An Angel's Wings

New ToS story! Woot! This idea has been festering in my head forever! This is a Kranna story. (It's my favorite pairing.) It's the story of Kratos and Anna, and eventually Lloyd.

So enjoy!

Disclaimer-Tales of Symphonia and its characters do not belong to me. Nope.


Chapter One- The Hands of Fate

Anna sighed, washing her face in the cool running stream in front of her. She had just finished shopping for food for her and her parents. She had taken a break, because the market in Luin was a mile away from where she and her family were staying for a bit while their house was being built.

Walking home, she saw a tent. It looked very interesting, colored red, black, and purple. She walked up to it, and saw a hanging sign, reading 'Fortune Teller'. This interested Anna greatly. She lifted up the tent flap and entered. She set down her basket of groceries and went up to the crone sitting at a single table in the center of the room.

"Excuse me…are you the fortune teller?" Anna received no answer, so she decided to leave. "Well, I'll just be-"

"Yes," the crone spoke, her voice scratchy with age. "I am. Sit down."

"Erm, okay…" Anna sat down hesitantly in the seat across from the fortune teller.

"You are the fifth person to come to me today," the old woman gave a cackle.

"Uh, I would like my fortune to be told," Anna was slightly frightened by the hag, but stayed out of pure curiosity.

The fortune teller took on a sweet tone, "I know dearie; just wait. It'll come eventually." Then, the old woman seemed to go into a trance. Her wrinkly skin turned pale, and her eyes clouded up.

Anna backed up, scared at the transformation.

The hag finally spoke,

"When love beckons you, follow him,

Though his ways are hard and steep,

And when his wings enfold you,

Yield to him,

Though the sword hidden among his pinions may wound you."

This was utterly confusing to Anna. Wings? Sword? She clutched her head.

The woman seemed to come back to reality, "Ah, I see wonderful thing in your future. But beware, unfortunate things may happen. I will not charge you…go home, and be careful."

Anna quickly ran off, grabbing her basket. She heard the old fortune teller shouting a warning at her, but she didn't listen. The unfortunate things part made her shiver. She ran all the way home without stopping.


Kratos stormed out of the meeting room. Mithos had gone too far this time. Yuan was still in the room, surprised at Kratos' sudden outburst. Mithos was just so frustrating. Kratos sped to his room and gathered his belongings.

"Come on Noishe! We are leaving!" Kratos beckoned to the protozoan who was a bit startled at being woken up, but glad to get out for a while.

He had just made it to the warp portal when he saw Angel Archers, sent by Mithos, chasing after him.

Kratos cursed under his breath. He hurriedly teleported to the corresponding portal on the Sylvarant side, with Noishe standing right beside him to him.

Rushing through the tower, Kratos took out his cerulean wings which fluttered behind him calmly. Bursting out the tower, Kratos took flight.

"Follow me on the ground, Noishe!" he commanded to his pet, who barked to show he understood.

Kratos raced through the clear blue skies dodging all the arrows that were shot at him. Swerving and maneuvering trough the air, he kept a wary eye on Noishe. That's when he saw her, a girl sitting on a stump in a clearing in a forest. She was watching a nearby stream as it flowed past.

Kratos' angelic hearing caught the girl humming a tune all too familiar to him. He played the lyrics in his head, which were of the angelic tongue.

Kratos could not take his eyes off of her. On his face was a look of pure disbelief. Were his ears deceiving him?

Suddenly, Kratos felt a sharp pain in his shoulder. While he was looking at that girl, an angel had fired and hit! Barley, though. It had only grazed his shoulder. He could still feel the blood flowing onto his back and chest.


Before Kratos could do anything, though, he was hit again, right on his back. Pain surged through his body as he fell and a rapid speed towards the forest. His wings quickly drew into his back and disappeared. Kratos fell unconscious before impact to the ground. Noishe, who had seen his master fall, ran to his aid.

Then, a figure emerged from the trees close to the stream next to which Kratos had fallen.


It was five days after Anna had received her fortune, and nothing considerably noticeable actually happened to her. Well, that was until today.

She was back at the stream, content with watching it flow past for hours.

Anna started to hum a tune, not bored, but in a musical mood. The sounds just came out of her mouth by their own accord. It was a lullaby her grandmother used to sing to her. She could never remember the words, because they were, as her grandmother had said, in the sacred language of the angels.

She had just begun to re-hum the melody when she heard violent rustling followed by a heavy thump. Anna gasped. Whatever had fallen was big. It was probably a bit larger than her.

Anna ran to where she predicted the fallen object would be and was astonished at the sight. She gasped aloud. In front of her was a large green and silver dog with enormous ears. But what was behind it was what scared Anna the most. There was a man dressed in purple with auburn hair and a sword by his side. He was soaked with blood and unconscious. He had an arrow embedded in his back.

Anna felt sick to her stomach. She had never seen…so much blood! She staggered backward, and puked.


Well, chapter one of my newest fanfiction! Did you like it? If do, pray that I will update. I am a procrastinator…grrrr.