Yep I'm making a new Eva fic. This one will have some action in it and couples are still undetermined. So, ummmmm...yeah. Just read!

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Chapter 1: When you thought it was over...

The last Angel had been killed. His head, now rotting at the bottom of the lake. The seventeenth angel's blood was on his hands. Kaworu Nagisa/Tabris, the only one who ever showed him real love, compassion or care. He had been one of the enemy, what choice did he have? His job was to eliminate the Angels, and he was one. It didn't matter that killing the him felt like killing his own mother, it had to be done. Just like how it doesn't matter how cute a rabbit is, with it's long ears, glossy eyes, furry little body and twitching nose. None of those things would protect it from the hunting coyote. Things that must die in order for others to stay alive must be killed, right?

Right. That's the law that this world revolves around. Kill or be killed. A dog eat dog world. A world where endless fields of pain and suffering existed. That was the world that Shinji Ikari existed in. A world where either you're the rabbit or the coyote. None could be both. One must choose their own path to walk. Though both path end in the same result: blood. At the end of both paths, there is only blood. And whether it is your own blood or the blood of another, is based entirely on the path you choose to walk.

Shinji Ikari walked the path of the coyote. The blood of the seventeenth angel was at the end of his path. All of them had been destroyed. All had been killed. All had been...exterminated. " If someone attacks you, you have to do something!" The words of the Second Child rang throughout his head. Yes, if one is attacked the attacked must become the attacker. 'Every action has an equal reaction'. Newton's Third Law. It has reigned true for almost 100 years or more. How long can something continue to be right before it is challenged and defeated? Is there a reason that fighting must be a human's most basic instinct? Was the Third Child at fault for looking for a reason to fight?

Where exactly did the Angels come from. All the books and history text say they came from Heaven, Grace, The Holy Land. Whatever you want to call it. They are meant as messengers from God, the one who all those who believe in the Bible say is the 'merciful' one. 'The Protector' some have been known to call him. So why? Why does he send his messengers to destroy his children? Was it because of what we have done to the planet? Was it because we have remained ignorant to his teachings for decades now? Or was it because mankind had transformed itself into the 11th sin?

If so, why does the sun continue to rise for us? God is sending his messengers to eliminate us. Why does he need to continue to provide us with heat and light? Could it be that he truly is the 'merciful' one? Why did he put us on his planet? To just exterminate us. Something is coming. When he sent his messengers to earth to eliminate the plague known as 'man', he did not count on man having creating yet another weapon. One that could fight against those that descend from grace. This weapon, more destructive than any nuclear weapon. More powerful than the weapon that brought America to power, the Atomic Bomb. This weapon, known as...Eva.

End of Chapter 1

I've got to be honest with you. This was just me, typing and not even knowing what the hell it was that was on the screen. Yeah it's all questions, so was the show. So R&R. PLEASE R&R! This one I'm actually putting some effort into. And I know it's short, but it's just the opening for what's to come. So, just be patient.