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Summary: An old friend needs the boys help, but the boys are reminded that there is no such thing as a simple job in the Supernatural world. WARNING SPOILERS: This story may refer to any episode in season 1, but will not be mentioning anything for season 2.

Raven 524: This story is taking place pre-season 2 and will be referring to a character that I created in Home Sweet House. You don't have to read the other story to enjoy this one, but I may refer to things from that story…that being said…on with the story.

End of Innocence

Chapter 1 – An Old Friend

The young man stood outside the old building breathing in the fresh morning air. Even the bright sunlight couldn't take away the oppressive atmosphere that surrounded the building. Nick had done his research and had learned that this building had once been a state run orphanage. But a mysterious fire had killed a number of the children and caused the orphanage to be closed.

Nick sighed at the thought of all the children that must have passed through these gates, never knowing the safety and security of a real home. He himself had never had an ideal home life, but at least his father had been there for him. As he moved closer to the building, he could sense what he had come for.

Moving quietly, Nick entered the old building and stood in the massive entryway. It was hard to imagine that children had actually been raised in the sterile looking atmosphere. Suddenly, Nick looked to his right and smiled as he saw a flicker of something lurking just out of sight.

"Hello, my name is Nick. It's ok, you can come out. I won't hurt you." Nick watched as the figure of a small girl emerged. She couldn't have been more than 6 years old. In her hand she held a teddy bear that had definitely seen better days. "Hi there, can you tell me your name?"

"Not 'spose to talk to strangers…I'll get in trouble" The girl sniffed as she looked around fearfully.

"It's ok honey, I'm just trying to help you, but if you don't want to talk to me that's ok too." Nick watched as the girl tried to decide what to do. His heart broke at the fear that was reflected on the girls face. No girl that age should have that kind of fear.

"My name is Peggy." She whispered as she looked around nervously.

"That's a pretty name Peggy…can you tell me why you are here?"

"My Mommy and Daddy didn't want me anymore…he said I was a bad girl, but I'm not. I couldn't help what happened!"

"What happened Peggy?" Nick knelt down so that he was at eye level with the young girl.

"It's a secret. Mommy told me never to tell…people would be scared."

Nick stood as he felt the temperature change in the room as the wind began to pick up. He noticed that Peggy was looking around, terror evident on her face as she began to head back towards the corner of the room. "Run Nick! You have to get out before it's too late."

Nick decided that Peggy might have the right idea. He headed for the door and quickly exited the building. As he turned to look back, he saw the front door slam shut as if telling him in no uncertain terms that he wasn't welcome. Rubbing his arms, Nick continued to look at the windows. He could see the small face of the little girl pressed up against the glass, the look on her face was unbearably sad. Nick noticed that there were other small faces pressed up against the glass in various windows. All of them bearing the same hopeless look that Peggy had.

"Don't worry. I'll figure out a way to help you all. Just hold on. I'll be back with some help!"


Sam was driving as Dean slept. He was glad that his brother was able to finally get some sleep. They had just spent the last 4 nights watching over a house that had a nasty poltergeist. Dean had taken the brunt of the punishment this time, the bruises on his face just the beginning of what the poltergeist had done when they had tried to banish it.

Sam heard his brother groan as he tried to get his tired body comfortable. But he didn't wake. Sam decided that as soon as they hit a town, he was going to find a hotel and make Dean take a day of rest. Suddenly, he felt the pressure of a headache coming on. Sam pinched his nose, as he pulled the car to the side of the road. He knew the signs and didn't want to risk crashing. As he turned to wake his brother, the vision was suddenly upon him.

Sam could see a small girl, maybe six years old walking down a long hallway. She was dragging what looked like an old teddy bear as she wandered on. Suddenly the child looked directly at Sam as if she could actually see him.

"You shouldn't be here! He's going to be mad. Please go away!" The child backed against the wall, the terror evident on her face as she continued to stare at Sam.

"Why do you want me to go? What's wrong?" Sam asked, but the girl refused to answer.

Suddenly Sam saw flames dancing in the hallway, surrounding him and the young girl. "I told you, now we're both going to be in trouble. I'm sorry, but I can't make it stop!"

Sam could actually feel the heat from the flames as he moved towards the girl. "Come on, we have to get out of here!" Sam reached for the child, but she shrank further away from him.

"It's too late…too late I was bad and now I have to be punished."

Sam began to cough as the smoke made it hard to breathe. He couldn't understand why the girl didn't want his help. "I can't leave you here…you'll burn!"

"Too late, but you have to help him…he's a nice man, but he's going to get hurt if you don't help him."

"Who do you want me to help?" Sam asked as he felt the flames getting closer.

"Nick…you have to help him or he will die just like all the others…remember help Nick!" The girl began to fade into the smoke. Sam screamed. "Don't you'll burn…Oh God; we have to get out of here! Before Sam could reach the young girl he watched in horror as first the girl and then the teddy bear burst into flames.

"NO!" Dean jumped as he heard his brother's cry.

"Sammy?" Dean could see immediately that something was wrong. His brother was coughing and grasping his throat as if he couldn't breathe. "Shit!" Dean realized that his brother was having a vision.

"Sammy, come on little brother you have to wake for me now!" Dean grabbed Sam's arm, hoping his brother would be able to break free of the vision.

Sam's eyes suddenly opened wide as he gasped for air. "Dean…Oh God, she burned…the fire…she was just a child!" Sam blindly reached for the door handle and quickly fell to his knees outside the car.

Dean jumped out and ran around to help his brother. Sam lost the contents of his lunch, but still the spasms continued until he was unable to catch his breath. Dean began to rub Sam's back, talking calmly to him as Sam got his breathing back under control. Sam collapsed into Dean's arms as tears ran down his face, the horror of what he had seen evident in the depths of his expressive eyes.

"Sam, what is it…tell me what did you see?"

Sam swallowed, wiping his mouth on his sleeve as he tried to tell Dean what he had seen. Dean listened until Sam finished, concerned as his brother began to message his temple. He hated the effect these visions had on his brother.

"Ok, Sam…can you tell, is this something that will happen or something that has already happened?"

"I don't know Dean; I think…I think it already happened."

"Ok, any idea who Nick is?" Dean asked as he began to help his brother to his feet. His own body complaining from the bruising he had received from the poltergeist. But Dean ignored his own pain to help his brother.

Sam let his brother help him into the passenger seat and accepted the pain pills and water that Dean passed to him before getting into the driver's seat. "No, I'm not sure who she was talking about…maybe someone who also died with her? It's just a jumble Dean, I couldn't tell." Sam sighed as he let his head fall back onto the seat.

"Ok Sam, you just relax. I'll find us a hotel so that you can rest. Then we'll see what we can find." Dean jumped as he heard his cell phone go off. "What the?"

Dean opened the phone and listened for a moment. "Sure, no problem. Where are you?"

Dean wrote down an address as he finished the phone call. "No, just wait there. We should be there in about six hours. I can't explain it to you now, but whatever you do, don't go back there until we get to you…it's too dangerous."

Sam opened one eye and looked at Dean. "Who was that?"

Dean looked at Sam and shook his head. "That, Sherlock was our friend Nick…remember the ghost whisperer we met last Halloween? Well seems like he needs some help with a haunted orphanage."

Sam closed his eyes again. "Well at least we know who Nick is…wake me when we get there Dean."


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