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The Silver Valkyrie Chapter Two: Return to the City

After only a short time, Spica finally returned to the kingdom of Crystal City, her home. Venturing past the noisy tavern, she continued on until she reached a small, cozy apartment that only housed Spica herself. Long duels like those wore her out and made her sleepy afterwards. Once inside her bedroom, she tossed her silver lance to the corner, and placed her black and silver helmet on the small wooden dresser. Spica removed her hair tie, letting her jet-black hair fall to her waist.

Looking into the small mirror on the wall, Spica gazed into her reflection thoughtfully. She remembered her opponent, the man she had fought to see if he was a worthy adversary. Then, hitting her like a bag of rocks, Spica realized she had not asked his name. To her, for now, he was just a skilled lancer in black armor with no name. It also occurred to her that she didn't even know what he looked like at all. Spica silently hoped to herself that he was at least somewhat attractive.

Neidhart was relieved upon reaching Crystal Palace before the sun had set into the horizon. The roads outside the city were mysterious and dangerous at night. Usually, when he came back from other places, a servant would announce his return to the palace. But it was late, and few of the servants and guards acknowledged his presence. Neidhart did not mind, all he really wanted to do was remove his armor and fall asleep. Once inside his own quarters, he removed his black armor and helmet and set it aside. After changing into his nightclothes, a black nightshirt and matching pants, he glanced over at the open window in his room. The breeze flowing inside felt wonderful in the stuffy room that obviously needed some airing out.

Lost in his own thoughts again, he recalled the duel with Spica, the female lancer. Then it occurred to him that he actually did not tell her his own name. For all he knew, she probably didn't even know she had challenged the prince of Rosalia himself! Neidhart hoped that he would meet her again so they could both properly introduce one another.

Putting all thoughts aside, Neidhart let sleep overcome him, sinking into sleepy darkness.

On the other side of the city, Spica had also slipped into the comforting sheets of her bed and fell asleep as well.