Fog. Why did it have to be fog?

Thundercracker groaned as he walked down the empty street. His red optics were downcast to keep an eye on where he was going. As he was forced to land, nearly crashing because the fog. It seemed to come straight out of nowhere, which rattled his already stressed nerves.

Rubbing his optics, the blue tinted Seeker shook his head. He couldn't seem to grasp why his sensors were going haywire in this.

Putting his hand back down, he looked ahead. Though he could barely see anything past his own hand when he outstretched it. Fingers sliding easily through it. Distubing the thick fog.

While he tried to grasp the fog itself or anything solid in it, he didn't spot the shadow that was approaching him from behind.

Thundercracker withdrew his hand from the fog and turned his gaze above, seeing only fog. "This is nervewracking..."

He was so distracted in his thoughts that when a hand was placed on his shoulder, he yelped and jumped into the air. Spinning, he landed back on his feet. Staring back at the mech that touched him.

A light blue and pink Seeker smiled back at Thundercracker with a grin playing on his face. He chuckled lightly, sapphire optics piercing the fog.

"Con..." Thundercracker relaxed seeing him. "Don't do that to me. You scared the living daylights out of me."

"Oops. Sorry, TC." Con walked over to his blue companion in the fog.

Without another word, he put his hands on Thundercracker's chest. Leaning in he gave him a single kiss. Causing the other to blush.

"Lovely," purred Con before taking a couple steps back, leaving the flushed Seeker speechless.

"Have fun getting out of here." He gave a little wave with a tilt of the head then teleported out, leaving Thundercracker grasping for him.

A frown slid across his dark faceplate. "Con..."

Sighing, the Decepticon turned to walk in the fog alone when he heard someone calling his name. Looking around for the voice, he started running to find it. The voice sounded familar, but he couldn't quite figure out who it was.

He yelled when Skywarp's face suddenly appeared in the fog. His optics widened as he stumbled backwards and fell. Before his head could hit the ground, he woke up.

Flicking his red optics on and off in a blink, he was staring up into the grinning face of Skywarp. He scowled and shoved Skywarp back.

Sitting up, Thundercracker looked over. "I was dreaming?"

"Yup." Skywarp smirked. "You talk in your sleep."

"" Thundercracker looked pale.

"Yeah." The black and purple Seeker tilted his head with a curious look.

"Whose Con?"