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In Memory of Lane Smith
April 29, 1936 – June 13, 2005


Chapter X: Epilogue

10 Years Later

The elevator pinged as its doors once more opened, admitting the dozen or so people into the Pit of the Daily Planet. A figure with messy black hair moved slowly through the morning traffic, trying not to accidentally hit someone.

"Excuse me, pardon me," he muttered as he maneuvered his bulk through the crowd. Twice, he had to stop and help up someone he had knocked down. One tried to flirt with him until she noticed his wedding ring. Finally, he reached his destination. The door read:

Lois Lane-Kent

Grinning, the man tapped lightly on the door.

"Come in," called the voice on the other side.

The man opened the door, stepping into the slightly darker office.

The woman at the desk grinned as she reached across for a handshake. "Danny Fenton, how are you doing?"

"Great," said Danny, who settled himself into a chair as Lois herself sat down as well. "I was sorry to hear about Perry."

Lois sighed. "It was his time. He wasn't exactly planning on dying in his first year of retirement. Lou Gehrig's. Alice, his wife, was devastated."

"Where's Clark?"

"Oh, he's out doing his Superman thing. He promised he'd be back by two." She checked the clock on the wall. "It's five after now."

"Well, sorry," grumbled Clark as he walked in. "Traffic jam on the interstate." He grinned at Danny. "I take it you 'flew in'?"

Danny grinned back. "Yeah, I did. I got tired of the traffic too."

Clark nodded and settled into the other chair.

"Before we get down to business, I have some questions for you, Danny."


"How's your girlfriend? Sam Manson, wasn't it?"

"That's Sam Manson-Fenton now, Mrs. Kent."

"Lois," she interrupted.

"Lois," he agreed, continuing. "She's really happy now. We have a boy and a girl and another on the way. She's back at our apartment now, rearranging everything."

"Mm," mused Lois, "Due any day now, huh?"

Danny sighed. "Yeah. Did you two ever…?" He left the question hanging.

"Yeah," said Lois. "We spoke to Dr. Klein, and he helped us out. We had to tell him the Secret though. For a moment there, I thought we were going to lose our doctor." Lois smiled at the memory. "Little CJ'll be nine his next birthday, and Martha and Jonathan will be six. The only power they really have right now is invulnerability, though we think CJ's developed the hearing and vision powers already."

"No kidding," grumbled Clark. "He woke us up I don't know how many times, claiming he heard someone on the other side of the wall."

Danny laughed. "Yeah, I know the feeling. Little Danny thought his arm went through the wall the other day, and when Lilly was embarrassed, she turned invisible. Apparently, my ghost powers are hereditary."

"Hey, Dan," said Clark. Belatedly, he remembered that Danny didn't like that name. "Sorry. I didn't mean–"

Danny grinned at Clark though. "It's all right. I got used to the name in college. Oh, and the alternate Dan is still in Clockwork's tower with Ember. Clockwork's been letting them out on good behavior. Ember's apparently been a good influence on Dan because he hasn't tried to escape from Clockwork."


Five Years Ago

Clockwork floated near the thermos that contained Dan and Ember. He grinned as he saw the one dent they had managed to damage the thermos with a year ago.

"Clockwork? That you?" came a muffled female voice.

"Of course it's him! Who else is around!" came a muffled male voice.

Clockwork floated closer. "Will you two behave now?"

"I promise. And so does he."

"Hey! I didn't agree to anything!"

"If you want to get out of here, you will listen to me!"

Clockwork sighed. "When you are through with your lovers' spat, let me know."

"He's finished," said Ember with a hint of sarcasm in her voice. Clockwork could practically hear Dan's jaw clacking shut. He laughed to himself. Ember had Dan practically wrapped around her little finger.

"In that case, I will open the thermos, but you will both have to wear collars so you cannot escape."

"Fine, fine," grumbled Dan. "It was getting too tight in here anyway."

Clockwork waved his staff, and the thermos opened with a bright blue light. Dan and Ember spilled out, gasping at the sudden release. Two collars, each with Clockwork's signature emblem, appeared on their necks.

"Finally, we're out!" squealed Ember. She stretched and walked around the room. She stopped at the door and curiously put a hand on it. The door immediately zapped her.

"Ouch!" Instantly Dan was at her side. "I'm all right. It was just a little shock."

"You are free to remain in the castle. There are two rooms upstairs, or you can share one. It is your choice, so long as you agree to never try to break out of the castle."

Ember nodded, a devious look in her eyes. "We agree, Clockwork, on one condition of our own." Clockwork raised both eyebrows. "I want a room to practice my guitar in. My skills have been rusty for five years now. I want to be able to play it again."

Clockwork nodded. "Very well, but it will be a human guitar, not your specialized one."


Ember smiled. Ignoring Clockwork's presence, Ember turned to Dan. "How about we go check out one of those rooms, eh?"

Dan grinned, his fangs bared in a primal smile. "Yes, let's."

Clockwork watched as Ember sensuously made her way to the circular staircase, Dan close behind. He heard a door upstairs slid open and close. He couldn't help but grin in self-satisfaction. The only threat to young Danny's future was now negated. He waved his staff over the screen and almost immediately turned it off.

"Just great," he muttered. "Now I will never get that image out of my mind."

He floated off, searching for the ghostly version of ibuprofen.

End Flashback–

Lois couldn't help it. She laughed. Clark too was holding back gales of laughter.

"And to top it off," laughed Danny. "Ember ended up pregnant! If I hadn't seen Box Lunch in that alternate future, I wouldn't have believed it possible. Anyway, little Annie Phantom will be two next month."

Clark shook his head. "That is – for lack of a better word – the most amazing thing I have ever heard of."

Lois grinned. "Does that make you her father, sort of?"

Danny laughed. "I hope not! I've got enough troubles of my own."

Lois laughed. "True, true." She glanced down at the story folder she had been sent.

"Well, Danny, since I was promoted, we've been one reporter short."

"I know. After our…adventures, I was inspired to start writing stories. Before I knew it, Amity Park University was offering me a free scholarship to attend as long as I achieved a degree in journalism. I accepted." He tilted his head. "I think Vlad had something to do with it, but I'm not sure."

"How is the old fruitloop?" asked Clark, a hint of wryness in his voice.

"He's fine. We came to an agreement and he's been an ally for a decade. 'Course, considering when we got back to Amity Park, Mom was still mad, so she went and had words with Vlad." Danny winced. "It was after that he stopped trying to marry her and kill Dad. Whatever she said must've been traumatic for him." Danny stopped, a smile forming on his face. "He did get a cat, finally. Two, actually."

"Dare I ask what he named the poor things?" asked Lois.

Danny's eyes twinkled. "Maddie and Lois."

Lois and Clark laughed. "I feel sympathy for the poor creatures," choked Clark. "One Lois is bad enough! Ow!" He pretended to be hurt as Lois had slapped his arm.

"He's right, you know," said Danny, who had finally relaxed into his chair. It squeaked as he moved slightly.

Lois wiped the tears from her eyes, and blew out a breath. "Well, down to business. Your stories are exemplary," she said, glancing over them. "At least yours isn't on the mating rituals of the knob-tailed gecko." She glanced at Clark.

"Hey, don't make fun of the gecko, Lois," defended Clark, pretending to be offended. "It helped me get a job here."

Lois smiled. "I know, I was just teasing you." Clark harrumphed.

She looked at Danny and grinned.

"Well, Danny Fenton…welcome to the Daily Planet."



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