Chapter 17

"LISA" Dean yelled as she continued to follow Sam. She turned around and looked at her brother confused and concerned.

"Dean? You were suppose to follow dad, why are you stopping me?" she argued and wanted an explanation.

"The Reaper was right behind you, I thought I was helping you." He said with worry, but Lisa wasn't fooling for it!

"Helping me? Dean, I'm fine! You have to let me do what I have to do and for once could you just please listen and do what I ask you to do?" She asked.

"And let that Reaper come after you and kill you? Not on my watch!" He fired back. He was shocked when she grabbed both his shoulders.

"Then go to my body, the reaper can only get to me if it's near my body." She said and ran back to Sam.

Dean watched as she ran down the hallway. He moved toward her room but just ended up back into his…and waited.

Lisa followed Sam to nowhere. He just ran into the Men's bathroom, and began to smash one of the stalls with his foot. He couldn't do anything, and his father was giving up. He was back to square one, and now with his father backing away he felt all alone.

"How did you do it, Lis? Ten years of not hearing from any of us. I'm going a day without Dean or you and I'm going nuts." He was saying to himself, but he knew that Dean or Lisa was with him.

"It wasn't easy, Sam. It was a struggle not hearing your voices. If it weren't for your Emails I would have never known what happened with anyone." Lisa answered, once again having that privilege to spill out her heart and not worry about anyone listening.

"I'm going to help you both, somehow. Just hang in there." Sam said inside the mirror and walked out of the bathroom, Determined.

Dean heard Lisa's little voice come inside his room.

"Dean, I'm sorry! You know how I ramble" she explained but Dean didn't buy it.

"You can stop the act now, I know you're not my sister" Dean said and looked at the spirit in front of him.

"Dean? What are you talking about? I'm Lisa! Your sister who loves you." She tried to explain, but Dean knew what to say.

"For a Reaper, you're a great actress. I know it's you because when Lisa gets mad at me she doesn't grab my shoulders, she folds her arms. So, stop the charade and reveal yourself."

"I didn't mean to trick you. I was here to make it less stressful." The reaper said, changing into another form.

"I saw you come for my sister! You tricked me." He pointed out.

"You were on my list too, I was supposed to take the both of you… but she was saved when I tried to take her. You saved her. When you pulled me off her, the doctors revived her. She was supposed to die that night. She was able to wake up at anytime, it's been you who have been keeping her here." The reaper explained.

Dean was in total shock. He didn't want to hear that he was the one to die.

"What if I don't give up running? I'm not ready to leave them behind. They need me."

"Then your sister is lost in a world she can't escape, stuck out of her body and in a coma for the rest of her life."

Hearing those words made Dean shiver in fear.

"Remember what you are, you are a Hunter. Do you remember what you hunt? If you stay here you'll end up a lost soul and become what you hunt. You don't want to become one of them." The Reaper warned.

Dean thought long and hard about what it said. Even though he didn't want to believe it, he didn't want to become what he hunted.

"What happens after you…you know…" he asked.

"I take you to the other side. Believe it or not, most Reapers are to help, not hurt." It explained, and then offered out its hand.

Dean took a long look at it. He knew his family would have a hard time but he couldn't be a haunted spirit.

Before Dean could offer his hand, a black smoke came from a small vent from the floor.

"What? No! He's MINE!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!' The Reaper cried as the black smoke entered it's mouth.

The Reaper stared back at Dean with its yellow eyes.

"Your father sends his love." It said.

At that moment, Dean felt like he was falling backwards, and lost consciousness.

Dean woke up in a panic, tubes and wires everywhere and he couldn't move. Something had happened to him. The last thing he remembered was bleeding to death in the impala.

Lisa walked through the hospital and called out to Dean.

"Dean? Dean where are you?" she was getting scared. It had been hours since she had seen him. She ran to his room to make sure he was still alive.

Not only did she find him in the room, but that he was back in his body and alive.

"Dean! Oh thank god your okay. Please tell me you told Sam about the Reaper." She said to herself, listening to their conversation pick up.

"So, you remember anything? Anything that happened while you were asleep?" Sam asked, hoping to get the right answer.

"Mention Me, Dean." Lisa said as well.

"Like I said, the last thing I remember is the car accident." He said.

Lisa felt like she was lost all over again. All alone, she backed up to the wall and slid down. She was feeling all alone again.

"You don't remember what happened to Lisa? You didn't see her? Or anything supernatural?" Sam asked.

Dean gave Sam a questionable look." What do you mean by Supernatural?"

"Like…a Reaper?"

"Please Remember Dean" Lisa prayed, but her hopes were shattered when she heard Dean Scuff.

"A Reaper? You know how ridiculous that sounds? In our history of Reapers, do you think a Reaper would let someone go?" Dean explained, and Sam nodded. IT was true.

She was lost now, They couldn't see her, they couldn't hear her, and Sam was back to listening to Dad and Dean.

Then it hit her, DAD! She knew he was up to something. The other day, he said he was gonna fix this. She went in search of the whole hospital for him.

She noticed her fathers cane leave to the stairs and she followed.

Dad! She called out. He continued to walk and made his stop.

"Dad, please tell me you're down here to pick up stiff Bobby picked up for you!" she noted before she saw the yellow-eyed demon.

"So, are you going to pay your end of the deal or what?" the demon asked.

"There ain't no chance in telling me why it was my Son that the Reaper was after?" John asked, smirking at the yellow-eyed demon, but he didn't mind.

"That reaper was a bitch to possess, but I kept my end of the bargain, will you?" the demon warned.

"What is he talking about, Dad?" Lisa asked.

Then she watched as he exchanged the Cult for Dean's life.

"No, not the cult Dad! It's our only weapon!" she argued.

"You know this isn't all I'm taking from you right?" the Demon warned.

""A life for a life, isn't that how it balances out?" John asked, the Demon kept his smirk, knew John was smarter than he thought.

"Dad? What are you doing?" she asked, worried filled through her.

"I just have to see my kids. Then our deal is even." John said.

"Make the call and it's done." The demon stated and vanished into the shadows!

"Dad! DAD, what did you do?" she said, yelling at him.

She followed him into the ICU where she saw that Dean and John were whispering. Dean had a look of fear in his eyes. John walked out and moved into Lisa's Room.

"I'm so sorry I didn't keep my promise sweetheart. I wish I could look into those big blue eyes and tell you that everything's gonna be okay, but at the same time I would be lying to you. I just wanted you to know that I love you and I'm sorry I was never there for you. If you do wake up, I want you to take care of your brothers. They'll need you without me there." He spoke his heart.

I guess it's easier to speak to people when they can't hear you.

"Dad, You can't give up to the demon! You can't DAD!"

John rose from his seat and moved into an empty hospital room.

"I'm ready" he spoke.

Within seconds, the demon appeared and all Lisa could do was watch and scream!


But her voice grew farther away, and she felt like she was being pulled away from her father, through the walls, and back into her body.

She took a deep breath and realized she was in her room. She had the breathing tube in her mouth and wires going in and out of her, but she pulled then all out and all her machines were going nuts. Nurses and Doctors flew in and tried to calm her down.

"Dad!" she had wheezed. The tube in her mouth made it hard to talk. Three nurses came in and had to hold her arms and legs down from pulling the needles out again.

"Miss White, you have to relax!" the doctor ordered.

She knew she had to relax in order for them to take out the breathing tube. So she calmed down just enough for the doctor to pull out the tube without damaging her vocal chords.

"My dad! Please, Help him!" she wheezed to the nurses and doctor.

Sam walked passed a clear room with a cup of coffee in his hand and found his father unconscious on the floor.

"Dad?" he questioned, dropping his cup and yelling for help.

Lisa had become hysterical once she heard Sammy yelling for help. She knew then and there that she had lost her father forever, and she was stopped once again.

Now Lisa is the only one who knows what truly happened to Dean, to John and to herself that day. She knows that if she were to tell Dean or Sam what their father done to Save Dean's life... they'd go after the demon and they would fail and die in the demons hands without the Cult. She needed to find a way to kill the yellow-eyed demon, but for now, she needed her brothers.

But she is still alone, holding the truth to their fathers death.

The END!

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