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Prologue: After the birth, the mysterious green woman lapsed back into unconsciousness while Sister Midwife checked the babies for any problems. They were both healthy, it seemed. Except... neither of them cried, and the girl was green like her mother, though a paler shade. More jade than emerald, the maunt mused. She cleaned the children up and then carried them to the nursery. The maunts named the boy Liir and the girl Ellia. The twins seemed closely connected right from the start. When one baby cried, the best way to soothe the child would be to put the siblings together. As they moved from infancy to toddlerhood, this only grew more pronounced, with Ellia usually taking the lead for them both.

The maunts did their best to keep Ellie, as they called the girl, away from her mother. The only time Sister Saint Aelphaba set eyes on her green child, she collapsed in a two-day relapse of her coma. So they kept Ellie away while encouraging the green maunt to care for Liir. If she accepted her son, they hoped, one day she would accept her daughter as well.

But that all changed when the twins were six years old. They had been moved to the outpost mauntery outside the city - they had been afraid to separate the twins four years earlier, when the move had taken place - and now a group from that mauntery was leaving Oz altogether to start a new mauntery in Fliaan. One of the maunts going, Sister Jennet (she had kept her own name), was Ellie's caretaker. The maunts decided that Sister Saint Aelphaba wasn't likely to accept either child at this point, but that if Ellie and Liir were split up, the boy might have a chance with his mother. So they agreed to let Sister Jennet take the girl with her.

Liir and Ellia grew up separately, one in Fliaan, and one in the Vinkus, for he left with their mother for that region about a year after Ellie had gone. Neither of them clearly remembered the other, most likely because they had blocked the memories. But the effects of their interrupted relationship showed. Liir never seemed to know how to assert himself, because he'd never had to learn. Ellie found herself needing someone to watch out for, to defend, and had no one.

The fourteenth year was important for both of them. Liir's life was changed by the supposed death of Elphaba - he'd never seen her body himself, so he had no proof he could see as concrete. Still, he was sure she was gone. And Ellia... Ellia left the mauntery at last, for Colarin Academy. She was a scholarship girl there, and she planned to study magic. And that is where this story really begins, with Colarin Academy...

A/N: If anyone is wondering why I talk about Elphaba's death the way I did... it's an AU. That is my final word. Also, I apologize for this intro. I know it's dull, but I just wanted to give everyone the necessary background information. R&R!