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Damn Rat,

This letter is the response of that love letter of yours which I found on my desk this

Morning. I just wonder how shameless and stupid you are to actually confess that you

Love me, you nasty rat.

I wonder if you even can spell the word love.

You are a liar. You say you love me and then you run off to Tohru and cry on her

shoulders. Not that it's important for me. You are my sworn enemy. Why should I care

That you are a two-timer?

Yes, you are my eternal enemy.

Cat and mouse.

Never in peace, forever in battle and fight.

Never in love.

Every thing is your fault. You tricked the poor cat and banished him from zodiac. You

Fooled the cow and ride around on his back. Some times I wonder how much a dolt is

Haru that he is in love with you.

They are right.

It's the rat's fault that they call the cow a fool.

It's the rat's fault that the cat is not accepted ever.

That they call the cat a MONSTER.

You know that I hate Akito but I found myself agreeing with him in one thing;

You are nothing than cheap fuck-toy.

You are not worth more than that.

So, this is my answer to the confession of your love;


We are eternal enemies and we'll always be.

And I don't feel any thing but hate towards you.

Kyou Sohma

Soft pink lips quivered and tears strayed down the boy's delicate pale cheeks. He shuddered and sobbed his heart out in his hands. It was right. He was not worthy of love.

He was just a toy. Nothing more.

He was the nasty rat.

The liar.

The trick player.

He was not worthy of love.

He was not worthy of life.

Not worthy of any thing….


Yuki Sohma was found dead the other day on his bed in pool of his own blood. There was a note on his lifeless body that shocked a certain crimson-eyed boy to death;

The nasty rat is gone. Are you happy now? Cause all I want is your happiness.


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