Based on Romancing SaGa for PS2

Disclaimer: Square Enix owns all characters except Spica.

The Silver Valkyrie

Neidhart just managed to duck under his opponent's wide swing. At the rate he was going at, he wouldn't make it past the first round of battle. When his challenger started the duel suddenly, he knew he or she was extremely skilled in the arts of battle. After all, only a true warrior worth his salt would duel the Prince of Rosalia.

Distracted by his train of thought, his opponent was able to kick his leg off balance, making him fall on one knee. Snapped back to reality, Neidhart managed to prevent his opponent from impaling him by quickly blocking the blow with his lance.

Surprised that he parried the blow with such force, his opponent stumbled, but managed to gain the advantage by landing their spear extremely close to Neidhart's throat. But at the same time, Neidhart also had his lance ready to pierce his opponent's vulnerable neck as well.

"Give up yet?" he asked, almost tauntingly. The challenger brought down the spear and removed their helmet. As the piece of armor was removed, Neidhart's opponent was revealed to be a lithe female lancer.

Her long, black hair was tied back into a ponytail that beautifully framed her pale, slightly round face. Her garnet colored eye only reflected a small spark of frustration from neither winning nor losing the match.

"Of course I'm not giving up yet. I don't plan on fighting you only once you know." The girl smiled as she helped Neidhart back on his feet. "But, it was a good match, as your abilities are quite impressive. It will be an honor to fight again." She retrieved her helmet and eased it back onto her head, concealing her upper face. "Pardon me, I have to be somewhere."

As she began to follow the path back to the city, Neidhart stopped her one final time. "Wouldn't it be easier to meet if I at least knew your name?" The girl paused and voiced her reply.

"…My name is Spica." she replied as she continued down the lake path to Crystal City. It was only a short time before she was completely out of view.