Disclaimer: Digimon Savers is the property of Toei Animation and Bandai. No harm intended; this is all for fun.

Digimon Savers Drabble Collection
By Mugen no Ken
Kouki, Fujieda Yoshino
When: Post-Series
Note: Found this laying around from a few years back and realized it was uploaded. Figured, hey, why not?

Kouki coughed, and immediately grimaced in regret.


There was definitely something broken.

In retrospect, really, robbing those banks was probably what would be classified under the bad idea category. He only realized this, of course, as he began to pull himself out of the wall he had just been knocked through.

Really, though, it all seemed so simple on paper. He had recently come to the discovery that he held the power of a real Digi-Soul, just like that damned Daimon Masaru he had fought all those times. And with that loser having been GONE for, like, half a decade, getting a little bit of extra cash shouldn't have been THAT hard...

Grabbing a piece of the destroyed wall he was lying halfway through, he began to PAINFULLY pull himself up. Groggily, he looked ahead, and found his attacker was still there.

The long-haired police woman smirked, pounding a fist into her open palm. A bright pink glow flared up around her hands. Want to try that again, Kouki?

Kouki opened his mouth to say something, but just collapsed back, clutching his chest.

Dammit to hell... he thought. And I thought Daimon was bad.