The Insane Nintendogs Story

Chapter Two: Love at First Sight... Or is it?

Sharlene dashed over to the threesome of Siberian Huskies as soon as her eyes fell onto them. There was a black and white male, a dark grey female, and a light grey female.

The loony popped up behind Sharlene, startling her and making her jump up so high that her head became stuck in the ceiling.

"Hey, where did the puppies go?" came Jessie's muffled voice as her head remained in the hole it made in the ceiling.

"Not again." the loony mused and he approached the light grey female, "This female pup has a very bright personality and is highly recommended for first time dog owners."

The mentioned puppy looked up at the loony, "Me? I don't think so, pal! My personality description is 'This fiery young female is a bit naughty, so she requires constant attention and supervision!"

"She is?" Sharlene's muffled voice as her body dangled from the ceiling, "I'll take her then!"

The puppy gazed up at Sharlene's dangling body, "Who's that?"

"Would you like some help first?" the sane loony asked Sharlene.

"Help with what? Where are you? I don't see you!" the loony sighed. He grabbed onto Sharlene's ankles and pulled her out of the ceiling, "There you are! ... Help with what?"

"...Nothing... The puppy costs $528."

"I'm worth every virtual penny!"

"Okie dokie, artichokie!" Sharlene exclaimed as she exchanged the money for the puppy.

"How did you know my name?!" the loony demanded.

"She's psychic!"

"I dunno... What is your name?" Sharlene asked in confusion.

"Maybe not."

"Artichokie. Okie Dokie Artichokie," the loony replied, "..Yeah... Thank you, come again!"

"Okie Dokie!"

"What?" Okie Dokie Artichokie asked.

"What?" Sharlene asked in confusion.

"What?... Never mind! Just call me 'Loony' like everyone else does."


"What?!" Loony's eye twitched.

After several minutes of 'what's and utter confusion, Sharlene eventually left the Kennel with her new puppy.

"Sucker." Loony said to himself.

Sharlene skipped to her condominium with her Siberian Husky in her arms.

"Finally! I am free! Buahahahahahahaha!" the puppy grinned happily.

Sharlene set her puppy on the polished wooden floor of her house. The Husky looked around, taking in new scents in the unfamiliar area. She walked around slowly with her tail set low, signifying her obvious uneasiness.

"What is this weird place?"

Sharlene tried to whistle, but she couldn't. So she clicked her tongue at her puppy.

The puppy looked at her potentially rabid owner. "What are you doing? Stop that! Don't make me come over there!"

Sharlene continued clicking her tongue.

"That's it! Here I come!" The puppy yapped and walked over to Sharlene.

"Good, girl!" Sharlene cooed and she began to scratch her ears.

"What did... Oooohhh... That feels good..." The Husky panted and licked her chops in pleasure. Soon she relaxed and rolled onto her back and Sharlene rubbed it. "Ooohoooohooooo!... That's the spot... Yeeaaaaah..." The Husky's tail increased it's wagging speed and moved her body in motion with Sharlene's hand.

"You're such a good girl! I have an idea of what I'm going to call you!" Sharlene squealed as the puppy got up and sniffed a random spot in the living room.

"That's nice."

Sharlene clicked her tongue to gain the Husky's attention.



"What did you say about my mother?"

"Koona!" Sharlene repeated.

"What's a 'Koona'?"


"Why do you keep calling me 'Koona'?"


"Is that suppose to be my name?"

"Koona!" Sharlene called once more.

"I get it! Koona is my name!" The Siberian Husky who was just named Koona barked in acknowledgment.

"Are you hungry, Koona?" Sharlene asked her puppy.

"Yes!" Koona yapped.

"Are you thirsty?"

"Yes!" Koona yapped again.

"Here you are." Sharlene set a bowl of Dry Food and Bottled Water.

"W00t!" Koona munched down on the Dry Food until she was full and lapped down the Bottled Water until her thirst was quenched. Then Koona had a naughty idea.