Secret Harmony


Author's note: Hi! Another story from me! Wow I have a lot! Anyway this story just came to me. If you like romance, drama, tragedies, um curses, and spells, or really everything this is the story to read! I hope you…


Summary: It is forbidden to lay eyes on the Prince of Darkness. It is especially forbidden for anyone to marry the Prince. Me, Princess Sakura, let people control my life. But when I come across the forbidden mystery, will a forbidden love form? Or will it all go down in flames?

I carefully sat down, making sure my too fluffy dress wouldn't be ruin.

"Princess, such happiness fills us for your presence." The overly-sweet duchess said with her overly-sweet voice.

"Why thank you, I am very happy to be here in your presence." I said putting on my best smile.

The duchess smiled then started to eat her meal.

I bent my head ready to pray, when I hear the duchess say, "Is the princess alright?" I smiled as the maids explained my behavior.

I ate little, not wanting to be scolded for my eating again. Thankfully it was time to go. The duchess said her good byes as did I.

Once we were home and in the safety of my own room, I screamed.

"I am so tired of it, Tomoyo!" I said frustrated.

My best friend, Tomoyo, sat on my bed. Her light black hair in a neat bun and her beautiful green gown layers on my bed.

"Oh, Sakura! Why don't you say something? Why don't you take fate into your own hands?" Tomoyo said gently. I shook my head. "No. For my people I have to be strong." I mumbled, wishing I didn't have to.

Tomoyo huffed. "No, I guess. Just try and take control." Tomoyo said with a sigh.

"I am so sorry to interrupt your highness, but you have an important meeting tomorrow early in the morning." A guard said as he opened my door. I nodded.

Tomoyo stood and nodded toward me. She left with the guard, named Eriol. I chuckled. Tomoyo and Eriol always liked each other.

I felt my cheeks burn. The air is humid and no cool breeze.

Maids came in and began to fill my bath. I waited longer than I was supposed to, so the water would turn cold. After my bath I dressed in my black plain gown and grabbed my dark blue cloak.

I waited until the whole castle was silent and sneaked to the library. There was Mrs. Lily, the sweet librarian. She spotted me and beckoned me to come.

"Sakura, I have a legend to tell you. Such a sad story, I must say." Mrs. Lily said gently.

I sat on the cold marble floor ready to listen.

"A few years back, a baby was born. Such a horrible disfigured baby it was. The parents were horrified. They asked themselves, 'How can us beautiful people produce such a horrifying baby?' It was simply horrible. Everyone and I mean everyone, shunned the poor child. They called him the monster from the under world or the devil himself! Such a poor baby! But your mother, oh bless her soul, said he was just mighty handsome! Everyone thought she was crazy. Remember when your mother died? Well she died 3 years later on the same day she gave the compliment. You know what happened? Everyone blamed the poor baby for it!" Mrs. Lily sighed as she took off her glasses and cleaned them on her skirt.

I couldn't contain myself any longer. "Did you blame the baby?" Mrs. Lily turned to me and smiled sadly. "Yes. But your mother was so special. Soon as time past I grew to not blame the poor baby."

I nodded. I wonder what the baby was like… It couldn't have been that long ago. I wonder if he's still alive…Maybe he was put under a curse! Or maybe…

"Earth to Sakura! Please pay attention." Mrs. Lily said taking me out of my thoughts.

I mumbled a small apology.

"Like I was saying, the father ended up dieing of a rare illness. Of course everyone blamed the little boy. The mother, such a beautiful lady, killed herself. This left the little boy all alone." Mrs. Lilly finished by shaking her head.

"Oh… Is he still alive?" I asked with excitement. "Yes, he is I suppose." Mrs. Lily said gently.

"Really?! Hm. How old is he?" I asked.

"I suppose about your age-" I cut Mrs. Lily off as I squealed with excitement.

"Really? Where is he?" I asked gleefully.

She shushed me then whispered, "He lives in a castle. I assume someone takes care of him," Then she whispered very quietly, so quietly I almost didn't hear her, "He is the Prince of Darkness."

My excitement vanished and was replaced with shock.

"The Prince of Darkness?!" I asked shocked.

I heard lots of nasty rumors about the Prince of Darkness.

I swallowed, trying to make the lump in my throat disappear.

"But don't worry; no one will ever go to his castle. There to afraid." Mrs. Lily fixed her dress then looked at me. "Except maybe, the guard, Eriol." Mrs. Lily whispered turning away from me. "Go child. Off to bed. Oh and before I forget, no coming here tomorrow. I have to pay off my depth to the cook." I nodded then stood clumsily.

"Good night." I called to her, who only nodded her head toward me.

I walked back to my room hoping I could figure out something to do for tomorrow night.

Suddenly I heard footsteps coming down the hallway. I quickly hid in the darkest corner, praying there weren't any spiders.

"Did you hear about the princess?" I heard a maid named, Chiharu, say gently. "No. What?" The maid Naoko whispered back. "The princess is getting married!" Chiharu whispered. "Wow. To whom?" "To the Prince of… um… I don't know. I think from some foreign country." She whispered as they walked past me to their destination.

I finally left the dark corner and retreated to my room to sleep.

So I'm marring a foreign prince? Well it's for the sake of my people. I must do what's right.

After I was comfortable I fell into a deep horrid sleep.

In my dream I was in a wedding dress walking down the aisle. I had a veil on so I couldn't see properly. When I reached the groom, he lifted off the veil. A horrifying disfigured face stared back at me with a crooked smile.

I did what any normal person would do, I screamed for my life.


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