The mask he wore was a divide

Between him and those around

A face he didn't have to hide

A face that had no crown

That which was hiding underneath

He wore with pride and heartache

But what was once worn a clever sheath

Become much more than fake

He found that what was hidden below

Was more and more the lie

The mask's personality began to grow

And with it, feelings he couldn't deny

She was the reason his face was wrong

Why his mask was becoming right

Why his feeling were so strong

And why he fought with all his might

And when she finally knew

What he had hidden under

With a careful finger, she drew

An outline laced with wonder

The scar of pride and heartache

The enemy hidden underneath

The prince he knew to be a fake

The mask that was a sheath

And her eyes lit with satisfaction

And her lips were a greeting of consent

And his face had lost no attraction

And at last, he was content

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