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End of Chapter 19:

He nodded and let the fox kit back out, closing the door again and considering the possibilities of that…so he could provide an heir without having to take a mate? Perhaps this world's nasty scent would end up being tolerable after all…

Chapter 20: Title

There was something about a good shower that nothing else could quite match. It was a wonderful sort of relaxing feeling with the hot water curling over her shoulders and washing through her hair, even if she was sad it managed to help raise her spirits from what had been said and knowing she shouldn't be reacting so poorly anyway. She leaned back to let the water wash her worries away as it wet her hair and helped to cleanse her soul.

She knew well enough that it was probably impossible to expect anymore from Sesshomaru than she'd already gotten, stretching and starting to rub shampoo into her hair as she sighed and half sang to herself while trying to just not think about it. She heard the door and then Sesshomaru and Nirai didn't seem to be arguing so she let it go and kept to her cleaning up, much more content to linger in the calming water. It wasn't quite as nice as a bath but something about it was different and somehow wanted at the moment more than one. After a time she finished washing her hair and was lathering her arms and body with soap when she heard a tapping at her bathroom upper window.

The glass wasn't clear but there was a figure standing outside of it and her scream of fear and protest came about the same moment the glass shattered away with some brick and she could see a long black haired man staring in the window toward her, rather handsome in his own right and something she probably would have noted more if he hadn't been breaking into her house.

The door to the bathroom was slammed into and she could hear Sesshomaru's voice calling to her from the other side but it seemed faint almost as she felt light headed.

"I'm fine!" She felt herself calling out, realizing she'd been controlled somehow by the man. "I just dropped a bottle of my perfume and it scared me…it'll probably just make you pass out if you come inside so give me a few minutes to clean it up and open the window."

She had pulled the shower curtain around her and while the hum of the water pounding on the plastic seemed dulled somehow she seemed to still be able to move on her own and there was another muffled answer from outside that she couldn't make out. She wanted to scream or even run to the door but she was staring at the strange dark eyed man staring back at her from the window. He paused to consider the window and touched it to reform it all (brick, glass, everything) only this time the window was unlocked and open as opposed to being closed and locked.

"You are the lord's mate?" the man asked her curiously, sniffing at her. There was a streak of black lightning across one of his eyes and falling down to his chin and the eyes themselves were a mixture of the usual demon gold and some sort of bluish-black color. "You are pretty enough."

She blushed even though she felt slightly dirty at the man staring at her through the mostly clear shower curtain - she made a note to buy a solid colored one if she survived her latest problem. She realized then she was able to speak and that it may not have been as much of an attack as she initially believed.

"I…I'm not." she shook her head to him, noting how low her voice sounded even though she thought she was speaking normally. "… he wants a full demon, not someone like me…could you stop staring at me?"

Awkward situations were becoming everyday occurrences for Kagome again, and when he shook his head slowly and didn't stop staring she found herself slowly blushing more.

"If I look away from you then my magic will fail and your lord will come in here and slay me certainly for the attack on his home." the man didn't so much as blink as he climbed a little into the window and dropped down, his movements completely without sound as opposed to just being muffled. "I was sent here to kidnap his mate…if you are not her then where is she?"

"oh…um…" she blinked at the man, still blushing and wishing she could scream. "I…don't know. I wasn't aware he had a mate already. Maybe you were misinformed?"

"Possible." He agreed, walking toward her and Kagome pulling away from the strange dark man. He was dressed in black jeans and a long sleeved t-shirt of the same color - he was a dreary fellow and reminded her of the whole goth style she saw sometimes in the city. He wasn't ugly by any means but something about him was slightly scary. "Or you are lying and you are his mate. Why would he come to defend you with such concern otherwise?"

"It couldn't have been too much concern…he left." Kagome pointed out and twisted away from an outreaching hand. "Don't touch me."

"He won't hear anything." the man promised with a perverted smirk. "But no…I don't want to rape you human girl…such things interfere with my work. I still plan to kidnap you however so get dressed."

The unknown demons mistake was when he reached and touched her, Kagome had had enough and her aura flared dangerously, holy energy wracking down his arm and completely burning most of his hand away as the miko's new scream was loud and clear, her painful purifying powers distracting the spider long enough that his spell had been broken.

It hissed at her, showing slightly fanged teeth and drew away as the door was busted through by the silver haired demon lord, whose glare was suffering for the other demon inside Kagome's bathroom.

"I should have known." Sesshomaru's voice was frigid. "Only a spider would do something like this…it would be an insult to ask who you are working for but just killing you should deal with your clan's honor well enough."

"Assuming you can…" it hissed back at him, a second set of arms unfolding from his lower chest and making Kagome sway slightly…why me?!

It started to crawl back toward the window and Sesshomaru was forward in an instant claws cutting through an arm and the second pushing straight through where his heart would be in his human form. Making the creature cough blood lightly.

"Years have weakened your mind great Sesshomaru…" it coughed again, more blood coming up as it leaned close to his arm. "…we die to complete our missions…"

The man bit into the demon lords arm then before Sesshomaru reached up and twisted it's head off completely, leaving not even dust in it's wake after it was dead, fading quickly away as the demon lord scoffed with annoyance at the bite marks in his arm that were already starting to close.

"Are you okay?" Kagome asked meekly, hoping to god he wouldn't start staring at her like this.

But her voice of course caused him to look up at her, nodding a little and then shaking his head once slightly as if he was trying to push some idea away. "Yes…I'm fine. Are you all right? It didn't bite you did it?"

"No…um…could you let me get dressed?" she was blushing furiously again and really needed to get a not clear curtain for her shower.

"Do you want me to close the window?" he asked, looking away at her nervousness to be appropriate for her.

"Please?" she asked, grabbing a towel and wrapping it around her now that he wasn't looking, nearly slipping and falling out of the tub but catching herself as he reached out and grabbed her arms to help steady her as well, looking at her again and making her blush and glance down, unable to continue to meet his eyes.

"I…" he hesitated, his body and mind sending him mixed signals again as he lingered closer to the nearly naked human female. It wouldn't hurt after all to mate with her if no children were born from the union, and she didn't currently smell fertile for such a thing…he was fighting with himself about it and a bit unsure as to why he was suddenly on edge.

"You…Sesshomaru are you all right?" Kagome asked a bit nervously, half recognizing the way he was looking at her…but there shouldn't be any of the drugs around now…did that bite from the spider demon make him unable to control himself too? For such a grand and powerful demon he certainly stopped paying attention to his personal supervision a lot!

"…fine…" he answered softly, letting out a breath as he moved closer to her, taking in the scents she just intermingled with her personal one. He stopped himself before he reached out for her but continued to stare at her with such intensity she wondered if she was going to keep her knees from buckling.

"The gods are cruel creatures…" Kagome thought to herself as she found it impossible to look away, "…he shouldn't look so…good…" her brain finished lamely.

"Sesshomaru…" she whispered in minor protest, unable to suggest leaving but not wanting to jump into something when she didn't know what it was the demon really wanted. She wasn't really sure what she wanted anymore.

"Yes?" she could feel his gaze burning into her, it made her heartbeat quicken. This wasn't exactly the same as the other times, something was different about the way he watched her…then he finally moved forward to her frightened relief and leaned his head down to intake her scent more fully, she could feel his face hovering close to her without touching her.

She still didn't move…confused. First he didn't want her and then he did? She half wanted to cry but was far too nervous by his closeness to actually do much of anything.

"What are you doing?" She finally managed to ask, voice almost breaking as she shivered for a short moment.

That question gave the demon a moment of pause, clawed hands raising to settle with an unexpected gentleness on her shoulders. He leaned down a little more, lightly biting her ear before answering with a whisper. "…does it matter?"

She shuddered again and not at all from any sort of chill, nearly dropping the towel she'd wrapped around her and letting her eyes flutter closed at the wanted attention. She wasn't sure if it did matter at this point, she wanted him as surely as she needed breath….what sort of concern should she have?

She barely made a single negative shake of her head and slid further away from any hint of resistances as sharp fingers lightly traced her shoulders and back, teasing the skin and causing a few goosebumps to form on the bare skin. She blinked as he picked her up suddenly, carrying her back into the other room briskly and settling her on the bed, his face so close to hers that she wanted to just close the distance herself and kiss him.

That proved she still had capability to hesitate though, several words wanting to escape her along with all the doubts still lingering in no set form in her brain. After a time she set herself and decided to go along with whatever crazy thoughts Sesshomaru was having, why did she always have to be the well behaved one after all?

She leaned forward to press her soft lips into his, eyes partially open to watch him for a response to her affection…

End Chapter

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