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Chapter 1: A new rival appears

"Chiharu wait up!" Kyo said catching up with a brown-haired guy wearing a sports jacket. When she caught up to him she was taking deep breaths.

"Wow this must be some sort of miracle for you, getting here early and do you have to call me that?" Chiharu said blushing a little while looking around to see if anybody heard that.

Kyo stood up straight with a smile on her face ignoring what he said first knowing it was a cover for calling him by his first name, "Well we are boyfriend and girlfriend so why wouldn't I?" Chiharu's frown came into its usual place as he starred at Kyo. She had her amber long coat on with her white scarf covering her thin small neck. Sometimes he couldn't help starring at it; but since it was covered by the scarf he wasn't distracted as much.

"So why don't you have practice this morning?" Kyo asked putting aside the unanswered question.

"Oh we have practice after school now. The coach thought it was a good idea since most of the guys were half asleep during morning practice." They had presumed their walk and were now just a block away from their school entrance.

Kyo sighed nostalgically, "Dorm life was the life! I still wish I lived there." Chiharu glanced at her, she had a dreamy look on her face, "Part of the reason wouldn't be living with me would it?" Kyo smirked. "That would be the main reason." They both stopped and looked at each other. The more Chiharu looked into her chocolate eyes the more he started to turn red. "Just shut up shorty." He turned away and started walking to the gate. No sooner did he hear Kyo laughing behind him that he turned back around annoyed.

"Ha ha ha ha ha!!! Can't! Stop! It!" she was soon bending over holding her stomach. Although she immediately stopped when she felt a deadly shadow cover her and soon found herself face to face with an angry Chiharu. "I said shut up and what in the hell is so funny?!"

She grinned and gave him a quick peck on the mouth. "Your face is what was funny. Come on we're going to be late." She walked past him with all smiles. Chiharu was still frozen in his place before he slowly turned back around and continued his path to the school gate blushing.



"Wait hold on-waa!!" CRASH! Once again Akari had attacked Kyo with one of her death hugs, more like tackles. "Jeez Akari, can you warn me before you tackle me to the ground?"

"Tee hee. But you're one of my close friends Kyo! Here sorry, I'll try hard to not tackle you next time." Akari held out her hand to help her up, but before she could a pair of big hands grabbed her from under her shoulders and lifted her up. "Kensuke don't do that! You scared me!" Kyo said dusting off her skirt.

"Why? I'd give any chance to help a cute girl like you Kyo." Kyo quickly blushed and Akari gave a little "oh" of surprise. "HEY! Yura what did I tell you about flirting with Aizawa?!" It was Chiharu.

"Relax Chiharu I already know that you own her." Kensuke smirked when he saw Chiharu turn into a tomato. "Ha ha! Like I said relax." he walked over to their table and sat next to Imai.

"Yeah Eniwa you should relax, it's not like he's out to get Kyo. I mean you guys make a cute couple!" Akari said walking away also and sat next to Kensuke.

The couple were silent both sinking in the comment Akari said. "Hm, funny what Yura said. Don't you think?" Kyo said. Chiharu looked away, "Come on, we should eat before lunch is over." He walked to where everybody was sitting and Kyo followed with a knowing grin on her face.

"Hey did you guys here? There's a rumor going on that there is a new school. And they say that they have a killer team." Hamaya announced to everybody. "Oh yeah I heard that their team captain is named Takeshi." added Yura.

"Takeshi Tenjo? The Takeshi Tenjo?" Imai asked, "Wasn't he from Okinawa? I read about him in Basketball Soul Monthly; it said that he has won three championships. What's he doing here?" Hamaya shrugged, "How should I know, but I think we got a new team in the league. Some of the guys saw them practice, they say that Takeshi makes whatever basket, doesn't matter how far or from where he shoots!"

"Calm down Hamaya, whoever this guy is he's no match for our team." Kyo said

"Well we'll see when we play them. Never underestimate a team, especially a new one. We don't know what we are up against." Imai said with a serious face.

Everybody nodded and switched to another topic.

-After school-

Kyo slammed her locker shut and started heading over to the gym. Tsuyaka-senpai announced that they had practice today up until 5:00pm. What a drag! Why does Tsuyaka-senpai have to bring up another practice? I'm on my period this week and I really don't feel up to running. Kyo was too busy complaining that she didn't even notice someone had just turned the corner. WHAM!

"Oh I'm sorry I wasn't watching where I was going!" Kyo hastily started picking up the scattered papers from the floor. "That's okay I wasn't really watching where I was going too." It was a boy, he had a white t-shirt that said "The Strong Survive" in red bold letters, and black basketball shorts along with black court shoes. He started helping Kyo pick up her scattered papers. It wasn't until they were finished that Kyo got a good look at him; he had dark brown hair, green eyes, and she also noticed that he had a silver ring on his right index finger.

"Hi, um I'm Kyo Aizawa, I've never seen you around here before; you new?" Kyo asked.

"Oh yes, but I don't go to this school, I'm just here to visit my uncle." He replied.

"Oh I see, well um I gotta go, I've got basketball practice." she said fixing the rest of her papers and jamming them inside her sports bag.

"Oh really, you play basketball? Cool. Interesting sport basketball." he said looking Kyo over as she finished stuffing the rest of her papers in her bag.

"Yeah, I'll see you later. As I said I've got practice." She looked back up missing the look he had just given her.

"Okay see ya." Kyo started walking down the hall and out the doors before she realized that she hadn't asked the name of the guy. But when she turned around he was gone. She shrugged it off and headed for the gym.

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