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I. An idea for the good or for the worse?


Sensei-Iruka sat in his classroom, sighing deeply. The students already went home and he just finished correcting the tests that were now lying on his desk. Outside shone the sun and everything seemed peaceful. The brown haired chuunin sighed deeply and was about to stand up from his desk as suddenly a puff of smoke appeared.

A faint scream escaped his lips as he found himself nose to nose with Konoha's famous copy-nin Hatake Kakashi.

"Yo." At that the brown haired man broke out.

"What in the name of Hell made you scare me like that!!" he yelled embarrassed, and he could have sworn that he saw the other man grinning under his mask.

"Nothing Iruka-sensei, I only come to tell you about the little plan we had for our students." At that he received a confused look.

"Who do you mean by 'we'?" asked Iruka skeptical.

"Well, there are me, Sensei-Kurenai, Sensei-Asuma and Sensei-Gai." Said the silver haired man, counting on his finger.

"Then I will come and Kakashi…" at that said person tensed up.


"Get with your feet down from my desk!"


Three hours later:

All four teams stood confused in front of Kurenai-sensei's house. They sensei's told them to come here, but they didn't tell why.

"So, who is going in first?" asked Shikamaru a bit annoyed.

"Hmm, I would say ladies first." Said Kiba looking at the famel part of the four groups, the other boy's nodded, well except Sasuke who looked bored and Neji who glared daggers at Naruto who happened to stand to near his cousin.

Everyone got startled as the door opened revealing the copy-nin, who begun grinning under his mask as everyone begun to scream about the frightening idea that Sensei-Kakashi is in Sensei-Kurenai's house. The poor teacher needed every single motherly instinct, kindness and Iruka's help to calm the children and not to stab Kakashi and the other guy's for a five comments. So after everyone was normal again the five teachers explained that they got the great idea to make a Karaoke Party together. This earned them a five confused looks, a five glares, groaning and blushing. They even needed to drag a five of them back as they started sneaking away.


"Now, that we are mostly all here except for two…", but the black haired woman stopped as the door opened revealing Gaara and his older sister Tamari. At the sight of the blond nin most of the boys begun drooling and a five girls groaning.- "It looks like that we are all here, Gaara, Tamari I'm sorry that your brother has a cold and couldn't come."

"No problem." Said the blond as she dragged her brother to the others and seated him beside Naruto and she herself sat between Sino and Ino.

"And may I ask my dear colleagues who sings first?" asked Sensei-Gai looking from the other adults to the children and sweatdropped as he saw everyone except Lee, hiding behind the chairs and the couch.

"Well…Lee you go first, pick up a song." Said Sensei-Asuma as he gave the grinning boy the micro and he himself set down with the other sensei's and begun writing on little paper strings.

"Great, uhm…Sensei-Gai?"

"Yes my dear young friend?"

"Can we also dedicate the songs we sing to one person or more if we want?"

"Well of course, let the spirit of young feelings flow."

"Where does that guy take his speeches from?" asked Sensei-Asuma his friends in a way that Gai couldn't hear him. The others shook they heads.

"Well then I dedicate this song to my sensei, my love Sakura and all the lovely girls here in the room." And with that he begun singing.

„Come on!

As if you are being chased, you are in a hurry

This dry heart is screaming

This stubbornly burning star

is still far away

I have been losing while I'm seeking

I have been robbed while I'm giving it

For no one, no one's property

This is our "now"

At that Sakura already climbed in a now furiously blushing Sasuke's lap, while most of the boys begun glaring at Lee as the frightened girls hung themselves on them. Even the sensei's stopped writing then they watched as Kurenai hung herself frightened at the male who sat nearest to her, which happened to be Asuma.

overlap our feeling, overlap the dream, overlap the days

sweating, holding the tears, stirring the blood

fighting and loving

it's just a far light On the way

I have been betraying while I'm believing

I haven been hurting while I'm preying

It's no one's business, it's no one's fault

Our now

untie the pain, untie the heart, untie the shadow

hold the breath, run through the darkness

feeling grief and dreaming

will never end On the way


I wanna ROCKS in the heart ROCKS"

After the son ended Lee blew a five flying kisses to the girls, which were stopped by a five flying shurikens. Lee sat down flashing a smile to his sensei who stared with the others confused at the ceiling where the shuriken pinned the little hearts down.

"Uhm…no one told me that the kids have they weapons with them."

"My ceiling…"


Well after everyone of the kids got searched thought for weapons the teachers put everything on the table in one other room and come back to they now sulking students.

"And now, who is next. Except Lee…" no moving. "We already guessed that so we wrote the names on paper strings and who we pull out will sing." Said sensei-Asuma.

"Uhm…Sensei, why are there two boxes?" asked Kiba a bit worried.

"That is a surprise." Said the woman to the now gulping boy.

"Ok, I will pull." Said Iruka and pulled out a string from the first box. "Ok the next one will be…"he paled as he saw the name"…me….? But…but…" then as realization blended in he begun blushing and turned glaring to Kakashi. "Did you make this?"

"I thought it would be fun and now Iruka- sensei, you are on turn."

Said sensei grabbed the micro and went sulking on the little stage they made. As the music begun to play he started his song.

"Kono ryoute ni kakaete iru mono toki no shizuku

Sotto nigirishimete wasureta kioku nakushita kotoba

Hitotsu hitotsu omoidaseba subete wakatte ita ki ga shite ita no ni

Iroaseta kotoba wa boku no sugu soba ni oite atta

Kotae no denai yoru to hitohira no nukumori to haruka kanata no akogare to

Tada sore dake wo kurikaeshi boku wa ikite iru

"Wow, I never knew that Iruka-sensei could sing that well."

"Me neither…"

"Kakashi, you are drooling through your mask…"

Kono ryoute ni kakaete iru mono toki no shizuku

Sotto nigirishimete wasureta kioku nakushita kotoba

Anata ga omou koto wo sameru koto naku temoto ni tsukamitai no ni

"Hito" daru bokutachi wa sono kimochi wo wakachi aenai mama

Kotoba ga hanatsu imi wo tatoe no nai omoi wo kotaeru koto no nai kanjou wo

Mitsumeaeba tsutawaru koto ga dekitara ii no ni na

Kono ryoute ni kakaete iru mono toki no shizuku

Sotto nigirishimete wasureta kioku nakushita kotoba

Kono omoi wa mune ni shimatte okou

"Nakushite shimatta..."

As the song ended everyone begun clapping.

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