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Author's Notes: There's really not much I can say about this. It's basically Erik's thoughts about sunlight. Feedback is welcomed!

What is sunlight? What is sunlight to those who bask in it every day?

And what is sunlight to those who can never, never see it, nor ever will?

What is sunlight to myself, I might say.

It is the fairest elusive maiden, the brightest jewel, the softest sweetness and the cruellest torment. How many times have I seen strands of those golden ribbons flowing down from above through a crack and reached out to touch them? How many times have my cold, dead fingers known the warmth of the sunlight? Yes, I, the ghost, the living corpse, have felt the warmth of the sunlight! But when I walked further, the sunlight also illuminated my face; my masked face…and I could not feel it! How cold I felt! What an icy barrier my mask created! But I dared not take the mask off, dared not reveal the skull that is my face. No, the monster would not be shamed by the sunlight. And I stood there, underneath that beam, with my face turned upwards, my hands warm and my body stone cold! For I could not remove my mask and show my deformity to the angels that had given me that ray!

In my childhood I never went outside. When I ran away, it was with my mask. I have never felt sunlight on my face.

And I never will.

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