Cyber Moon: Genesis.

Episode 1: Escape.

By Razor Knight

Last update: September 10, 2005

'Another boring day at the mines,' the blonde woman thought with a heavy sigh as she grabbed her plasma drill and headed for her assigned spot. True, being a miner in a copper mine wasn't one of the best jobs for a human woman. The air always smelled strange, she was quite pale due to rarely ever seeing the Sun, and she had to go on drilling dully for hours and hours. But it wasn't like she had any saying in that. Humans had, dozens of generations ago, been a race of nomads, living in the third planet, the Earth as the Masters had named it. Then the Masters had come, taken over all the eleven planets, and enslaved them.

The woman, Lumina, sighed again as she started her plasma drill. It was amazing, too, she'd heard her mother's stories of the ancient nomads and their hunting expeditions... Humans of the past were little more than a few thousand hundreds... Nowadays, they were millions, and thanks to the technological and medical advances of the Masters, their lives were far better and longer than those of their ancestors.

There was something bothering her lately. Something in the back of her mind, telling her that her race didn't need these aliens to survive. That being a slave wasn't the only way to live. That these aliens weren't just gathering resources to improve their cities and strongholds. And that 'voice' had grown in volume and insistence as days passed. However, rebelling against the Masters was a stupid idea, one that, she knew, had cost many humans their lives in the past.

Her train of thoughts was interrupted as her plasma drill hit something. A diamond in a copper mine? She looked at the massive drill's data screen and frowned. 'This...' The drill's readings told her the object was metallic, however that had to be wrong. One, that plasma drill displayed it as 'unknown metal,' a thing she'd never seen before, and two... The drill could cut through diamond in seconds, yet it had left no marks in the metal's surface.

'Whatever it is, it may be important,' Lumina thought with a smirk. Maybe important enough that the Masters would consider moving her to a better location, or even better, out of the mine. She used her drill skillfully to dig around the object, and as she set the massive artifact aside, she gasped. 'A sword?'

It wasn't the kind of swords she knew. The swords the Masters carried had plasma blades, not metal. She didn't think this weapon would be able to cut through anything, but the material had to be very resistant to stop a drill from piercing through it. Where had it come from? Who'd created it? Was there another sentient race living in Venus she didn't know about?

"Hey you, what are you doing?"

'Great, just great,' Lumina thought as she saw the guard approaching her. True, there was just a few dozen guards in the mine, but they were more than enough to keep the few hundred humans in it from escaping. After all, the guards had plasma blades and guns, while all the miners could use were the heavy plasma drills.

"Why did you stop, hoomahn?"

She looked at the guard. Just like the rest of his race, this creature was almost seven feet tall, with four strong-looking arms and scaly red skin. Much like what humans called 'lizards,' the Masters were a race with enough physical strength to kill several humans in seconds. The guard's small, green eyes stared at her in a way that reminded her of a predator looking at it's next meal. 'Way to go, Lumina, stop digging when you know there's a guard near...' Well, she'd have to show one of them the sword anyways, so no time was better than this.

"I apologize for stopping, but I found this strange artifact, and my drill couldn't get through it so I had to stop to get it off the way..." Picking up the sword from the hole she had dug, she showed it to the guard. Then it hit her... A wave of energy like nothing she'd ever felt before. She was aware of the guard still standing in front of her, giving her an earful of his opinions on the 'useless sword' and her 'primitive species.' If only he knew...

The power... The sword had somehow triggered something in her mind. She felt her strength, speed and stamina increase with every second, and a voice whispered in her mind, telling her this was her chance to escape. "Escaping..." She whispered.

"Only a barbaric race like yours would... Hey, are you listening to me, slave?" The creature snapped finally realizing she was paying no attention to him. "You're really testing my patience," he added a few seconds later, and this time he got some muttering as an answer. "What did you say?"

"Venus Shining Star," Lumina said as she rose her right arm. A star-shaped blast of light shot from it, tearing through the creature's chest. "Huh... What..." She blinked a few times, then looked around. Bits of bluish blood and guts were splattered on the farthest wall, as the body of the creature that'd been speaking to her laid in front of her, obviously dead. She was still holding the strange sword in her left hand, and her right hand... Was shining?


She could hear the voice in her head, as well as the shouts coming from both directions of the corridor she was in. 'This just keeps getting better and better,' she thought with a frown. What was that light blast she'd used? Whatever it was, she felt like the power had always been there, waiting for the right time for her to use it.

And maybe that's exactly how things were. In any case, she needed to get out of the mine, as soon as possible. With a little luck, she'd find no resistance on her way out.

'Wishful thinking, Lumina,' she snapped mentally at herself as she knew the Masters wouldn't just stand there and let her escape.

'Find... Others...'

"Others?" Was she losing her mind from the power overload, or was it her subconscious trying to tell her something? Not like she had time to figure it out, she realized as she turned around a corner and saw a group of at least a dozen guards standing there, weapons ready to shoot her down. "Oh shit..."

"Stop right there, human!" One of the guard shouted. "This is your last chance. Return to your duties now and your punishment will be light."

A tense, long, silent minute followed as the guards stared at the her. Giving up and returning to mining? A few minutes ago she'd agreed that was the wisest thing to do. Right now, she felt like nothing could really stop her. "Well, what's your choice, life or death?" Another guard asked, tired of waiting for her to speak. Lumina tensed, and then she smiled as her inner voice spoke a few words to her.

"Venus Shining Nova," she said in a low tone. In a matter of seconds, her body lit up with energy, which then blasted out in all directions, piercing stone, metal armors and living tissue like they were all paper being burnt by a flame. In a second, the guards were nothing but piles of dust. Lumina, however, winced in pain and looked at her right arm. Blood?

Apparently, one of the guards had enough time to pull the trigger of his weapon before the blast turned him and his squad into dust, and the beam from his gun had pierced her arm. Blood was soaking her arm, and dripping down to the ground, but strangely enough, she didn't feel weakened by it. She didn't even feel as much pain as she'd supposed a wound like that would cause to her. After making sure no more guards were following her, she walked out of the tunnel and into a large cave...

Mine guarding was usually a boring job, but Jilehg didn't mind. She was one of the Masters, and even the lowest of the soldiers of her race was a hundred times better off than the hoomahns. Right now there was a situation at the mine... A hoomahn that had apparently managed to kill a guard, and was being chased down by all the squad. Jilehg almost felt pity for the human woman. Almost.

And speaking of human women... A blue-haired one was walking straight to her. Jilehg took a moment to look at her outfit: A blue fabric that covered all her body except for her head, no visible weapons or artifacts... What was a lone hoomahn, unarmed and stupidly dressed, doing walking straight to the mine? A lost miner, perhaps?

"Stop right there!" Jilehg shouted at the woman as she aimed her weapon at her in warning. It all happened too fast for her mind to register... The blue-haired hoomahn somehow managed to run the few dozen meters separating them in a second, then next thing she felt was a throbbing pain in her chest. Looking down, the guard could see an ice spike settled in a hole where her lungs should be. That was the last thing she ever saw.

The blue-haired woman frowned. She didn't like killing, but the Masters weren't a race that would listen to reason. 'It's not like I can just walk by and ask her to let me in to check on my readings, after all,' the woman mused.

Pausing for a second to check the guard's state, she decided she was dead enough, and prepared to enter the mine. However, something stopped her... A human blonde woman, around her age, with a sword in her left hand, and a badly bleeding right arm. "Who are you?" the miner asked tightening the hold on her sword. Two things were clear from her actions. One, she was weak from blood loss, and two, she was considering the blue-haired woman as her enemy.

"Don't worry, I'm not going to hurt you."

"Good," the blonde said, forcing a weak smile. "I've had enough of that... Already..." the blonde said before falling to the ground face-first.

"Damn it," the other woman muttered before kneeling besides the blonde, producing a medical scanner out of thin air and using it to check on her. "Shit, a few more minutes and I'd been too late," she scolded herself, then concentrated. 'Cognisance here. I've found the one from Venus, but she's badly wounded. Aejin, I need you to come here, NOW.'

'Understood,' a monotone voice said in her mind. 'I'm on my way, Cognisance.' Cognisance sighed and looked at the blonde. The last one she needed to find, if her guesses were right.

Question was, would she be up to the task they had before them?

Author's Notes: Well, I'm back after my "short" break from Cyber Moon. I wasn't quite sure how to start this, but I think it didn't end up being as bad as I thought it would. I know it's quite short for a first episode, but consider it an introduction to the first arc's main character.

Yes, this means there's another whole set of Senshi for me to torture now.

Disclaimer: Sailor Moon is a creation of Naoko Takeuchi, and I thank her for creating such wonderful universe.