Title: Raining Night

Pairing: Light x L

Author: Denite

Disclaimer: Death Note belongs to someone else

Da da da …

Da da da …

What is that sound? It seems so familiar to me. I guess that means I can find the answer in my head.



The "da …….." sound had been replaced by the "shhhhhhhhhh" sound. This is …. the sound of rain. Oh, I guess it is raining outside or maybe I am dreaming again and in my dream it is raining. It is raining because I miss him.

It is getting louder and louder, so loud that I was forced to open my eyes. Somehow I am staring at the white ceiling, being surrounded by darkness and listening to the rain drops outside. Oh, so I guess it really is raining and I am not just imaging it. From the sound of the rain, I had convinced myself that I am awake once again.

Forcing myself up, I open the window … the rush of cold air seemed so refreshing, something that I haven't felt in a long time.

A raining night, everything seemed so new and different. The air is cleaner, the weather is cooler and I immediately thought of him, L. I remembered all the time that I spend with him. The first time I saw him in the testing center, the time we shared the stage, the tennis match, …….. all the images are flashing in front of me. It had become a habit of mine. If I am awake during a raining night, I will immediately think of L. I never realized how much I miss him till he was gone from my life ….gone forever. I wish I can see him again, my L.

I felt so lifeless and I really don't want to move, but the rain drops continue to move me. Almost like it is entering me … going through my soul and into my cold heart. This feeling, so new, so strange, something that I never felt before and from the first time I noticed this feeling in me I know I was done for because no matter how hard I try it just won't go away.

I look out the window again and I know that the rain won't stop anytime soon. I guess I am destined for another date with L in my dream. I wonder if he realized that every time it rain I would automatically think of him because I love him. I never had the chance to say, it but I really do love L.

Raining nights always remind me of rebirth and naturally I thought of L. So if I love L so much why did I kill him?

Because I am Kira.