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It's been a long time, dearest readers! (And people who have never heard of me before in your lives! P ) Some of you will be sad to note that I have, indeed, abandoned my old MMZ fic, but on the other hand, I'm writing a new one! I can't quite call this a rewrite- the story's too different from the old. I just hope it's an improvement. ; I'll have more to say later, when I have a chapter to post and more things to explain, but for now, without further ado, I give you... drumroll a measilly, short prologue! 8D

"How? How could this've happened?! Fighting Fefnir ranted, his crimson eyes afire with frustration-induced rage. Frown lines creased his darkly tanned face, giving the bulky-armored Guardian a vague impression of age for just a moment, though technically, he could not age. He threw down the datapad in disgust, and it hit the table with a hard crack.

Sage Harpuia rolled his vivid green eyes. "Breaking things is not going to help," he pointed out dully, his voice calm and collected as always. He was not nearly as excitable as his red-armored comrade, though in truth he was as unsettled about the situation as was Fefnir. He pinched the bridge of his nose and let out a heavy sigh. "Somehow, this needs to be taken care of before the general public begins rioting."

"Well, easier said than done," Fairy Leviathan, her helmet off and her wavy white-blonde hair tumbling down her shoulders, put in bluntly, striding over to the datapad and picking it up to see if Fefnir had damaged it. Normally, she kept a fairly lighthearted attitude, occasionally bordering on flippant, but at the moment, all three Guardians of Neo Arcadia were feeling not only the effects of a near-pointless war, but this present disaster as well... She looked at the screen for a moment, blew out a frustrated breath, and set it back down. The look on her face said that indeed, Fefnir had broken the fragile piece of equipment in his ire. "...Anyway, knowing there's a killer-or killers- on the loose is one thing, but knowing who it is and how to stop them... Well, we're not psychic."

"I dunno about psychic, but you're psycho," Fefnir grunted, earning him a sharp look from Sage.

"Now's not the time for joking," the green-clad commander-in-chief of Neo Arcadia said flatly, crossing his arms with a sort of accustomed petulance. "The fact remains that someone-or possibly several someones- is out there brutally murdering humans, and we need to know who."

"The Resistance?" Leviathan offered.

"They wouldn' 'ave th' balls," Fefnir commented in response.

"They wouldn't have the stomach," Harpuia added. "The Reploid Resistance may be many things, but blood-thirsty has hardly been displayed as one of their traits."

Indeed, the reports rolling in weren't just of nice, clean, execution style murders, and there had been no traces of battle. These were brutal, cruel, torturous acts, like nothing that Harpuia or the other guardians had seen from the Resistance. It was random, violent, and appeared to be purely prejudicial- and it was very hard to keep quiet. Already, holovid news stations were making all sorts of extraordinary claims as to the nature of the attackers, and fear was starting to make the public irrational.

"Well, the only thing I can think to do is to put some of our men on it undercover," Leviathan sighed in defeat.

"Agreed- for now," Sage decided. "Perhaps we'll find a clue."

Fefnir frowned. "...I hate sittin' around and doin' nothin'."

"Me too, Fefnir," the green Guardian breathed. "Me, too."