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"B-but master! I-I'm not ready!"

"Did I ask if you were ready or not?"

"N-no… BUT STILL! I'm not ready to drink blood on my own!"

Alucard and Seras have been having this argument more and more lately after Sir Integra had almost died from the attack.

"SERAS VICTORIA!" Sir Integra had chosen to walk in when Alucard and Seras were at each others throats about the blood.

Seras winced when she heard her master's master, she slowly turned around to face the head of the Hellsing organization, after giving a quick salute "Yes Sir Integra!"

"Are you still refusing to drink the blood that is supplied to you?"

"Yes Sir, I'm just not ready for it."

"Ok I'll tell you what, I'll make you a deal, if you drink all of the blood then Alucard has to kiss the person who he truly loves or very deeply cares for."

After hearing this Seras' jaw dropped to the floor in shock where as Alucard, having faced many different things during his extremely long life, merely raised an eyebrow.

"Wha… Can you really do something like that?!"

"Of course I can I am his master."

"Ok, lets see how this turns out" I hope you choose me master and not her

When all was said and done, Alucard took a seat thinking that this was going to take a while and propped his feet up to watch the show.

Once Alucard had taken a seat, Seras reached for the blood bag sitting on ice. After she ripped the top off of the bag, with slight fear in her eyes and a quick deep nervous gulp, Seras put the bag to her mouth and gulped the entire bag in one fellow swoop.

While Seras had been drinking the blood, Walter walked in "Good evening Sir Integra, Master Alucard and Ms. Victoria, I have brought your evening tea and blood bags."

"Bleah!! Alright I drank it. Now master, which one of us is it?"

A deal is a deal… even if I didn't make it myself

With that one thought passing quickly through his head, Alucard gracefully got up from his chair and made his way toward Seras. As he drew nearer to her, a smile began to break across her face while a sour look quickly materialized on Sir Integra's.

"Police girl… You missed a spot police girl" Alucard said as he reached to swipe away a drop of blood on her chin and then began walking toward Integra.

After he had done that shock now masked Seras' face as Alucard walked toward Integra and after her smile began to glow on her face, he got close enough that their lips brushed "Nope"

After that one word he disappeared for a minute before reappearing in front of Walter.

The only thing Walter had was a look of confusion across his face from walking into the middle of something else he didn't think he'd like being apart of.

Alucard didn't say one word before sealing the deal with the two confused women and picking someone he deeply cared for.

After the kiss and Walter had regained a steady train of thought all he could say was

"Did I miss something?"


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