Cyber Moon: Chronicles.

Act 20: Crystal Wars.

Episode 210: Crystal Rebirth.

By Razor Knight

Last update: November 3, 2008

Black Lady jumped away from Moon and flinched. For a moment, there had been six pairs of wings on her back, but now they were gone. The suit was much like all other Holy Senshi, only she had a tiara. A crystalline tiara, and the moon crescent could be seen glowing behind it. Still, her looks weren't going to scare her so easily. "End of the road? Hah, you wish!"

Moon glared at her. "You're not blind, you should be seeing my power."

"I am. But I'm not going to give up."

"That's too bad," Moon said. Black Lady rushed in and punched her straight in the face, but Moon didn't even move. "I'm serious, give up."

Black Lady clutched her hand. It had been like trying to punch a wall, and her hand was telling her it had been a very bad idea. "You bitch..."

"How juvenile, insulting me because you can't win. I think it's time to end this for good."

"Yes, it is," Black Lady said, then started laughing. "Dark Queen's Apocalypse!"

Moon could barely stay on her feet as a wave of black energy exploded from Black Lady's body. As the attack passed, she noticed it hadn't hurt her as much as she had expected. It was then that she noticed something about her own power: It was still growing, as if her crystal wanted to gather as much mana as possible. As the darkness faded and she looked around, however, she was shocked by what she saw... Or by what she didn't see. "No!" Tokyo was, to put it simply, nothing but charred remains of buildings and burnt-out, dead vegetation. This woman had killed millions of innocents in one shot. She just couldn't believe how sadistic and insane this creature was.

Black Lady looked around as well, and laughed. "See what pissing me off got you? There's no Tokyo anymore, Usagi. What else will you lose before you realize you can't win?"

Moon didn't answer with words. Instead, she phased right to where Black Lady was, delivering a jab to her nose that sent her spinning backwards. She phased again, this time under Black Lady, and kicked her up. A third, swift teleportation got her up in the air, exactly where Black Lady's forced flight's peak would be.

Black Lady remembered being hit by something, and then she was inside a small crater. "That hurt, you moon slut."

Moon smiled as she showed her a Ginzuishou. "I hope you don't mind me snatching this from you." It wasn't her own Ginzuishou, it was...

"Hey, give me that back!"

Moon frowned. "This doesn't belong to you. It belongs to my daughter."

"She's dead, moron."

"I know that," Moon said, then smiled coldly. "And I guess I should thank you for that."

"Thank me?" The villain was confused. Had Moon's mind cracked finally?

"Of course. Despite how painful it all was for me, now I see your attack was more of a blessing than a curse." Her suit changed in a second, becoming that of Queen Serenity. "Thanks to you, my true power has finally awakened."

"A pretty dress won't save you!" Black Lady snapped, summoning a black crystal blade and heading straight for the Queen. Serenity, however, didn't move, and simply chuckled as Black Lady bounced into an invisible forcefield. "Impossible."

"Haven't you heard?" Serenity said with a playful smile, "nothing's impossible for us Senshi."

"I'm tired of hearing that, actually," Black Lady snapped, "but... I won't give up. You'll have to kill me to stop my attacks!"

Serenity looked at her, with no emotion in her eyes. "No, I won't have to kill you. Killing you would be the easy way out for you."

Black Lady realized she couldn't move anymore. Serenity was holding her immobile! She tried to break through it with her powers, but they weren't responding. "What... What will you do with me?"

"Just be quiet for a while," Serenity said, "I've got some work to do before dealing with you."

Black Lady saw the scenery around her change. The charred remains of the city slowly transformed, becoming crystal-like buildings, and she could see crystal spires in the distance, and a large, familiar building in the distance. "Crystal Tokyo..."

Serenity looked around. The bodies of her friends were all around her now, and she smiled sadly. "If I was like you, I would be gloating about how absolute my power is, but... Instead of doing that, I will show you what it can do."

Black Lady saw the bodies shine with light for several seconds, and as they started to move, she realized she couldn't speak anymore. What was Serenity going to do with her? Why didn't she just kill her now? Was she going to kill her in front of all her friends?

"Welcome back, guys."

Mars was the first to find her voice, and kneeled on the ground. "Queen Serenity..."

"Please, guys," Serenity sighed as she saw many of her friends follow Mars' lead. "It's still me, Usagi."

"I don't get it," Saturn said, "how are we alive?"

"That's my fault, I guess," Serenity noted, then cringed. "But I'm not different than you, I cannot bring you back again."

Dragon Earth, or rather Endymion, walked to her. "You look stunning in that dress, Serenity."

"You don't look bad at all," Serenity admitted.

Pluto was still too busy looking around. "Crystal Tokyo is born. The future is steering to it's ideal again."

Dragon Mercury noticed something and frowned. "Hey, why is that bitch still alive?"

"Because I won't kill her," Serenity said, "but don't worry, she's harmless now."

"Then I could kill her for you," ChibiMoon said.

"No," Serenity said, "death wouldn't be enough punishment for her. I know just the way to punish her for her evil deeds."

"Then what..."

"Any last words?" Serenity asked Black Lady.

The villain felt her voice returning. "I will be back, and I will destroy you all!"

"No, you won't," Serenity said, giving Black Lady a meaningful stare.

"What... What have you done... No! You can't do this, you..."

Jupiter blinked as Black Lady vanished. "What happened to her?"

"I sent her back to the dimension where she was sent, to that planet which is full of the insects she's bullied into her slaves. They only feared her because of her power, but that won't be a problem anymore..."

"You took away her powers..." Mercury paled.

"Yes, but she's not going to die. I made sure of that."

"A destiny worse than death," Dragon Mercury said. "You scare me."

"Don't be scared, I wouldn't do that to anyone, but she went out of her way."

"Huh? What did she do?" Mars asked, "besides killing us, I mean."

"She destroyed Tokyo, all of it."

"So you..." Saturn blinked. "You didn't just rebuild the city, you revived everyone who had been killed by her?"


"And you're not tired in the least?" Lilith asked.

Mercury was scanning Serenity, and unconsciously took a step back. "That's... She's channeling so much power right now, I can't find a word to describe it."

Serenity looked in the direction of the Crystal Palace. "Shall we go to our new home?"

"Hey, isn't that thing's center..."

Serenity smiled. "The central tower is just where the Tokyo Tower used to be."

"So, how will we get there? Flying?"

"No," Serenity said, and then they were all gone.

They all appeared inside the throne room. "Wow, it's just as we remembered it..."

"Yeah, except the city out there isn't torn to pieces," Dragon Venus noted.

"So now what... You think other countries will accept this?" Dragon Mercury asked.

"I don't know," Serenity said, "I'll let Endymion take care of most politic issues. We will see, but note that any attack on this city by human weaponry will be useless."

Aiko appeared in there, with Hisako and Hikaru. "This is incredible... One moment we were blasted out by that darkness beam, then next I know I woke up somewhere in this place..."

"Welcome to Crystal Tokyo," Serenity mused.

"Serenity..." Aiko gasped.

"Please, not that again..."

Luna smiled. "You will have to get used to that, Queen Serenity."

"I guess I will have to... But please, guys, when we're in private, try to remember who I really am."

"We still do, Usagi," Mars admitted.

Jupiter summoned her comm and smiled. "Hi there, uncle Taichi."

Kino looked at Jupiter in shock. "Just what happened?"

Serenity smiled, and Kino's image appeared in a large monitor on the far wall of the room. "General Kino, I'll need some time to think of a way to address the citizens. But in case you can't tell, Crystal Tokyo has been born."

"So that explains the dress," Kino noted, then gave her an apologetic look. "I'm sorry, I don't really know how to call you now."

"Queen Serenity, that is my title," Serenity said.

"You did all this, right? The city, the resurrections..."


"It's good to see the Senshi are all still here to protect our world," Seia said from the side.

Dragon Mercury chuckled. "Well, you know us Senshi. Takes a lot more than killing us to kill us."

Mercury sighed. "Definitely, his sense of humor is hopeless."

"So, what about the civilians?"

Serenity took a moment to think about it then smiled. "I will address them all in two hours."

Serenity looked out from the balcony and sighed. It had been one month since what the citizens of Crystal Tokyo had called the Crystal Rebirth. One month since their lives had changed forever. Many of her friends were still in the city, but others had left.

Haruka and Michiru had been the first to abandon the city. They said they didn't want to sit still while there was still evil to fight outside the 'utopia.' Lilith and Dragon Sun had followed their lead, and said they would come back when they were bored of fighting.

ChibiMoon, or Princess Serenity as she was called nowadays, she knew the girl had been tempted to leave the city too. Why she had remained within the palace, she couldn't really tell. And she wouldn't ask, she knew her daughter would have her own reasons.

Every one of her friends, except for one, was happy about the change, one way or another. But she considered the one still unhappy one of her closest friends, and as such, Serenity had been looking for a way to grant her her wish.

And the crystal had already given her an answer. True, the artifact didn't really speak, but she could understand what it 'said' to her, not with her mind, but with her heart. Serenity had waited until today, though, because she knew it was a special date for her friend.

Rei looked at the small patch of forest. It was a nice touch, a nice change from the city's dull crystal landscape, but it was also something else. And she knew Serenity hadn't created that forest there for no reason: That was the place where Hikawa Shrine had once been.

Now here she was, with Hisako, in the anniversary of his death, standing in what had once been a temple, and she could still feel the throbbing ache in her heart as she thought about him.

Hisako smiled. "Despite what happened here... This place also brings good memories."

Rei couldn't help but smile at that. "Yes, that's true, I had a lot of good times here, this is the place where we first kissed, and..." Rei suddenly stopped. No, her mind was playing tricks on her, it couldn't be true.

"Mom, what's wrong?" Hisako asked. Her mother looked like she had seen a ghost.

Rei saw someone walking out of the forest and could feel tears forming in her eyes. Yes, it was him!

Hisako saw him a second after her mother, and smiled. "Dad?"

"Yes, it's me. You've grown up a lot, Hisa."

"Yuu!" Rei rushed to him and hugged him tightly, fearing he would vanish again. "But how can you be here, how can you..." She realized it all too fast and sighed. "Serenity."

Yuu nodded. "She spoke to me in my mind, explained it all to me before bringing me here. Rei, I'm sorry, I can't believe I missed all these years of your lives..."

Rei kissed him, and noticed Hisako was still just standing there, dumbfounded. "Hisa, it's really him."

"I know, but a part of me still can't believe this," she said, but then shrugged and hugged her father. "But I've missed you so much..."

Rei nodded. "We'll have to thank your aunt Usagi for that."

"So tell me, what are you two doing nowadays?"

"I'm the head of internal security," Rei said proudly.

"And I'm... A student, and a future Senshi, or so I hope," Hisako said with a giggle.

"Any jobs available at your office?" Yuu asked.

"We'll see what use we can give you," Rei said with a wink.

As the three walked away from the forest, a figure emerged from it. She was glad she could remain unseen and unsensed by anyone if she so wished, because, despite herself, she had been curious as to what Rei's reaction would be. This was the Rei she remembered, she could sense the happiness in her, slowly and relentlessly banishing the sadness from her heart.

Serenity smiled at the thought. She didn't need to hear their thanks, their happiness was a good enough reward for her. She looked up at the full moon shining down on the forest and couldn't help but feel a bit uneasy. She had talked to Pluto about this, and the future itself was still unstable. Things could drastically change in the next few years... Or the next few centuries.

But whatever happened, she knew her friends would be by her side to help her. Together, they would face any threat to their world, they would not let evil win.

"You know, you shouldn't be outside the palace this late at night."

Serenity turned around and saw the Princess standing there, smiling at her. "Chibi, don't surprise me like that."

"I didn't think I would. You seem to know where everyone is in this city."

"That may be true, but I wasn't paying attention to that one sense right now."

"So, think we'll see the same future we saw before?" the Princess asked. "The Black Moon, the Hunters..." She took a moment to think about that, "... And whatever happens next?"

"I don't know that yet, but I'm curious too. Fortunately, we still have a very long life to live before all that happens. If it happens."

"Yes. The future seems brighter to me now."

"You're right, for some reason, I think the future will be quite fun to live through."

And they would all see it togehter, Serenity thought, just as they were destined to.

A/N: Not really a happy ending, more of a happy 'to be continued,' but here you have it. Almost three years of planning and writing, over two hundred episodes, Cyber Moon: Chronicles is now over. Get ready for Cyber Moon: Crystal, the third and last part of this story, because I can tell you life in Crystal Tokyo will not be dull at all for the Senshi.

Cyber Moon: Chronicles - Started January 4, 2006. Completed November 3, 2008. - To be continued.