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Mistakes 6

When they arrived downstairs once more it was to find an enraged Neville about to run up the stairs and physically attack Severus for upsetting Alex. Alex couldn't help giggling but quickly sobered when Neville kissed him passionately. Alex was shocked but responded eagerly until they heard a cough from James. They broke apart blushing and turned to the obviously amused adults in the room.

"Nev that was quick. Where are your parents?"

"They're in your study Lex. I don't have enough power to bring them out of their catatonia. C-could you?"

"Of course I can Nev. Come on let's go do it now." Alex said and took his beloved's hand leading him to the study. The adults followed closely behind interested to see if Alex could actually do it, as it would take enormous amounts of power. When Alex walked in he walked straight over to Irena Longbottom and kissed her cheek before telling her where Sophie was if she wanted to go and see her great granddaughter. Irena left after giving Alex a hug and Alex moved so that he was stood directly between Frank and Alice Longbottom.

"Nev love I need you to ground me because this is going to take a lot of power." Alex said and Neville moved forward and took Alex's hands. "By the blood of Gryffindor's heir I command the enforced veil to be lifted from Frank and Alice Longbottom. By the blood of Gryffindor's heir I command it." Alex chanted and forced as much power as he could into the Longbottom's minds breaking the catatonia that had afflicted them for so long. Alex however was exhausted and collapsed shortly after the Longbottoms awoke. Neville smiled at him and picked him up taking him to the lounge. The adults all followed, Alice and Frank included. When they reached the lounge Neville lay Alex gently down on the sofa and kissed his forehead before turning to the adults.

"M-Mum? D-Dad?" Neville whispered pleading with them to recognise him as the baby they had been forced to leave behind so long ago. Both sets of eyes sparkled with recognition and tears started to fall out of Alice's eyes. She walked slowly forward and pulled the son she had gone insane to protect into her arms.

"N-Neville? Oh my son. I can't believe how big and handsome you've become. You look just like Frank, though maybe a little more handsome." Alice smiled at her son and kissed his forehead. Frank smiled at Alice's joke before he pulled his son into a tight hug. Neville had tears running down his face and decided that, apart from Sophie's birth, this was the best day of his life. The moment was spoiled though when Alex's terrified scream tore through the air. Neville ran to him but Alex bolted awake and ran out of the room screaming 'THE BURROW'. Neville, Sirius and Remus understood immediately and ran for the Portkey Alex had just created. The others followed soon after.

They took the Portkey to the Burrow and arrived in a scene of utter chaos. All the Weasley's were alive but injured and backed into a wall. Alex and Neville knew what they needed to do and ran to the centre of the chaos. They took each other's hands and chanted.

"Protect the lives of the light! By those that are soul bound protect the lives of the light!" Immediately a shield rose between the deatheaters and the Weasleys. Alex and Neville then sprang into action, decimating the death eaters as they went. When they had captured all of them Alex and Neville ran towards the others and healed any of the injured before transporting all of them to the manor where they would be safe. When they arrived Alex finally succumbed to the overwhelming day and burst into tears. Neville scooped his fiancée up into his arms and carried him to the sofa where they hugged until Alex finally calmed down. Alex dozed off soon after in his fiancées arms. James picked his son up and carried him upstairs to the room Neville said was theirs. James gently changed Alex and put him to bed, kissing his forehead before leaving the room. James then made his way downstairs where he found all the others talking quietly.

"Okay, I know the basics of my son's life and now I want to know the rest. What the hell has been going on since I was killed?" James was insistent on discovering his son's past.

"I…I think I should tell this story. I'm Neville if you hadn't already realised that and I am your son's soul mate and fiancée. To tell this story I am going to have to return to the beginning, to where it all started: Halloween 1981. Public assumption as to how Harry Potter survived that night is due to his mother's sacrifice. This is not in truth how Alexander Potter-Snape survived. Alex's magic and knowledge of how to use that magic, even as a one year old, coupled with his love for his parents and the need for revenge that even his young mind felt is what saved him. From what we can work out, his magic replied to his feelings and protected him, destroying Voldemort's body at the same time.

As you know, he was sent to the Dursley's because no one alive bar Severus Snape and Albus Dumbledore knew the truth of Alex's parentage. Dumbledore used this as a way to control both father and son because he never suspected that Alex would retain any memories before his years with the Dursleys. Anyway, Alex was shipped off to the Dursleys under the pretence of blood protection where he was beaten almost daily and, starting on his 8th birthday, raped. On January 19th 1988 when he and I were both 7 I started going to the muggle primary school Alex went to with Hermione Granger. We knew immediately who the other was and recognised Hermione for what she was. We told her everything and worked on controlling our magic. Even at 7 years old we all knew that was to come. Alex told us everything and in turn I told Grams who did everything she could to help Alex until we started Hogwarts. We were best friends and were later to be joined by Ginny, Ron, Seamus Finnegan, Dean Thomas and Luna.

On the 1st September 1991 we began Hogwarts at the tender age of 11. You all know what happened during those years or can easily find out but not everything went, as you would believe. I was always involved in the adventures that the 'Golden Trio' went on, as were Dean and Seamus and Ginny and Luna when they started Hogwarts but Alex modified the memories of any who found out to protect our secret, the secret of the Gryffindor Pack. You may say it was dangerous, after all he was only 11 when it started but Alex is the most powerful wizard alive and in perfect control of his magic. We kept up pretences in 3rd year with us studying Care of Magical Creatures and Divination but in private we were studying Arithmancy and Ancient Runes. This was also the year that Alex and I started dating. As everyone knows, we found out about Sirius at the end of this year, a secret Alex had hidden even from us in order to protect his beloved godfather, and from that moment on Poppy, Remus and Sirius knew the truth about the Gryffindor Pack.

Any argument we were seen to be having within the pack was a ploy to more easily hide the truth of things. Alex fell pregnant during November of our 4th year and it was our combined magic and Cedric's that protected him. Yes, Cedric knew the truth and I am glad to say that you no longer have to hide my old friend. Anyway moving on, our combined magic protected Sophie from the abuse her dad suffered under the Dursley's 'care' until he gave birth on 14th July last year. Grams and I took her to safety here at Potter Manor with Poppy and Luna whilst Alex, Ron, Hermione and Ginny visited as often as possible. We took two elves into our employ that had previously been working at Hogwarts. This was done to ensure that we could have someone to look after Sophie whilst we were in class without arousing suspicion as to why they were in the school. We smuggled her in via our two elves and hid her in the secret tower belonging to Godric Gryffindor, one only his heir and their trusted allies could see. We lived there with her and used Seamus, Dean and Ron as our cover.

The year passed, as all of you know, with much interference from the ministry and Delores Umbridge. Alex was forced to take Occlumency lessons from his father and, in hopes of making his father see the bad treatment of the Dursleys and removing him from their 'care', Alex lowered his outer walls. His father literally mind raped Alex every lesson and weakened the inner walls enough for Voldemort to slip a false vision through of Sirius being tortured. Alex didn't know it was a trap so the eight of us in the Gryffindor Pack went to the department of mysteries where Alex was forced to watch his beloved godfather fall through the veil and die. Fortunately, regardless of his grief Alex was able to modify the memories of all the order members present, bar Remus, into believing that only the 6 of us present here went.

As you can all guess, Sirius returned from the veil not one day ago and removed Alex from the Dursley's and brought him here. Not before time I might add as Alex's magic was weakening due to his uncle's abuse and he may not have been able to protect our unborn twins much longer. Which brings us back to today. Alex completed the ritual that would bring the 6 of you here who were previously dead back from limbo. He also saved you mum, dad from the comatose state you were in and saved the Weasley's from the death eater who would destroy them." Neville finished his story but before anyone could say anything further they were interrupted by an urgent floo call from Dean telling Neville that he and Seamus had been found out by their parents and were in grave danger. As such Neville removed the war shield that prevented flooing, an option he had, only because he was Alex's soul mate, and Dean and Seamus flooed to safety.