Disclaimer: You know the drill; no I don't own any of the WWE superstars or know them personally. This story is purely fan fiction, just like all my other stories. Don't bother to sue me; I work in a fast food outlet so you won't get much from me anyway.

Rating: NC- 17 (language, little violence (after all it is a wrestling fic) drug reference, suicidal themes, sexual content.)

Characters: Amy Dumas (Lita) Jeff and Matt Hardy, Mickie James, John Cena, Randy Orton, Vince McMahon and other major superstars.

Chapter One.

Amy sighed as she parked her rented car in the space provided for her at the arena for tonight's Raw. She unbuckled her seatbelt and opened the door and got out. She quickly tied her hair into a messy ponytail and walked over to the boot of the car and got her bags out. She swung the heavy bags over her shoulders and walked in through the backstage doors. "Where's the women's locker room?" She asked a security guard as he held the door open for her.

"Go past the vending up ahead and turn right, it's right on the corner." He replied.

"Thanks." She replied with a small smile, she didn't want to be here. Life had been tough ever since her breakup with Matt. She wanted time off to mend herself, but Vince being the asshole that he is, wouldn't let her. She was told that since Trish left the company, she was now the only real dominant woman left in the division. Then why don't you hire REAL female wrestlers she thought to her.

"Hey you." Mickie said, as she greeted Amy with a smile.

"Hey." Amy smiled as she walked over to a bench and placed her bags in the middle.

"Have you heard the news yet?" Mickie asked walking over to Amy, who was taking her clothes out of her bag.

"Nope, I really don't care." She explained as she brushed her top with her hand, trying to rid of the crinkles.

Mickie studied Amy's face. She was dead inside, she needed help, she needed to feel loved again. "Amy…Jeff's back."

Amy stopped what she was doing as the words hit her. "Jeff's back?" She said quietly.

"Yeah, Vince offered him a new deal." Mickie explained.

Amy bit her lip as she remembered the last time she saw Jeff. He was passed out on the floor of her and Matt's hotel room, surrounded by packet after packet of painkillers around his body. He used to be the little brother she never had. But the stress and fame had gotten to him and he became an addict, he changed, and it changed her forever. "Have you seen him?"

"Well not yet, I heard he's scheduled to wrestle against Adam." Mickie replied.

"Adam? Are you serious?" Amy said in a panic.

"Amy what's wrong?" Mickie laughed.

"I can't go out there, I can't. It's too much history…it's too much." She said as tears started to roll down her cheeks.

"Oh Amy, come here." Mickie said and pulled her into a hug as Amy started to cry.

"I want to go home. I hate it here, there's nothing left for me." Amy cried.

"Yes there is, I'm sure this whole character of yours will be over soon." Mickie explained, trying to comfort Amy as she rubbed her back.

"God I hope so. I seriously can't go on like this." Amy said as she wiped her eyes. "I better go get my makeup done; I'll talk to you later." She said as she walked out of the room and headed down the corridor.

"Was that Amy crying?" Torrie asked Mickie as she walked out of the bathroom.

"Yeah…" Mickie sighed as she sat down.

"God, it's not right, she's a mess. We have to talk to Vince or Shane." Torrie explained as she took her brush out of her bag and started to brush her hair.

"What good will it do?" Mickie explained.

"It's worth a try Mickie, look at her." Torrie said.

"Ok you're right." Mickie replied.