Degrees and the Doctor

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Rose Tyler stood patiently, leaning against a cold, stone wall on a planet billions of miles away from her native Earth. Jack Harkness crouched next to her, his body tense and alert as the pair waited for the Doctor to return. He had been missing for over ten minutes while he had gone to sort out a problem in a nearby tavern. The only reason that the ever faithful Rose and Jack weren't by his side was because the locals didn't exactly welcome females. When she had discovered this, Rose had been outraged and was ready to march into the tavern and slap them all silly. The Doctor, with quite a lot of effort, had managed to persuade her otherwise and Jack had volunteered to stay with her whilst the Doctor went to deal with the trouble. Which was where they were now.

The sound of hurried footsteps caused Rose to look up and she smiled as her lover came into view. He smiled back before stopping and facing his two companions.

"Did you manage to talk them round?" asked Jack,

"Yeah," the Doctor replied, "It's up to them what they do now."

Rose nodded, reaching out for one of his hands and linking their fingers gently. "Can we go back to the TARDIS now?"

"Sure," the Doctor agreed, "We…"

Whatever he had been about to say was cut off when a loud shout filled the air.


The TARDIS trio glanced at one another before glaring at the alien who had raised the alarm. He was short and squat with a light purple fur coat and enormous green eyes and a single horn rising out of his forehead. The expression on his face instantly moved the time travellers into action.

Jack grabbed hold of Rose's other hand before the two men began dragging her away down the deserted street towards the dusty cart path, at the end of which, they had left their trusty TARDIS. Rose stumbled along as best as she could, wincing on every other step. She had painfully twisted her left ankle a few days earlier and although she was recovering well, it was really hindering her running speed. The Doctor knew this and after glancing at her and the rapidly closing in aliens behind them in concern, he made his decision. He stopped suddenly and pulled Rose towards him before lifting her up and throwing her over his shoulder so she was balanced there. He then began running again, with a giant grin on his face as he listened to her shrieks as she fought to keep her balance from the uneven rocking that his movement was making.

"You alright up there?" Jack shouted,

"No!" Rose grumbled, from where her head kept coming into contact with the Doctor's shoulder blades. She gripped his brown overcoat with both hands and forced her head up to see what was going on behind them. Then she immediately wished she hadn't. The original lone alien had been joined by at least nine others and they were all furiously chasing after them, moving extraordinarily fast for their body shape.

"Erm, Doctor?" she yelled, "You might wanna run a bit faster!"

"Don't worry, Rose," he called back, reassuringly patting the nearest part of her body that he could reach- which happened to be her bottom, "We're almost there."

"Yeah," Rose said, her eyes widening, "I just hope that we're really close because they seem to have some sort of guns…"

"What?" Jack spun around quickly before letting out a low cry of dismay, "Doctor, they've got high tech stunners!"

The Doctor cursed under his breath and immediately they seemed to be moving faster. Rose held on tightly, not daring to move a muscle in fear of falling off.

Suddenly, they came to an abrupt stop. Rose craned her neck to see what was happening and her heart leapt as she realised that they had finally reached their home. The Doctor pushed open the door roughly and they tumbled in, forcing the door closed behind them. Rose slid off him, crumbling to the floor as the two men dashed over to the console, hurriedly plotting in the co-ordinates to take them away. She took a deep breath, rubbing her dodgy ankle and frowning.

"Are you OK?" asked a familiar voice.

She looked up and smiled tiredly at the Doctor, who squatted down next to her. "I'm sorry I slowed us down again today. I really wish I hadn't twisted my stupid ankle!"

"Come on, let's go wrap it again and hopefully it'll be better before long," he replied, sympathetically, helping her stand up and hobble over to the Captain's Chair. "Seriously though, Rose, don't worry about it," he continued, sitting down on a stool and pulling her foot gently onto his lap, "How about we take a break now and go somewhere to relax and you can recover." The Doctor picked up a roll of bandages and began to carefully wrap it tightly around her ankle.

Rose watched him working while thinking it over. "Could we go back to my Earth for a few days?" she requested, "It's been months since I last saw Mum and I miss her. I could go visit Kirsty, Lauren and Matt as well,"

"Sounds good to me," the Doctor said, "How about I head back for the Christmas after we left? Then your friends will be in London instead of dotted all round the country,"

"You think of everything," Rose grinned, "Just so long as there isn't a Sycorax invasion this year!"

"There won't be," the Doctor almost growled, "Thanks to Harriet Jones. Thank God you elected that new bloke."

Rose bit her lip, sorry that she had bought the subject up. She knew that the Doctor still hadn't forgiven the ex-Prime Minister.

He saw her face and smiled gently, coming over to sit next to her and taking her into his arms. "How about we go tomorrow after we've slept. I don't know about you but I'm knackered!"

Rose nodded, leaning her head on his shoulder and covering a yawn. "Take me to bed then."

The Doctor grinned and kissed her forehead gently before scooping her up in his arms and making for their bedroom.

The next morning, Rose was sitting at the kitchen table, sleepily eating her cornflakes that were rapidly going mushy.

"Morning, honey," Jack said, taking the seat across the table, "Did you sleep well?"

Rose nodded, finally pushing away her bowl, "Did you?"

"Fantastically," he replied, "We going back to your London today?"

"Yup," grinned Rose, "I can't wait to see everyone again. The Doctor said we'll go in a couple of hours and he's taking us back for Christmas!"

"Great," said Jack, his eyes gleaming, "I can stalk Matt with mistletoe again!"

His sister laughed and hit him playfully. "Leave him alone. I wonder if he's found himself a girlfriend yet,"

"Who?" the Doctor asked, entering the room quickly and dropping a kiss on Rose's lips before sitting next to her,

"Matt," Rose answered, swivelling around to face him, "What's wrong?"

The Doctor smiled at just how fast she'd sussed him. He took her hand and rummaged around in his jacket pocket before pulling out the psychic paper. "Rose, do you remember just after I regenerated, I got a message on the psychic paper from the Face of Boe?"

Rose nodded. "So we went to New Earth and New New York. Why?"

"Well, I've had another one." He passed the paper over to her and she opened it, reading the message that instantly scrawled across it.

"Please come to the University of Mars in the year 4085. Your help is urgently needed," Rose read out, before looking at him, "What's it mean?"

"Exactly what it says," the Doctor answered, "We've got to go to 4085 and see what's happening,"

"Are we going now?" asked Jack,

"Yes I think so. They did say 'urgently'"

"What about going to visit my Mum?" said Rose, a little quietly,

"We'll go there straight afterwards, I promise," her lover replied,

"Oh OK," she mumbled.

The Doctor tilted her chin up so she was staring straight into his eyes. "If you want to go there first, we can," he said gently, "It's entirely up to you."

Rose considered it for a moment. "Alright but as long as I can visit her as soon as we're done at… where was it we were meant to go again?"

"The University of Mars," said the Doctor, with a grin,

"The University of…Mars?"

"Yep! I've never been there myself but it's supposed to be amazing! Aliens of all species go there to study and live together- even humans! It's incredible!"

Jack and Rose had to grin at the Doctor's obvious enthusiasm as he bounded up from the table and turned to face them.

"Come on, then!" he cried, "Let's get going. The University of Mars awaits!"

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