Do you want that?" Edward' statement began to sink in. My knees trembled. Edward wrapped his arms around me.

"I'm sorry. I know how much you wanted him to accept us," Edward whispered. "I'll always love you. We all will."

I picked up the newspaper the next morning, and gasped when I saw the headline:

Quileute Teen Dead: Homicide Suspected

Jacob Black, a sixteen-year-old member of the Quileute Tribe in La Push, Washington, was found dead by his father, William Black, yesterday in the woods near his home. Jacob had suffered multiple puncture wounds in his chest and bled to death in a clearing. Though no official investigation has begun, it is believed that Forks resident Edward Cullen is the culprit in the possible murder. Much of Cullen's DNA was found at the crime scene, along with an unidentified body of a redheaded female.

Cullen and Black had clashed previously over Cullen's girlfriend, Isabella Swan, and they were believed to have brawled before Black was killed. No witnesses have come forward about the stabbing, but Swan's DNA was also found near the crime scene. Swan's father, the chief of police in Forks, spoke to us about the slaying.

"Jake was a good kid. He didn't deserve this. He was trying to protect my daughter."

Isabella Swan in currently missing, believed to be kidnapped by Cullen and his family. An investigation will begin within the week, and Black's funeral will take place on Friday.

"Kidnapped?!" I screeched. "Edward, they think you kidnapped me!"

"Which is why we have to leave," Edward rounded the corner into the sitting room holding two duffel bags. One for me and one for him.

"But…" I trailed off. I couldn't think of a legitimate reason to stay. Charlie didn't care, Jacob was gone, and I had everything I wanted when I was with the Cullens. "Okay. I'm going to assume those are already packed and we're taking the Volvo. I'll go get dressed."

Edward chuckled and followed me up to his—well, our—room. I took the steps two at a time, Edward just behind. I walked down the long, dark hallway and pushed open the door to our room. Edward closed the door and grabbed my waist. He pulled me towards him and touched his forehead to mine.

"Kiss me," I said. He moved his mouth, and our lips touched. I closed my eyes, and Edward tangled his hand in my hair. I ran my hand under his shirt, feeling the marble smoothness of his back. We collapsed on the bed, and I gasped for air, even though I didn't need to. Old habits die hard.


"Yes, love?"

"We have to leave."

"Why?" Edward sounded perplexed, and I couldn't blame him. I pointed. The door was halfway open and Alice was leaning against the wall, her face blank.


I sat up and Alice snapped out of her reverie. I gave her a questioning look.

"They're coming," she whispered. "We've gotta go." I leaped to my feet and grabbed my duffle.

"Alice, who's coming?" I asked frantically.

The police, Edward said in my mind. They're coming to find you.

I raced to the garage where Emmett, Rosalie, Esme, Carlisle and Jasper already stood. Edward and Alice were at my heels and I began to climb into the Volvo when a hand stopped me.

"They're going to suspect that you're with him, Bella. Edward, you take Alice and Jasper. Emmett, Bella and I will go in my car. Rosalie and Esme will stay here for two days until it's safe for all of us to leave," Carlisle instructed. I glanced at Edward, but he was wearing a face that told me that he agreed with Carlisle.

"Shotgun!" Emmett called. I sighed and crawled into the back of Carlisle's black sedan. Emmett bounced into the front seat and Carlisle took the driver's seat. We pulled out of the garage into the cold, wet forest that was once my home.

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