Chapter Thirty-Seven

"You're meals will be out shortly."

"Thank you."

James and Lily sat together in a tiny restaurant on Diagon Alley. They were sitting at an outdoor table under the stars. It had been a week since James and Sirius had been found and this was the first time that the couple had found themselves alone…Dumbledore had sent Sirius and Remus on an assignment earlier that day.

What the couple would later find out was that their two friends had been sent out because Dumbledore had gotten information pertaining to the whereabouts of Miss Deborah Stevens. What they would later find out was that Stevens had been under the Imperius Curse the entire time…that Abby Cook shouldn't have died.

Dumbledore would be sending Deborah Stevens to St. Mungo's for psychiatric treatment. She wasn't doing well after learning that she had murdered a friend. It was all Remus could do not to scoop her up right then and there…he wanted so badly to comfort her…but no, he could not do that. Sirius needed his comfort more than Deb ever could.

Remus would later say that he believed it would have been easier on Sirius if Deb had killed Abby on her own free will. While it still would have been a senseless killing, nothing could be more senseless than the situation that they were now facing…Abby need not have died.

After a few years in St. Mungo's Hospital, Deb Stevens took her own life, unable to cope with what she had done, regardless of the fact that she hadn't done it on her own free will.

But right now, Lily and James knew none of this. Right now, they were sitting together, having dinner…their love for each other more important to them than any other thing that was happening in the world outside of Diagon Alley.

"Alone at last," James said, wiggling his eyebrows.

"You just did the Sirius Eyebrow Wiggle," Lily said, giggling.

"No way, Lily-Billy! The Eyebrow Wiggle was definitely mine first," James said, crossing his arms. "Sirius stole it from me."

"Sure, James…"

James chuckled as Lily shook her head. Once he had calmed down, he felt butterflies finding their way one by one into his stomach. More like bats, actually he thought.

"Hey, Lils?" he said before sipping his water slowly.


"I love you," James stated. Lily smiled, nodding. "I'm sorry about yelling at you when Sirius took off…I never properly apologized for that, and I really should have before now."

"James, I can honestly say that Remus was the one who was mad at you…I was just really upset."

"Well, I'm sorry that I upset you then," said James. He reached across the table with both of his arms, taking Lily's hands. "I never wanted to upset you…and I never will again. You're my life and my love."

"I love you too, James," Lily said quietly, staring into his eyes.

Suddenly, as her emerald green pools melted his chocolate eyes, he felt the butterflies-or bats-disappear. He was sure of himself now…he was confident that he was doing the right thing. "Marry me, Lily," he said, his voice just above a whisper.


"Marry me, Lily," James repeated, a bit louder this time. "I know that we've not been together for even a year yet, but what I also know is that we love each other, and the kind of love that we share most people never even get to experience. I think we're it, Lily Evans…I truly do. And what we're doing…it's dangerous, so we might not get to do this down the road, you know? I love you, and it's the only thing that I can ever be completely sure of. I want to spend the rest of my life with you, Lily…however long or short that life may be. I want to marry you."

Lily had started to cry as James made his speech, still holding her hands. She was too choked up to speak…she was happy. With a nod, she told him what would be the greatest thing he would ever hear in his life, and she had not even spoken.

With his left hand, James reached into his pocket and pulled out a small box…

And the rest is history.


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