Summary: Just a short drabble between Demyx and Xemnas. It's not yaoi!! It's basically when Xemnas encounters Demyx after he became a nobody.

Disclaimer: I don't own KH or ORGXIII (The coolest group of villains ever)

He sat there in the alleyway wearing ragged jeans and a ripped shirt. His body was bruised all over from a fight he had gotten in earlier.

He couldn't help it, ever since he died and came back unable to feel he had bursts of rage he came across a group of people laughing and talking and in jealous anger he attacked them. He'd beat up a couple of them but then the cops came and he barely escaped.

It wasn't fair! Why should he out of all the people in this stupid town not be able to feel anything! He hadn't done anything wrong so why'd he have to be this way? The only thing he remembered before was darkness overcoming him, he and his friends after a successful concert had splittened up and then these monsters attacked him.

When he woke up he could not feel anything whatsoever. He didn't feel happiness or sadness, the only thing closest was anger and jealously.

Sighing he summoned his sitar he than began to play a sad tone on it he toned out to the world not paying any attention that water was gathering near him and seemed to dance to his music.

"You want your heart back don't you boy?"

He opened his eyes and looked around. He saw no one and the alleyway was empty save for him. Putting his sitar away he decided to get out of there before the blows that he received to his head caused him to hear more voices.

He turned around and stopped in fear.

Standing before him was a black cloaked man who had his hood down. He had silver hair and yellow eyes that seemed to mock him. Something about him sent shivers down his spine and he started to back away.

"Don't be afraid boy; I know how you feel the feeling of being incomplete. I saw something in you earlier that I liked the rage against those who are happy when you too should be able to experience happiness."

The boy's eyes widened in surprise wondering what he was talking about could there actually be others who were like him? Incomplete, only half a person?

The man summoned a dark portal and prepared to go inside it.

"If you come with me I will help you regain your heart that was stolen from you and you will become whole once again, I will make you complete.

The man pulled up his hood and entered the portal.

I will make you complete His voice said again in a whisper from it.

The boy stood there hesitantly and thought it over. Could he trust this person who offered to help get his heart back? It sounded too good to be true.

I will make you complete

Clutching his fist in determination and narrowing his green eyes the boy ran into the portal.

And on that day the singer once known as Edmy become known as Organization member Number IX Demyx The Melodious Nocturne.

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