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(A.N: Before anyone makes a comment about Ryou's eye colour, he actually has green eyes (and more bluish hair) in the original version of Yu Gi Oh, which was never dubbed into English. Also Bakura has violet eyes in that version if I remember correctly.)

Emerald Eyes
By Silver Sailor Ganymede

He found it somewhat amusing really, watching them from afar. His hikari looked like some sort of emerald-eyed angel, he mused, but Otogi didn't look like an angel. Maybe Otogi was some sort of demon, his eyes both jade and jaded at the same time. It was a pity that his emerald-eyed angel had fallen for someone so jaded as Otogi; it was a pity that his hikari was such a naïve fool, but then again perhaps that was partially his fault for not teaching him any better.

Yes, it was amusing to watch his hikari act like some sort of lovesick schoolgirl around that man, but it was also painful for him to watch, so painful. He couldn't bear it, he really couldn't; Otogi didn't love him, Bakura knew that much at least. He was as bad as Kaiba in that respect, if not worse; all that Kaiba cared for were his company and his brother, but Otogi would pretend to care about things when he was, in fact, completely apathetic. Ryou was going to get hurt by this, he had realised that long ago.

But the emerald-eyed angel had been seduced by that jaded young man a long time ago, and there was nothing that Bakura could do except let his own violet eyes become green with envy for what he could never have.