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Chapter 1: Where Intros Are Made

Andrea Wisdoly sat with her brother, Helios, at the table in her room and played virtual battle card games. Andrea was your average raven-haired, golden-eyed, 250 IQ adolescent girl, and Helios was your average blond, dragon-eyed, 250 IQ elder brother, and they were bored out of their mind. 'How could someone who lives in a town full of super geniuses get so bored?' she telepathically asked her brother. 'Speak for yourself! At least you get to test the machine.' He retorted. Her parents had decided that she needed a break form the melancholy life of Dresitna, the town she lived in. But even so, the town believed that younger children should be kept away from the research lab, even though it was her parents who were working on the machine that she is supposed to be testing. That was why she was forced to wait for her parents' say-so before she even got to see it. Just as she thought this, though, her parents walked into the room.

To anyone who didn't know them, Laura and Kyle Wisdoly would look like an average married couple, but they were far from that. Andrea's parents were the world's top quantum physicists, and they were in charge of making the MDPI, or the Multi-Dimensional Passage Inducer, which is the very machine that Andrea has to test.

"We have a surprise for you two!" exclaimed her mother happily. Andrea rolled her eyes. How could her mother think that she didn't know about the MDPI? Andrea had been born with exceptional eavesdropping skills, which can come in handy when you live in a top secret scientific facility.

"We finish the MDPI! That is..."

"Laura, they already know."

Andrea scowled. If she had been born with good eavesdropping skills, then her father had been born with the ability to know exactly what his daughter was doing all the time.

"What?" Laura asked her husband, genuinely surprised, "How could they possibly know about the MDPI?"

"She, and her brother, were listening to us at the opening conference." Kyle replied, turning to his daughter, "Isn't that right, Andrea?"



"Okay so maybe we were. So? The point is that it's done and I get to test it! How does it work?" Andrea asked her father.

"Well, it uses the basics of quantum physics to…"

"Skip the science and get to the point."

"Well, basically the MDPI creates a passage between the real world and any fictional universe. Although, the MDPI is in the early stages of development so only digital universes will go through the mainframe…"

"What the heck does that mean?"

"It means" Kyle said exasperatedly, "that the MDPI will only transfer you into video games."

"Really? That's great! When do I get to try it out?" Andrea asked excitedly.

"Right now."



"Sooooooooo, what exactly do I have to do?" asked Andrea, looking apprehensively at the gigantic helmet that her father was trying to hand her.

"All you have to do is to think of entering the video game, and only entering the video game. We are the ones who will supervise the transition. What game did you give us anyway?"

"Kingdom Hearts, of course! She only plays it 24/7, Dad. How could you possibly not guess that?" asked Helios from across the room.

"It's true," agreed S.A.R.A.H., the Wisdoly's Smart House. "She does play video games quite a lot."

"Shut up, S.A.R.A.H." said Andrea venomously.

"Why?" S.A.R.A.H. asked innocently.

"Because you're not being helpful." Andrea answered simply.

Andrea took the helmet from her father and sat in the chair next to the giant whirring machine.

"Wait," she said suddenly. "Do I get to choose how I look in the game?"

"Why does that matter?"

"It just does."

"Not really. You subconscious mind will supply you with the attire that fits your personality the most."

"What about attacks?"

"Same as clothes. Are you ready yet?"

"I've been ready for the past three months." Andrea snapped. "Start it up!"

Andrea laid back and closed her eyes, concentrating will all her heart and mind to enter Kingdom Hearts. Within minutes, Andrea felt a strange sensation, like she was floating away from her body. Static crackled in her ears, and she felt like if the sensation didn't stop soon, she might be electrocuted. As suddenly as the it came, the feeling went away, leaving Andrea feeling slightly flat and hearing the sound of a busy town around her, she thought, 'It must have worked!' She opened her eyes.

She was standing on top of the hotel in the 2nd district. 'I must be in Traverse Town! I wonder where Sora and Co. are…' And as if to answer her question, she heard a yell that she recognized as that short-tempered duck, Donald's. She made toward the sounds… and found that she was floating in midair.

"SWEET!" she yelled, falling to the ground and forgetting where she was, "TAKE THAT, HELIOS!"

"Who is Helios and who the heck are you?" inquired a voice from behind Andrea.

Andrea gasped, and whirled around to face Sora, Goofy, and Donald.

"Ummmmmmm, well, I'm Andrea." she managed to say, "And although it's none of your business, Helios is my brother. But that's not important right now. Right now, you need to go up to the bell tower and beat the crap out of the Guard Armor and seal the Keyhole."

"How do you know about that?" asked Goofy.

'Oops, I don't think I was supposed to tell them.' Andrea thought nervously.

'No, you weren't.'

'What?' asked Andrea inside her head, "Helios, is that you?'

'No, you're talking to your head.' said her smart aleck brother, 'Of course it's me!'

'I'm not even going to question how I can talk to you even though I'm inside a video game,' Andrea thought, annoyed 'but I do have one question.'


'Can I come out?'

'Out of what?'

'The game.'

'Do you want to?'

'No, just curious.'

'I don't think so…'

'What makes you say that?'

'Because Mom and Dad are trying right now, and they aren't succeeding, now are they?

'Good. Now how do I cover up my little slip with these morons?'

'Oh well, might as well tell them the truth.'

"Because that's how the game goes." she told the very confused trio.

"What game?" asked Donald irritably.

Andrea sighed, and said, "Let me try to explain…"

(2 hours later)

"And so now I am inside the game, and according to my brother, I can't get out until we win."

"Okaaaaaaaaaay…" said Sora, who had stopped understanding after the word 'explain'.

"Right." said Andrea brightly, "Now that that's settled, let's go seal that Keyhole!"


"Where did he get an upgrade?" Sora asked Andrea as they neared the bell tower.

"How the heck would I know?" answered Andrea, who was seriously irritated by Sora's never ending stream of questions, "Can we go beat him already?"

"What exactly are you going to do to help?" asked Donald.

"Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…" Andrea said as she realized that she didn't know what her attack was.

'Helios, what do I do?'

'Look at your arm.'

"Huh?" Andrea said, looking down.

Strapped to her arm was a strange looking metal device with a small screen pad ending at her wrist. It looked like her virtual battle card dealer. Andrea touched the screen and found, to her astonishment, that it indeed was her virtual battle card dealer, and it was decked with all her Kingdom Hearts battle cards.

"Okay, let's try that out!

She stacked up three Fire cards and aimed her arm at the approaching Guard Armor. She shouted, "Firaga!"

A huge ball of flame flew out of her hand and slammed head on into the Giant Heartless.

"Whoa!" Andrea said, surprised but pleased, "This game just gets better and better!"

With Andrea's new powers at hand, it only took them a few minutes to dispatch the big annoying Heartless. Sora then sealed the keyhole while Andrea conveniently zoned out. After that ordeal was done, they went back to the first district, where Andrea was unsurprised to find…


(And then there was that whole thing with the face stretching and blah blah blah… I'll just skip to the important part, shall I?)

"Why don't you come with us, Riku?" asked Sora, "We could really use your help."

"Yeah, come with us, Riku!" Andrea exclaimed, giving Donald a look that plainly said 'go-along-with-it-or-I'll-do-something-very-unpleasant'.

"Uh, sure." said Donald, getting Andrea's message loud and clear. "The more the merrier!"

"Okay." said Riku, "I'll come."

"GREAT!" exclaimed Sora happily, "This is Donald, and Goofy, and Andrea."

"And I'm Riku."

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------"Soooo, you're from another dimension?" Riku asked Andrea.

"Yes." said Andrea as she inspected her room on the Gummi ship.


"Wait, you're not going to ask me a never-ending stream of questions like Mr. WayTooMuchHairgel over there?"



"Ouch." Riku said, putting his hand over his ear, "Do you have to be so loud?"


"Oh, great."

Andrea giggled.

"So, what do you do in your world?" Riku asked, sitting on Andrea's bed.

"Well," Andrea sat down on the bed next to Riku, "I live in a pretty small town. My parents are quantum physicists, but I never like physics. I wanna be a singer, but my parents won't even listen to me if I talk about it."


There was a silence which was broken by a high annoying BEEEEP!

"Oh, God, what now?" Andrea said, exasperated.

She pulled out her card dealer thingy and placed it on the table. Instantly, a six inch hologram of a teenage boy who looked distinctly like Andrea appeared above the screen.

"What is that?"

"Nothing." Andrea said, "It's just my brother."

"I thought you said your brother was back on your world."

"He is, but we can communicate through this thing."

"Oh." Riku said, not comprehending.

"Now you listen here, buddy," the image said menacingly, "if you do you not get away from my sister and let her sleep right now I am going to tear your spleen out through your throat."

"Helios!" Andrea shouted at the image, enraged.

"You know what?" Riku said, looking at a clock, "he's right. You should get some sleep." He walked over to the door. "Goodnight, Andrea."

"Goodnight, Riku." Andrea responded glumly.

Once he left, Andrea whipped around and shouted at her brother, "LOOK WHAT YOU DID!"

"Just giving him a friendly warning."


"Stop yelling. You're giving me a headache."

"You know," Andrea said after she got her emotions under control, "this is exactly the reason why I don't have a boyfriend. Every time I get even remotely friendly with any guy, you come and scare him off!"


"No!" she shouted at her brother, "I won't let you run my life, Helios! Why can't you trust my judgment, just this once?"



"You win. I will not make any more death threats to Riku."

"Who said this was about Riku?"

"Sis, I'm in your head. I know."

Andrea sighed. "All right, maybe I do like Riku."

"Thought so. Now go to sleep or I will start making death threats to you!

"I will in a minute."

"You'd better." He said just before he hung up.

Andrea smiled to herself and sat on the edge of her bed and started to sing.

Can I get a witness to how I feel

Someone to confess what I feel is real

Gonna need help to win his heart

Can I get a witness to let him know

Someone to confess I want him so

Please say you'll give my love a try

Can I get a witness

All I do is dream about him

My friends tell me

Girl you need to play it cool

You've got to let him come to you

I can't deny it, can't get him off of my mind

Everywhere I go I see his image all the time

Can I get a witness to how I feel

Someone to confess what I feel is real

Gonna need help to win his heart

Can I get a witness to let him know

Someone to confess I want him so

Please say you'll give my love a try

Can I get a witness

Can I, can I, can I get a get a, can I get a witness

People say I'm going through a phase,

just give it time

It will fade away

But they don't know what this love's about

You see I've searched my soul

And it all leads straight to you

Show me you understand and

make this dream come true baby

Can I get a witness to how I feel

Someone to confess what I feel is real

Gonna need help to win his heart

Can I get a witness to let him know

Someone to confess I want him so

Please say you'll give my love a try

Can I get a witness

I'm lost inside of you

Can't help what I go through

I'm willing to give my heart and soul to you

Tell me you feel this way tonight and every day

You are the very best part of me baby

Can I get a witness to how I feel

Someone to confess what I feel is real

Gonna need help to win his heart

Can I get a witness to let him know

Someone to confess I want him so

Please say you'll give my love a try

Can I get a witness

Can I get a witness to how I feel

Someone to confess what I feel is real

Gonna need help to win his heart

Can I get a witness to let him know

Someone to confess I want him so

Please say you'll give my love a try

Can I get a witness

(Just for the record I don't own this song; it is called 'Can I Get A Witness' by I5)

After she finished singing, Andrea felt a lot better, almost hopeful. 'Yes,' she thought to herself, 'that's what I am. I'm hopeful.'

And with that last thought, she climbed into her bed and fell asleep, without even noticing that Riku had never left the hallway outside her door.



"Oh no." Andrea thought, "Not cheerful morning people!"

"Yes, I am a cheerful morning person and you need to wake up!"

"Go away." she mumbled into her pillow.

"I will not go away, and if you do not get up, I will have to make you!"

Andrea responded with something very rude but thankfully incoherent.

"Fine you asked for it."

Sora tried to get Andrea out of bed by using a Blizzard spell, only now he had a very wide awake Andrea, and he also had a very pissed off Andrea.


"I warned you." Riku said from behind Sora.


"No, I enjoy watching you suffer."

"Aw, crap."

(Several Potions and a tranquilizer dart later)

"Please let me out!"

"No." said Riku from behind the door, "Not until you promise not to do that to Sora again."

"But he's a twerp!"

"I know he's a twerp, but we need him to save the world."

"Says who?"

"You did."

"He's a moron. I could so do it without him."

"And that is exactly the reason why you are staying in there."



Andrea pleaded with Riku some more, but only managed to make him leave.




More silence.


Andrea stomped over to her bed and sat down in a huff. Now she was all alone and there was nothing to do until Riku decided to let her out.

Wait a minute…there was something that she could do…something that not only amused her in several ways, but also gave her the chance to eavesdrop on the rest of the gang. She grabbed her card dealer and shuffled through her cards until she found her Ghost card. Unfortunately, it was a time release card which meant that she would only be ghost-like for twenty minutes. 'Oh, well' she thought, 'it's better than sitting in here.' She uploaded the card and immediately became see-through. She passed through the door of her room and walked down the hall, heading for Sora and Riku's voices. It sounded like they were having an argument…again.

"You do!"

"I don't!"

"You do!"

"I don't!"

"You do!"

"I don't!"

"You do!"

(It seems like they can do this forever, but I am going to use my omnipresent authoress skills to get to the point)

"I don't!"

"You do!"


'Huh?' Andrea thought, going into a state of deep depression, "He doesn't like me?"

"If you don't like her," Sora asked, with the air of someone about to drop a very large bombshell, "why were you hanging outside her door the other night, listening to her sing?"

Both Andrea and Riku flushed crimson.

"How the hell do you know about that?" Riku asked Sora, looking like he might let loose the spawn of Satan upon him.

"I saw you outside her door!" Sora exclaimed, "Now admit it! You like her!"



All of them froze as they heard Andrea's voice, and they were even more worried when they heard her burst into tears and run to her room.

'Oh, crap.' Riku thought, the color draining from his face, "She's never gonna forgive me for this.


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