The night was cool as John Winchester came home to his family. He could hear Mary upstairs putting the boys to bed. He settled down his jacket and headed upstairs.

"Mommy, I'll go to bed when daddy gets home." Cried a 6 year old Dean.

Sammy, now turning 3, tries his best to follow his brother's footsteps.

"Me too! Me too!"

"Ok, you can stay up till dad gets home!" John said as he walked through the boy's room.

"DADDY!" Both boys yelled and jumped to their father. He kissed both his boys then his wife. Mary heard the baby and went to tend to her.

"Now that I'm home it's time for you boys to go to sleep." John said, the boys whined and crawled into their beds. John walked over to Dean's bed to tuck him in.

"Daddy, why can't Lisa sleep with us?" Dean asked.

"Because she's a girl and you both are boys." John explained.

"But if she sleeps in here I can protect her." Little Dean stated.

"You have all time in the world to protect your sister, especially when she starts dating. Now, go to sleep. You to Sammy" He said, kissing both of his boys to sleep.

John saw Mary hold their only daughter. She was his little daddy's girl.

"You look tired." Mary said, kissing his cheek.

"So do you. Two boys and a baby aren't easy." John added.

"But I wouldn't trade it for the world. Or you for that matter." She stated and handed their daughter to him. She cooed in his arms and smiled to see her daddy.

"What are you smiling about; it's your bedtime too." He laid her in the crib and placed the thermal blanket on her.

"Sweet dreams, Lisa." He said as he and Mary left the room.

A couple of hours went by and Mary fell asleep in the bedroom. The baby was crying and she woke up.

"John, can you get her?" Mary said, moving to feel that John wasn't present in the bedroom.

Mary got out of bed and walked to the baby's room. She noticed a dark figure and motioned to him.

"John, you got her? I'll make the bottle." She said. She moved down the stairs, half-asleep and half awake. She got down three steps to see the television still on and John sleeping in the chair.

Instant fear went through her body as she pushed herself as hard as she could to her daughter's room. The dark man turned to her and stared at her with his yellow eyes.

John woke up to the sound of a scream. He ran up to the second floor to find the noise.

"Mary?" he said. He walked into their daughter's room and heard her cooing. He walked to the crib and noticed the blood dripping on the pillow. He looked above and saw his wife up on the ceiling, bleeding.

"MARY! Oh god, Mary!" he yelled.

Then, without warning, He watched his wife catch fire.

He grabbed his daughter and saw his boys outside the door.

"Daddy, Where's mommy?" Sammy asked.

"Dean, Take your brother and sister outside as fast as you can. Go Dean, NOW!" John ordered, handing his oldest son, his youngest child. He saw his children walk down the stairs and he headed back into the burning room.

19 years later…………. Lawrence, Kansas

Lisa woke up in her bed. It was another morning she woke up in her own sweat and out of breath. Another dream, happy to wake from it.

She had taken a quick shower and got dressed for school.

She grew up, she blossomed into a woman, had beautiful curves just like her mother, along with her blonde hair that she kept at shoulder length. She kept her body fit and healthy. She had an attitude though like her fathers, stubborn and sincere.

John thought it was best for his young daughter to stay in safe hands, so when she was 11 she stayed with Missouri, went to school and now had a scholarship in college. She was told though to stay close, so she attended a near-by community college. She wanted to go to Stanford, to be with Sammy. It's been so long since she's seen him and Dean. It hurt not seeing her brothers, her only family.

She got to school and her class was cancelled. It was easier for her to stay in school so she headed for the library.

She sat at one of the free computers and checked her mail. Another message from her brother came.

Hey Lis,

I haven't wrote to you in a while, I'm Sorry. Strange things have been happening. I keep having these dreams. They feel so real, almost as if I'm actually in them. Maybe I'm just going crazy. Enough about me how are you? I miss our late nights over hot chocolate. It's been too long, Lisa. When I graduate from Stanford I promise I will come and save you from that crazy lady who probably is cursing at me from behind you. LOL.

I'll talk to you soon Lisa



Lisa smiled at the email. At least her brother cared enough to write to her. She hasn't seen or heard from Dean or her father for almost a year now. She was scared, but Missouri kept telling her that they were fine, not to worry.

Lisa felt scared for her brothers. They went through so much. They were so lucky to remember her mom, and she couldn't have any memory. Of course Dean and Sam would tell their tales about her, trying not to leave her out of anything. She just wishes she could share one moment with her mother.

After another long day at school, Lisa went back home.

Stanford, Connedicit

Sam stirred in his sleep. His sleep was disturbed as he woke up to a rattle in the living room. What was that? He thought. He grabbed a bat from underneath the bed and headed into the next room. He noticed right away the man inside his apartment. Sneaking from behind him, he was ready to swing.

Suddenly, the dark figure turned and caught the bat just before he was hit. He wrested Sam to the floor.

"You know you've lost your nerve, Sammy boy!" said the figure. That moment, Sam was able to see his intruder and gasped to find his older brother.

"Dean? What?" Sam asked. Questions and questions filled his brain.

"You know you almost hurt me, now I don't think I deserved it!" Dean cursed at him as both moved into the kitchen.

"Well, if you would have knocked on the door I wouldn't have almost killed you. Now, what brings you here? I don't think this is just a 'how are you visit'" Sam explained.

"Sam? Is everything ok?" Jessica asked, leaning into the kitchen. Sam moved over to her and hugged her.

"Yea, it was just a false alarm." He said and motioned her to his brother.

"Umm… Dean, this is Jessica, My girlfriend. Jess, this is my brother Dean." Sam explained. She seemed excited to finally meet someone from Sammy's family.

"Hi Dean, it's nice to finally meet you." Jessica said, as Dean held out his hand to shake hers.

"Sam, we need to have a talk…about dad…alone." Dean said, getting right to the point like he always does.

"Well, whatever it is, you can say in front of Jessica." Sam said, smirking at his older brother.

Dean didn't want to explain twice, but he said what he came to say.

"Dad's on a hunting trip, and he hasn't been home in a couple of days."

Sam took a minute to register everything that Dean said.

"Jessica, could you please excuse us." Sam asked.

Two days drive, cake-hole Metallic incident, getting arrested, escaping the police, destroying the Woman in White, Driving back to get Sammy back, leaving him again, and Jessica's sudden death.

"We have work to do." Sam stated, after tossing the gun into the trunk, then slamming it shut.

Dean moved into the drivers side and started his baby impala again. The brothers drove off into the night.

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