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Chapter 1: Past and Future

The glow was mockingly beautiful, the rays of gentle blue light innocent to the fact that they were the illumination that was cutting deeply into her heart and destroying the gateway to which she had found her first love. The sapphire velvet gleam reflecting off of the tears that were noticeably streaming down her face were forgotten before they ever fell, hand reaching toward the closing portal in a physical response to what she was losing.

"No…" she whispered, voice broken and soft from her anguish. Unable to move forward but unwilling to turn away despite the horror of watching her only love disappear before her eyes. To observe as he turned toward his first love and away from her. In the end Kikiyo had won, she had lived, she had been the one Inuyasha always wanted.

But even if she'd of only been able to keep him for a friend wouldn't that have been better? To have his bad temper and gentle soul as a part of her life? The jewel was gone, her friends were gone, her…no…not hers anymore - Inuyasha was gone, the time travel was over. Her hope was slowly vacating and what was there left in life after an adventure like the one that she had experienced?

If she could have forced herself to take that step back, to overcome the sting to her pride by Inuyasha's decision to stay with Kikiyo, maybe there could have been something -anything- more than what she had been left with…


The scream was futile, as it had been every time that dream haunted her. The light of the alarm clock that was beeping at her just another irritant in what had become her life. Kagome yawned to herself as she forced the memories away, it had been four years sense she left the feudal era and Inuyasha behind her.

She turned the annoying appliance off before pushing the satiny sheets from over her and getting off the bed, scratching the back of her head and moving toward the kitchen to start herself a cup of coffee. The apartment wasn't the best in the large American city of Chicago, but it wasn't the worst either. She couldn't complain other than the lack of light the basements lack of windows kept out. That was why she'd gotten the place so cheaply though, stuff under the ground most people didn't want to rent.

It was better than the dormitories at the art school. Those hadn't worked out well, most of the girls had wanted to drink and party and do everything she didn't care about and it was more costly but sense her grandfather had died and her mother sold the shrine she had the extra money from her mother so she could manage to afford it. Her mother and Souta had stayed in Japan, but there was just too much that reminded her of Inuyasha and the others there. She had taken up art after her time travel ended and gotten a grant to go to the art college here in America as an exchange student.

There was a couple that rented her the basement but they were gone most of the year on various vacations or trips so she had little trouble in the suburb other than having to change the train into the city early every morning for work and school. She had a part time job at the art museum when she didn't have classes so she rarely spent time here either. She set the coffee to making and moved off to get herself a shower as she stretched, taking off the green pajamas she'd been wearing and starting the water.

She waited for it to heat while removing the rest of her clothes, smiling at the steam that had started to rise. She missed hot springs more than anything else from home, she wasn't brave enough to actually take a bath in the tub that she had unsure if the reddish spots were rust or not. She slipped past the shower curtain to lean into the hot water and allow her black hair to get wet, closing her eyes contentedly. The ritual of getting clean always relaxed her. She reached blindly to pick up the 'Spiced Pumpkin' shampoo she'd splurged and bought herself the week before when she was finally setting up the apartment to make it look like it was lived in.

Lathering her hair she started to hum to herself a song she couldn't remember the name of that she'd heard on the radio a lot lately. The dream wasn't forgotten, it would probably never be that, but she'd moved on far more easily than she had previously. Perhaps time really did heal all wounds, at least Bath and Body helped to take her mind off her problems. She should buy stock in the company with as much money as she spent there any given visit. Next came the matching cream rinse and then a body wash that was the scent of Cinnamon Apple.

She continued the shower, washing herself clean before getting out, wrapping her body and hair in matching apricot colored, fluffy towels. She headed back to the kitchen to pour herself a cup of coffee and turn off the pot before moving back into her bedroom and opening her closet to peruse her clothes that were clean. Two large piles of clothes in baskets below the hangers and next to shoeboxes on the floor. She'd spent a lot of time with her old friends shopping to try to make her feel better after…the incident - and her gathering of garments certainly showed those many trips for her 'emotional health' as they had called them.

Sadly, she didn't have a washer and dryer for them and she abhorred using the local (washing store), avoiding it whenever -and as long as- she could. Usually she would take the bus into a nicer area to use one of the (aforementioned store) there in favor of the one here that all the local thugs seemed to be attracted too - didn't people have anything better to do. Either way, she would have to wash her clothes soon and remedy the problem. All she had left to wear today that was fitting for work was a small dress that people had made appear asian in style. She never really liked it, too many more memories of home, but she could hardly argue when Eri had picked it out for her and insisted to get it for her the one time she'd visted America. She didn't have the heart to do it when her friend thought she was doing such a wonderful thing.

The blue and black dress was stunning she had to admit, the silk was very fine and the flower embroidery was masterful…it just was too close to what she'd lost. Though she didn't have the time to argue wearing it at the moment, if she wandered into work with jeans and a sweatshirt she might as well turn in her resignation. She found some blue heels that fit the color and put her hair up with a complicated set of butterfly hairpins that had small azure gems worked into their knitting. It all fit together well, she certainly had all the accessories she needed for it. She put everything on the unmade bed and sipped at the coffee before returning to the kitchen to toss a microwaveable breakfast in and move back to the bathroom after having given it a bit for the mirror to clear.

Make up went on first, very light and simple with a bit of light-blue eye shadow to match what she would be wearing today, it didn't take her long to do. Routine set in and she was back in the kitchen to grab her breakfast before using the lipstick. Eating didn't take her long, she had no reason to take her time. That luxury would have meant less time to sleep - which she wasn't willing to give.

The fake eggs and sausage down with the rest of the cup of coffee she headed back to put on everything she'd gathered before. Digging a nice long black coat out of the hall closet, throwing a scarf around her neck, settling a hat on her head and tugging on gloves. She gave a last glance around the apartment to make sure everything seemed okay before picking up her purse and keys. Locking the door on her way out and moving toward the street where she would catch the train as she shivered lightly in the cold wind that had settled over the city because of the autumn season.

She reached the train as it was arriving and made a mental note to set her clock back a few more minutes so she wasn't catching it so close. Moving inside and settling herself on one of the bright orange fake leather seats with a sigh, she needed to start brining a thermos and extra coffee - always so tired lately.

It wasn't long before the train sounded it's horn and the doors closed off the chilly air, moving along it's tracks and picking up speed as it started to speed by the thousands of buildings that helped make up the city, which was at least something to look at until it moved into the underground and all that was offered for scenery was the off-white painted brick walls that framed the tunnels.

Another few minutes passed and the train came to a stop, she showed her monthly pass to the man checking tickets and moved out the electronic doors, heading for the steps that would take her to the street closest to the museum, she passed a few shops and restaurants with hurried steps as she rushed into the main area and back into the heat.

"You really should just get a car." her director said, the woman -Ms. Jacquline Morray- frowning with the sort of concern only a mother could have. "Or at least try to take a taxi if your wearing a dress. Not done your laundry again lately?"

Kagome blushed. Was she -that- obvious? Smiling sheepishly before asking, "how could you tell?"

She moved into the offices and the closet where the workers coats were held.

"You only ever wear skirts or dresses whenever your low on other clothing." the older woman observed with amusement. The director was pretty but you could tell she was in her early fifty's - grey already hinting on the edges of her otherwise brunette hair. A little chubby but not fat, her bright brown eyes however held an energy and vibrancy that wouldn't be notable otherwise. Wearing a skirt and top set that was black and blue and very simple but professional.

"I have to work on that." Kagome commented, "next summer. What do we have today? Did the new exhibit arrive yet?"

"Yes, I have a lot of it in one of the back rooms. But I thought you didn't want to work on the Asian history piece?" the woman was a little careful with her choice of words, but curious about her young likeable worker.

"I don't really." Kagome shrugged honestly, settling some of her things in the locker that had been provided for her use. "I still want to see it though, without other people around."

"Sure…" the director agreed, allowing the nice young lady her space. It was obvious something about her past in Japan bothered her, but she'd always been a hard worker and willing to help so Ms. Morray wasn't about to deny her privacy. She'd open up if she wanted too. "No one else is here yet and I think that the new interns won't be here on time. Sally -bless her old mind- thought that the time was an hour later than normal. Just be back by opening so you can help the patrons."

"Thank you Ms. Morray," Kagome chimed brightly, she did so appreciate the understanding boss she had, smiling at the story about her older co-worker. Sally was a lady that volunteered her time to help set up various events but in the past few months had started to get a little senile. She appreciated it because it reminded her of grandfather but tried to push back the slight dread that it was a herald of her death. Pushing that from her mind she moved toward the storerooms where the new exhibits were held before they were put on the floor.

The old armor and swords were immaculate, the donation of them to the art circles by some eccentric collector had been an amazing act of generosity though she already felt her heart tighten at the various reminders of those times. Walking through the cases that were uncovered and gazing at them, pausing with a small gasp, blinking and rubbing her eyes to try to banish whatever illusion her mind was creating. In a small bin where they put the items they would only display if they had room was Tetsuagia, it's ragged hilt and beaten scabbard the same as she remembered to the detail…how in the world was it here?!

She looked around for other remnants of her days to the feudal era, half hoping to see Miroku's staff or Sango's weapon, moving to uncover the various things that still had tarps over them. Concern for proper action gone in hope of another reminder of the past. Something less painful than the sword that she'd pulled from the proverbial stone for a prince that she was never destined for…

She paused as she pulled tarps off of half of a large sized shrine building. The whole thing had been taken and set into concrete as opposed to letting it fall apart. Pieces were reinforced but there was no mistake, it was the same architecture of buildings as when she had been in the past. She glanced around and picked up a box cutter, removing small twine and taking the rest of the tarps off with a frenzy of activity.

Depictions of combat had been carved as a sort of lattice along the whole outside of the small closed off shrine. There were doors that were closed though there was a chain around them to hold them there was no actual lock which was strange. Her heart skipped a beat as she looked at the carvings more closely, they looked just like the ones that she'd seen that spoke of Inuyasha's father, a large dog demon in the sky in various forms of combat…it was a little different than what she remembered but it had been four years so that wasn't too surprising.

She glanced back toward the door to the storeroom, she bit her lip finally realizing that she was pressing her luck as to what she was allowed. Then back at the chain, tears forming at the edge of her eyes before she blinked them back and reached for the chain. She had to see if there was anything else that might remind her of what she'd once had. The chain unraveled easily enough and she pulled at the doors gently then nearly fell when they didn't so much as budge. She frowned and leaned back to tug much harder, feeling a barrier she gritted her teeth without thinking and focused her energy to fight against it. Nothing would deny her seeing a possible piece of what had happened to her friends, to Inuyasha.

There was a glow that formed and she closed her eyes against it, not wanting to remember that horrible dream as she then steadied herself and pulled as hard as her muscles would allow. Even with her eyes closed the glow grew to a near unbearable level before there was a popping sound and the light died. She shivered a little then, realizing that perhaps the seal had been there for a reason more than keeping people out. What if she'd just released something on the city? Inuyasha wasn't here now to save her, the well was forever closed.

Then she frowned and wiped her eyes. The well was across the world anyway, it wouldn't do her any good now. She was just being silly and childish, she pulled the door open and then gasped loudly. Completely unprepared for the scene that met her eyes, hand falling limply from the door as her mouth moved but no sound reached it. Nothing could have prepared her for what she'd just done…

End Chapter

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