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Hello, It's Zeke Again

Chapter 1

"And, anyone interested in joining debate-"

Troy turned around in his chair and looked at Chad, Zeke and Jason. He stuck his tongue out while giving them a thumbs down and making a noise that sounded similar to an airplane. Chad laughed and Jason smiled. Zeke didn't say a word.

"Mr. Bolton, do you have a comment? Would you be willing to join debate team?" their teacher asked, almost sensing what the answer would be.

Chad snorted at Troy, who merely smiled. "As much fun as it sounds, I'm just too busy to add another activity to my," he looked to his friends, "long list."

Zeke shook his head, as Troy and Chad gave each other a high five. The four friends were in their senior year, their last year at East High School. But they'd all changed from the juniors they had been when Troy tried out for the musical, Troy being the worst. The musical had really gone to his head, making him realize just how popular he was. About a few months after the musical, Gabriella had moved against her will, and Troy's attitude had changed when she left. He thought of himself as the god everyone saw him to be, bringing Chad and Chad's ego along for the ride.

The two had become the two most sought-after guys in the school, especially when Chad had been named co-captain of the basketball team with Troy. Jason was also being pulled in. Although, not as popular, it made him feel good about himself when people screamed out his name.

Zeke, however, didn't care about his popularity. He was the quiet member of their group, often forgotten by large crowds, and that was perfectly okay with him. At times, such as now, he didn't like even being associated with narrow minded Troy Bolton and Chad Danforth.

The bell rang and the kids rushed from their seats ready for the weekend. "So," Chad said to Troy as they walked down the hall. "How long is that big list of yours?"

"One activity," Troy said. "Can you say-"

"Basketball," the two cheered. "Yeah!"

Zeke looked down the hallway and saw a small girl, who looked to be a sophomore, passing out papers. "Art club," she said quietly as they passed. Chad and Troy didn't give her a second glance, they just carried on with their conversation. Jason shook his head. Zeke grabbed hold of one of the papers and skimmed it over before putting it in his pocket.

"So dude," Chad said. "I saw the final count for homecoming king. Want to know who it is?"

Troy put a hand out to stop the others from walking any more. "No, let me guess." He paused for dramatic effect. "Me."

"Who else?" Jason asked.

"Who's my queen?" Troy asked Chad.

"Dominique Harmon."

"Captain of the soccer team?" Troy asked. Chad nodded. "She's okay."

"Yeah," Chad agreed. "She's okay."

"So, are you guys going to Mike Nickerson's party?" Troy asked. Mike Nickerson was having a party, one of the those exclusive 'you need an invite to enter' type of parties. Zeke wasn't sure if he was. He knew there was going to be alcohol, possibly drugs, and he didn't know if he wanted to get involved with that.

"Yeah," Chad said as if the subject wasn't to be debated. "Of course we are. Right guys?"

"Sure," Jason said. "I have nothing better to do."

"I don't know, I haven't thought about it," Zeke said trying to get the attention off of him because he had yet to answer. Chad and Jason raised their eyebrows at Zeke's response. Troy didn't seem phased.

"Of course you're going Z," Troy said, holding up a fist. "Right? I mean, who's not?

Zeke sighed and hit Troy's fist with his own knuckles. "Yeah. Sure."

"See, that wasn't so hard," Troy shrugged. "Anyone going to the football game?"

"No," Chad said, almost disgusted. "Why would we go to the football game?"

"Because my dad signed me up to work the stupid concession stand and I don't want to be there alone."

Chad shook his head. "I'm not working it though. I'll hang out, but I'm not working. Who else is in there with you?"

Troy groaned and stopped in front of his locker. "Don't even remind me."

"It can't be that bad," Jason said.

"Oh yeah," Troy said, throwing his backpack in the tan colored locker. "James Freeham, captain of the soccer team. You know, the big headed one."

Zeke shook his head. James wasn't big headed, he just didn't like basketball. He was a soccer guy; he played soccer all year, much like Troy who played basketball year round. "He's not that bad."

"You're kidding," Troy said, shutting his locker and looking at Zeke. "The guy's a freak. Not to mention he's got a couple screws loose."

"Putting it lightly," Chad added. He turned to Troy. "I feel for you dude."

"Thanks," Troy said. "Not that it's going to help."

"Hi Troy," came a high pitched voice from behind them. The group turned to see Kaitlin Samuels, the head cheerleader. She had a huge crush on Troy, and everyone knew it.

"Hey Kait," Troy said. "You girls are going to be at the game, right?"

"Yeah," she said. "I hear you've got concession. I'll cheer you something."

"Cool, thanks," Troy said, putting on a smile. "See you there."

Kaitlin smiled and walked in the other direction toward a group of giggling cheerleaders. Zeke rolled his eyes, remembering that only five months ago Troy hadn't even wanted to talk to other girls. Five months did a lot.

"Troy and Kaitlin, or Troy and Dominique," Troy said, turning to Chad. "What one do you like better?"

"You could try both," Chad said wickedly. "What could it hurt?"

Troy laughed and Zeke shook his head in disgust. Jason saw him and gave a look. Zeke just waved him off. "So, get something to eat then..."

"Oh I can't," Troy said. "Dad's making me redo a test."

"In what?"

"His class."

"What'd you get?" Chad said.


Chad laughed and shook his head. "You'd think you'd get special privileges or something. I mean, you are his kid."

Troy just rolled his eyes. "Well, you know my dad. No special privileges for Troy-"

"Tear, tear," Chad said, cutting Troy off. Zeke sighed and walked off. "Hey Zeke where are you going?"

"No where," he yelled over his shoulder. "I don't feel good."

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