Cyber Moon: Genesis.

Episode 12: Endgames.

By Razor Knight

Last update: December 17, 2005

Orion frowned as he stared down at the large lake located several miles to the west of Silver Millenium. From his watch point on top of the highest tower of the Silver Palace, he could clearly see everything around it. If the youma were thinking on attacking tonight, he'd be able to see them coming.

He looked up at the Earth and sighed. If these creatures showed up, it'd mean they'd passed through Camelot. He'd tried to be optimistic about it, but there was little hope for the Moon if Camelot fell. Even though Serenity held the strongest weapon ever forged in her hands, Beryl somehow had enough power to counter her crystal.

The question was, how. Even the young genius Hope had no idea how Beryl had grew so powerful in such a short time. However, that was now quite a moot point, as the youma were surely going to come visit the Moon soon.

"Sooner than expected," Orion muttered as he saw something to the east of the palace. Row after row of creatures were teleporting into the surface, each weirder than the last. He produced a small, round communicator and pushed the only button in it. "Ladies and gentlemen, we have visitors to the East."

"They're porting in from the south and north-west too," came Zane Thanatos' voice from the communicator. "I'm having my ships give them a warm welcome, but I'll surely need help here."

"Understood. We'll be out there in a minute." That was Sailor Mars' voice.

Orion put the communicator away and looked down to the ground. "Float." He said and leapt off the roof... Floating slowly down to ground level. The Demon Hunters were all there, waiting for him. "Libra, lead group one to the south. Leo, go with group two to the north-west and help Thanatos's battleships."

A man wearing a white robe, with white long hair and beard came walking to him. "The High Wizards are ready."

"Good. We'll need as many magicians as we can get once they get here. "

"Mother, what's going on?" Eris said as she walked into the throne room.

"Beryl's army is here. They're about to reach the city's outer walls. "

"Then I should go help."


"The Senshi, the Hunters, the Wizards... Even Thanatos will be out there fighting those monsters. I can't just sit here and watch, mother."

"I... Understand. Just be careful, daughter."

Eris hugged her mother and smiled. "Don't worry, I'm not going to let them win without a fight."

Serenity watched silently as her daughter walked out of the room. "I won't sit here and watch, either... But first I have to let them come to us."

The Senshi stood on top of the city's outer wall, looking down at the incoming wave of youma. "That's amazing. There must be at least a million of them!" Jupiter observed.

"One million two hundred thousands, give or take a few thousands," Mercury corrected.

"Let's make that half a million," Venus said. "Crescent Beam!"

"..." Mars frowned at her as the thin light beam blasted through a few dozen creatures.


"Good aim, but hitting them with our weakest attacks won't do."

Venus rose her hand, then shouted "Venus Light Comet!" A massive beam of light shot from her hand, forming a massive ball of light which shot forwards, crashing into the youma army and killihg several hundreds of them instantly.

"Wow..." Hope said. Sure, she had been training to become stronger, but she hadn't still reached the power level the others had.

"Is that better?" Venus asked with a grin.

"Showoff," Mars muttered.

"Princess, what are you doing here?" Jupiter asked. The others turned to see Princess Serenity walking towards them.

"I'm here to help," Eris said.

Mars frowned. "But you won't get access to your powers until..."

"Moon Prism Power!"

The Senshi gasped as Eris turned into Sailor Moon, her version of the Senshi suit had blue skirt and red bow, along with red broochs for her hair buns and knee-long red boots. "... After your birthday, " Mars finished. "Nevermind."

Moon shrugged. "My mother wanted me to help you fight tonight."

"I don't think sending a novice into the field will help..."

"Moon Tiara Action!" Moon reached for her tiara, which turned into a golden energy disk, then tossed it down at the incoming army. The tiara sliced through monster after monster as it fled away, then turned and sliced even more creatures as it fled back to Moon's awaiting hands. "Contrary to popular belief, I haven't just slacked around and gone to social meetings the last few years."

"Why is everyone out to contradict me tonight?" Mars muttered. Being the oldest of the Senshi, not counting Pluto or Saturn, she'd always acted like a leader in battle when the other two weren't around. 'And if Beryl's here, that means Saturn failed,' she thought with a grimace.

"Enough chatter, the uglies are coming our way," Jupiter noted. "Rolling Thunder!" The Senshi of Lightning swung her fists forwards as electricity gathered in them, creating a large energy disc that vaporized countless monsters.

"I agree," Moon said and produced her tiara once again.

A few miles to the south, a large fleet of spaceships were steadily decreasing the numbers of Beryl's army. It didn't help the monsters that the ships were too high to be shot from the ground, and that the few airborn youma that had teleported in had already been blasted out.

Thanatos watched the onslaught from his ship, the Tiamat. This was easier than he'd thought, and for a moment, he felt as if his ships were untouchable.

It only lasted a moment, though. "Captain, the Drake and Reaper are down!"

"What? Locate the attackers."

"Scanning... I see them. There's a group of humanoid youma down there, along with Beryl."

"Beryl herself?" That could be the only chance he'd have to take a shot at the evil Queen. "Fire at them with all we've got!"

Orion leapt away from a tiger-like monster, then stabbed through another creature. The tiger charged at him, but he was faster. "Ice Shot." As the creature turned into dust, an explosion rocked the area. "What the hell?"

He soon found the cause of the explosion. The fleet formed by Thanatos' spaceships and the Moon Royal Space Force were all shooting at one single point. "That bitch here?" Orion muttered. Indeed, Beryl was the target of the attacks. Lasers and missiles rained on the Queen and her Generals, but there was an energy shield around them, so none of the attacks could hit them.

A shadowy, shapeless creature stood behind Beryl, and it turned to stare at Orion for a second. The Demon Hunter felt like a sheep staring at a hungry wolf. However, he saw Beryl saying something, and the shadow turned away from him. A moment later, he saw the Generals shooting energy beams up at the fleet, tearing through several ships as easy as a sword would stab through flesh.

"Zane, I hope you'll be okay up there," Orion said before turning to the battle at hand.

"Captain, the Katana and the Argenta are down. The Firebrand and Silver sustained heavy damage."

"Did we at least hit them?" Thanatos asked.

"Negative. Some kind of forcefield protects them."

"Leave them to the Senshi, then! Regroup and go north, to the other front!"

It was right then that the Tiamat was hit in it's main reactor.

"Ship coming down, get out of the way!" One of the Hunters warned.

Orion looked up as he beheaded a crab-like monster. That is... The Tiamat? Damn it...'

There was nothing he could do about it, though, other than teleporting away from the impact point. He could see several other ships crashing down all around them, and sighed. So much for the air force.

"Stupid humans, did they really think those ships would be able to stop us?" Dexite asked amused.

Aurite frowned for a second, then looked at Beryl. "My Queen, our forces coming from the south are being attacked by a group of High Wizards and Demon Hunters. The north group's being slowed down by the Senshi themselves."

"High Wizards, huh? That's my speciality," Dexite said.

Beryl nodded. "Generals, destroy the humans attacking our forces."

"What about the Senshi?" Kunzite asked.

"No need to worry. I'm sending the Rainbow Youma to fight them."

"As you wish," Kunzite said. The Rainbow Youma... The only thing Kunzite knew that could defeat a General in a one-on-one battle. Even if the Senshi destroyed them, they would be able to injure them, making the Generals' job way easier.

"I'm going with the youma," Cardite said.

Beryl shook her head. "There's no need..."

"Your underling's right, Beryl," Metallia hissed. "She can use her power to retrieve the Rainbows before the Senshi destroy them. There's no need to waste such strong warriors if we can avoid it."

Beryl nodded. "Then it's decided. Let's end this battle now." As her Generals vanished, Beryl looked at the Silver Palace, several miles away. 'Little Senshi Queen, your time's up. Are you just going to hide and wait for us to come knocking at your door?'

"Ice Blast!"

The creature Mercury had targeted turned into an ice statue, the ice shards caused by the impact impaling several other monsters. Mercury turned around just in time to see a snakelike monster rushing at her, and used her sword to slice it in half. As much as she didn't like to fight this close to the monsters, it couldn't be helped.

The walls of the city still stood, and most of the civilians and the guests that had been there for the birthday party had been evacuated to Mars and Mercury, the nearest planets still not touched by Beryl's claws.

However, the situation for the Senshi wasn't looking good. There were still at least a million youma around them, and they'd been forced to fight them close as using their strongest attacks could end up damaging the walls.

"Berserker Fury!" Mercury could smell the ozone created by the attack as a monster was sent flying over her. She was about to attack another monster, when they all started backing away.

"What's going on?" Venus asked.

"Are they retreating?" Moon said.

Mercury scanned the area and saw them... Seven youma that were making their way through the crowd, their power levels insanely high. "Those seven..." She could also see a General with them. This could indeed mean trouble.

"Hey look, one of Beryl's lackeys is here," Mars said.

Cardite floated over the crowd, stopping a few meters away from the Senshi, as the seven youma stared at them. "My name's Cardite. But don't worry, as much as I'd love to beat you girls up right now, my Queen has sent me just as an observer."

"What do you mean?" Venus asked.

"Isn't it obvious? The seven Rainbow Youma will take care of you, pests."

"Don't bet on it," Mars snapped. "Okay girls, it's time to show this bitch what the Senshi can do!"

"Hah! Die like your weak friends in Camelot, most likely," Cardite snapped back.

"That's it, the bitch's mine," Mars growled.

"Fire Sto--"

Orion gasped as a High Wizard was cut in mid-spell by a pink energy beam. "Damn it, they're too strong!"

"You just noticed that?" Zoicite mused. "Give up, weaklings, and we'll make your deaths swift."

"I'd rather die fighting," one of the Hunters snapped.

"So be it," Kunzite snapped and shot several energy blasts at the man, killing him instantly.

Orion frowned. Things weren't looking good for them. Half his group had already been destroyed by the Generals, and the youma now had the road free to attack the city. With only three hunters and seven wizards left, there wasn't much they could do. But they weren't about to give up yet.

"This is boring," Zoicite commented.

"I agree. Enough fooling around," Jadeite said.

Orion frowned. "Now!"

"Darek Aram Sou..." The wizards started chanting those three words, causing a large sphere of magic energy to appear in front of them. The hunters rushed forwards, hitting the sphere with their sword and causing it to explode into a rain of energy blasts.

"Nice try," Nephrite said as he formed an energy shield around his group, blocking the makeshift attack, "but not enough. Now DIE!"

Orion leapt aside dodging the barrage of energy beams and blasts the Generals started shooting. He heard several cries of pain behind him, and didn't need to turn around to know the others hadn't managed to move out of the way. "This isn't going as expected..."

"Pity, you're the only one left," Kunzite said as he gathered energy in his right hand. "Now--" A roaring noise could be heard, and Kunzite and the others turned around. "What in the Darkness is..."

All they could see was a single, small fighter ship heading their way, shooting lasers and missiles at them. The whole area was covered by dust and smoke, and as it cleared, two things could be seen. The hunter was gone, and the ship was nowhere to be seen.

"Damn, he escaped," Luminite muttered.

"Nevermind that. Let's check on the Senshi and see if any of them survived."

"Light Comet!"

Venus' Light attack knocked the tiger-like youma back, but it just grunted and stood unhurt. "Is it just me, or they're too strong for us?" the blonde Senshi asked as she checked on her right arm. The scratch from the mantis-like monster had stopped bleeding now, but it still hurt.

"It's you," Mars muttered. She was now trying to punch the dinosaur-like youma to a pulp. Cardite hadn't been too eager to fight, and Mars had also realized they were outnumbered so there was no need to fight the General yet.

And Venus was partially right. While they had managed to knock down two out of the seven creatures, the Senshi were all tired from the battle, and, in Jupiter and Venus' case, they were also injured. Also, they weren't able to kill the creatures, as Cardite had trapped them within some kind of tarot cards.

Moon cartwheeled out of the way as the massive dragon youma charged at her. "Moon Cosmic Spiral!"

One thing she had to give the Princess, was that she learnt fast. In little over thirty minutes, she'd been able to summon her Cosmic level attacks. Not as strong as the others, but still enough to fight the creatures.

As the dragon-like monster hit the ground with a loud thud, Cardite produced another card, muttering something under her breath. Like the other two times, her card absorbed the monster, and she grinned.

"They're weaker than I thought."

The Senshi and Cardite turned to see Beryl and the rest of the Generals had arrived. "My Queen, I'm sorry, they are indeed weaker than the Seshi."

"It doesn't matter. Bring them all to me."

Cardite nodded and produced four more cards, absorbing the remaining four Rainbow Youma with them, then gave them to Beryl.

Beryl took the cards and closed her eyes for a few seconds before speaking again. "Seven souls create a new one. Bringer of death and destruction, come forth... Raishiku"

A black portal opened, and a massive, humanoid lizard appeared. It's arms and legs were as thick as a human body, and he looked like he could crush a normal human with little effort. "What is that thing?" Mercury asked.

"That's my strongest youma, the Shadow Youma, Raishiku," Metallia hissed. "And it'll be the last youma you'll ever fight, humans."

Raishiku took a step forwards, but before it could try and attack, a barrage of laser blasts hit it from the side. It growled and turned to it's agressor, the same fighter that'd attacked the Generals before.

"Who's in that ship? I thought they'd all been destroyed," Mars pondered.

Mercury scanned the ship as it flew by. "Thanatos is piloting the ship. And also..."

Before she could finish that sentence, a single figure fell from the ship towards Raishiku, slashing at it with a sword. The youma, however, knocked him far away and he crashed into a wall.

"Who was that?" Jupiter asked.

"Orion," Mercury said with a grimace. "This monster's simply too strong for any of them."

"But not for us," Mars said. "Mars Hell's Wrath!" Mars swung her fist forwards in the youma's direction, and a large beam of fire shot from her body, wrapping around the massive creature, and scorching the ground around it. The Senshi of Fire held the creature still for several seconds, but then she kneeled on the ground, panting. "Impossible..."

"Your weak attacks can't destroy him," Beryl said. "Give up now."

"Never," Mars said.

"All right. Raishiku, finish them!"

As he opened his eyes and tried to stand up, Orion tried to remember what had happened before he blacked out. He remembered the massive youma backhanding him and frowned. Two things were clear to him right now. One, he had been tossed a good three hundred meters away. And two, he couldn't feel or move his legs.

He realized he'd fallen in such a way, he could see what was going on back where the Senshi were. "Far eye. Far ear." He muttered, casting a couple spells that would allow him to see and hear what happened clearly. If he couldn't stand up and fight, he could at least watch the Senshi kick Beryl's ugly rear out of the Moon.

Strangely, there were no youma near the area. Looking to a side, he could see why: The whole army had finally broken into Silver Millenium, leaving behind the Senshi and the Generals. Amongst the crowd of human soldiers fighting the relentless wave of demons, there were two he could recognize. One was King Eridon, wearing a silver, shinning battle armor and holding the Moon Dragon Sword in his hand, along with a shield he'd never seen before. The other was Prince Endymion, who was actually slashing his way through the army of youma to get out of the city.

Turning back to the group fighting Beryl, Orion grimaced. Jupiter and Venus were down, while Mercury and Mars were standing between the Shadow Youma and Sailor Moon. Mars had several wounds in her arms and legs, and Mercury's visor was gone. That monster was stronger than anything he'd seen before, and he didn't keep his hopes too high for the Senshi. It was doubtful a couple injured Senshi and a novice, even if that novice was Sailor Moon, would be able to defeat that Shadow Youma.

"Now you see, Senshi, you have no way of winning," Beryl gloated.

"We won't give up. We'll take care of you then we'll destroy your mindless drones," Mars snapped.

"There's no way you can defeat our army of youma," Zoicite snapped back.

"When I said mindless drones, I meant you and your friends," Mars retorted with a half smile, causing Zoicite to growl at her.

"Enough!" Beryl said furiously. "Raishiku, destroy--"

Once again, Thanatos' fighter ship zoomed by, shooting at the Generals and Beryl. This time, however, Beryl shot a thin energy blast at it, and the ship exploded in mid-air.

"Damn it, Zane..." Orion muttered. There was simply no way his friend had made it out of that explosion alive.

Mercury glared at Beryl, then at the Shadow Youma. "Monsters, I won't let you win this! Mercury..."

"Wait..." Moon said.


"We can defeat them... Together."

Mars nodded and concentrated. "Let's do it."

Moon closed her eyes and aimed her open palms at the monster. "Sailor... Starlight..."

Mars and Mercury also closed their eyes, and energy started flowing between them and Moon. "Stream..."

"Barrage!" the three shouted in unison. The visual effect of the attack was amazing, a steady stream of fire, ice and pure magic energy rushing at the Shadow Youma. Raishiku tried to slap the attack away, but it blasted through his arm and his chest, vaporizing him in seconds.

"We did it..." Mars said, exhausted.

Beryl frowned and shot two energy beams, and Moon gasped as they passed by her side, then her eyes widened as she realized what the targets were. Turning around, she could see both Mars and Mercury lying on the ground. "No..."

"Damn it, I wanted to have fun with them myself," Jadeite muttered.

"Quiet. Now, Princess, you may wonder why I haven't killed you along with them," Beryl said. "Truth is, I'm impressed. Unlike your cowardly mother, you've come out here to face us, even though you knew it was hopeless. I may not share your ideals, but I still respect that."

Moon frowned. Good, let her rant, the more the dark Queen spoke, the more time she'd have to recover and attack.

"It's sad, however, that I'll have to kill you as well. But I'm giving you one last chance to fight. You and me, with no interferences from either sides. What's your answer?"

"Here's your answer!"

Beryl turned to the side and gasped as something slashed at her. She made a show of screaming in pain as her left arm fell off, but then the arm rejoined her body and she laughed. "Well, well, the handsome prince comes to save the lady in distress."

"I'm going to kill you and your underlings," Endymion said as he glared at her, sword ready to attack again. His suit was covered by cuts and blood, but most of said blood wasn't his.

Beryl laughed, a humorless, deep laugh. "You, a little human, defeating me? Funny, that's what your father said before I destroyed him." Endymion's glare deepened as he charged at the Queen once again. "Generals!" she shouted in a commanding tone.

The Generals all rushed forwards as one, each materializing an energy sword, and they all slashed at Endymion. The prince tried to fight back but the barrage of attacks was too much for him to take.

"Serenity, are you sure? We could help out there," Luna said looking up at her Queen.

Serenity shook her head. "My daughter and the other Senshi will need someone to guide them."

"What do you mean?"

"Luna, you were there when Pluto came to talk to me. You know what she saw."

"I'll do as you wish, my Queen. But are you sure these containers are safe?" Luna looked at the small metal containers where two other Mooncats were already sleeping.

"They've been used a few times in the past," Serenity said.

"Only for a few centuries at most. We're talking about thousands of years."

"I know," Serenity said with a sigh. "There's a chance the tubes' energy won't last long enough for you to be there."

Luna sighed. "So it's either die here, or die there." She looked up at the Queen again. "I'll do it. I've always been a lucky Mooncat. "

Serenity chuckled at that. "Okay then, walk inside and I'll do the rest."

Luna walked into the tube, and a blue glass slid over it's opening. "Goodbye, my Queen. It was a honor to serve you."

"Goodbye, Luna. Take care of my daughter."

"I will," Luna said. Serenity looked at the small keypad to the side of the tube and nodded, pressing a few buttons. When she was done, she backed away to look at the three Mooncats, now sleeping. "Luna, Artemis and Shade. It's a pity I couldn't bring any of the others here."

In that moment, a soldier walked into the room, kneeling before her. "Queen Serenity, I was sent here to give you this." He produced a silver-hilted sword and turned to leave. "There were too many of those creatures out there. There was nothing we could do to save him. "

Serenity looked at the sword in her hands and her eyes watered. The Moon Dragon Sword was a gift from her to her husband after they married, and she knew she wouldn't be holding it unless he was... Wiping away the few tears that had rolled down her cheeks, she held the sword in one hand and walked out of the room.

It had gone too far. Now, it was time to show Beryl what she could do when angered.

"This is definitely rotten," Orion muttered as he saw Endymion's body fall to the ground. Looking back to the city, he gasped as he saw Serenity walking out and straight into the horde of youma. The monsters charged at her, but her body lit up with energy, and a sphere-shaped wave shoot out from her, growing at an amazing rate, and destroying any youma it touched. It took only a few seconds. When the wave dimmed, there were no youma left in the northern side of the city.

"Moon Silver Crystal Wave!"

Orion turned to the Princess. He'd almost forgotten about her, but he could see she was faring way better than he'd expected. She'd shot a massive energy beam at the Generals, knocking them all to the ground. With a bit of luck, those bastards would be dead. However, the Princess kneeled on the ground, panting exhausted. Orion knew why, the Senshi could be powerful and resistant, but they were still humans, and after all the battling they'd gone through in the last hour, it was only natural the Princess was tired.

"So, is that all you've got?" Beryl teased her. Moon glared at her, then stood up, producing a sword identical to her mother's one. "Oh dear, the kid's got a sword. Be careful with that thing, you could poke someone's eyes off."

"That's the idea," Moon snapped and charged at Beryl.

Beryl didn't move. She didn't need to. The shadowy creature that followed her everywhere shot forwards, passing right through Moon's body. There was no visible damage, but the Princess' eyes... Orion shivered. Lifeless, glazed over. Whatever that shadow had done, the Princess was now gone. Sailor Moon kneeled, dropping her sword, then fell face-first to the ground.


Both the evil Queen and Orion turned to see Serenity walking towards her. She was giving Beryl a cold glare, and looked like she could level a city on a whim right now. "Oh look, the coward finally decided to come out and play. Generals, take care of her!"

Serenity laughed humorlessly as the Generals stood up and faced her. "My daughter was able to knock them out, and you expect them to defeat me? Not only are you evil, but also delusional."

"The only delusional one here is you, Senshi Queen," the shadow hissed.

"What are you anyways, monster?"

"My name is... Metallia."

Orion frowned. Metallia? He'd read about her, the legends forged around the First Senshi... But was that really Meth'Lya?

"You see, for eons I remained imprisoned in a strange world, thanks to the first Senshi Queen's meddling. I was still a Kh'Sun back then, but the world changed me. Gave me power. I was finally able to break out thanks to a power-thirsty human woman. As you see, our combined power is simply unstoppable."

"So you, one of the Kh'Sun, lowered to helping a human? What'd the rest of your race think?"

"The rest of my race is dead, and I don't even belong to it anymore. I don't want to kill all humans, just those that turned me into this. And you're the last one."

Serenity smirked. There was another one, but she was already in a place Metallia had no way to reach. After all, someone had to remain and watch over the planet while the rest of them awaited for the right time to be reborn. "You've killed my people, my allies, my friends... My family. If you think I'll just stand here and let you take over my planet, you're dead wrong."

Metallia hissed as Serenity's body lit up with energy. She could now see the Queen was holding a crystal in her free hand... A crystal she knew too well. "We have to destroy her, before she uses that."

Beryl nodded and shot a wave of dark energy at the Senshi Queen. Metallia added her own energy to the attack, but Serenity opened her eyes before it reached her. "Too late," She said as a wave of blinding light shot out from her sword and crystal, clashing with the dark wave.

Orion frowned. As a Demon Hunter, he'd been trained to detect magic, and use some basic spells. He could see the two waves clashing from where he was, but he also could feel something else. The mana ripple generated by the power battle was just... Impossible.

The battle itself lasted several minutes. Both Queens poured as much energy as they could into their spell, but even with Metallia's help, Beryl's wave kept on being forced back towards her. Orion could see the ground cracking with energy, the grass burning, the water of the lake boiling. Their battle was wrecking the Moon, and Orion idly pondered what it could be causing the other planets.

He heard Serenity curse, and saw her sword had shattered. Beryl smiled for a second, thinking she'd overpowered her, but then Serenity focused on her crystal, and the energy around her grew stronger. Orion could hardly see Serenity with that much light, but he could see Beryl and Metallia clearly. Beryl's face was a mixture of fear and disbelief, and Metallia's shadowy form was shimmering, as if something was banishing her.

Seconds later, both Beryl and Metallia vanished, along with the remaining youma and Generals. Serenity smiled for a few seconds, as her crystal's light grew weaker and weaker, then sat down on the ground.

"My Queen, no..." Orion whispered. Serenity turned to look at him, as if she'd heard him. Maybe she knew he was there from the start. The Queen's smile returned as she lied on the ground, then closed her eyes.

The Ginzuishou, the Silver Crystal, was now a dull grey color. Orion sighed, then noticed something else... The air felt lighter, and also colder. "What is going on..." He cursed as he tried to stand up and found out he was still unable to.

"Calm down, Orion."

Orion gasped at the voice, and turned to the side to see Serenity... Then he rose an eyebrow as he saw he could see the palace burning down through her. "Serenity?"

"Yes, it's me. At least the soul. I don't have much time left."

"What's happening?"

"Something I foresaw. With that much mana being poured out thanks to our fight, the Moon's balance is broken. Soon this world will be devoid of an atmosphere. The mana storm caused by our battle also hit the rest of the planets."

"What about the other planets?"

"The mana storm destroyed most computers and technologic devices in the solar system, and without them, there's only one planet that can still sustain life."

"The Earth... But then, everyone in the other planets..."

"They'll die in a few hours, days at most."

"Was there really nothing we could do to stop this?"

"Mankind is strong. We'll rise again and reach for the stars, and my daughter and the other Senshi will be there to see it."

"They'll be reborn?"

Serenity nodded. "That date is eons away."

"Too bad I won't be there to see it."

"You will. You and others like you. There's several souls I'm sending down to the Earth along with the Senshi. You will all be there to help them as well."

"But we won't remember this, will I?"

"Only if you want to," Serenity said.

"That's good. I won't remember how I failed tonight."

"Nobody failed. Beryl didn't win, that was all that mattered. Farewell, Orion."

Orion sighed. "Farewell, Queen Serenity." The spirit vanished, and the Hunter tried once again to stand up. This time, he was able to stand up and walk around. He walked to where the Senshi had fought Beryl, and gasped as he saw the corpses weren't there. Looking at the city in the distance, he frowned. He really didn't want to see what was left of the city.

Looking at what remained of the battle, he could see another Ginzuishou, still white unlike Serenity's one... It was the Princess' crystal! The seven cards that had been used to gather the Rainbow Youma were scattered around it. As he looked at them, he saw the Ginzuishou glow for a second, and the figures drawn on the cards vanished. Then, the crystal shattered in seven pieces, and flew up, towards the Earth.

"Guess that's Serenity's last magic trick," he said shaking his head. He couldn't think of why the Queen would have the seven youma trapped in the fragments of her daughter's crystal, but then again, there was nobody around he could ask for an answer.

He felt tired, but not because of the battle. So much for walking around, he thought as he sat down on a rock. By now, he was barely able to breath as the air was thin and the temperature matched that of the cold Earth winter. He knew he didn't have more than a couple minutes left before the Moon's atmosphere vanished completely.

"At least, I'll get a second chance, someday."

Pluto turned away from the magic screens she had been using to see the events taking place on the Moon's surface. She regretted the fact she'd been ordered to stay out of the battle, but Serenity was right. Someone had to stay and make sure there was a planet the Senshi could revive on.

The Senshi of Time wondered, however, if the visitor had been right. If she was who she'd said she was, then there was no reason to doubt her intentions.

All Pluto could do now was wait, and guard the Earth until the Senshi were reborn. "I just hope she was right, and Beryl's power is greatly weakened. Otherwise, the future is as doomed as the present was."

Waiting. That's something she could take, if the rewards were as good as she had told them.

A/N: Okay, I managed to put all the final battle into one single episode and not go insane writing it. In any case, I bet there's a lot of questions you may have from reading this, specially who "the visitor" was, but that is something for a future episode of this saga. What can I say, I just love to drag mysteries out.

So, this is the end of Cyber Moon: Genesis. I'll start writing (or for the most part, rewriting) Cyber Moon: Chronicles as soon as I can. Those who read the 'beta' version of it wil know what to expect, but there'll be new things as well.

For starters, what was episode 1 before may end up being episode 20 or so. I intend to give more insight on what was happening outside of Japan during the Dark Kingdom saga this time around.

Hope you enjoyed this arc of the story, and don't worry, Chronicles will be started soon.

Disclaimer: Sailor Moon is a creation of Naoko Takeuchi, and I thank her for creating such wonderful universe.
Cyber Moon: Genesis - Started September 1st, 2005. Completed December 17, 2005. - To Be Continued.