Okay first things first I apologize for my utter lack of updating. I have been a bad author to my readers and I know you probably want to kill me right now. I don't blame you I'd do the same. Second I will see this story through the end. You can be sure of that. I'm guessing this story is going to be no more than 20 chapters from looking at my outline so I'm almost finished. Okay for those that need a quick summary of what's happened: Kyo's dad is in the hospital because of debt and Chiharu payed for it having to pay it all back by going out with Hitomi Tenjo, Takashi Tenjo's little sister. Not only that but he still has the challenge set by Takashi. Okay enjoy!

Kyo sighed in relief as she lowered herself down into the warm, soapy water. This was what she needed. Walking in the hot sun really wore you down. She closed her eyes and rested her head against the edge of the tub. Before she knew it she was already going into sleep mode. Her mind was in the midst of diving into dream land when she heard a thump. Kyo opened her eyes and looked towards the door. She listened for it again but all she got was silence. She relaxed again but sat upright when she heard footsteps. It sounded like someone was in her room. Panic filled her whole body. As quietly as she could, she got out and put a towel around her wet body. Kyo quickly looked around her for a weapon she could use but the only thing she saw big enough was her blow-dryer. She heard the footsteps again but sounded closer this time. Kyo knew that whoever was in her room will be coming to the bathroom, soon. The light was on after all. She positioned herself to the left of the door preparing to attack the intruder. It seemed forever until the door finally opened and Kyo launched her attack.

"No wait! Kyo! It's me! Ow!" Kyo froze and looked at the person she attacked. The sound of the blow-dryer hitting the floor was all that could be heard next as Kyo stared at Chiharu.

"What the hell are you doing here?" Kyo yelled. She looked down at herself and looked up to meet Chiharu with an equally flushed face.

"Get out! Now!" Kyo ordered pushing Chiharu through the door.

"Wait Kyo I need to talk to you!" Chiharu said over his shoulder.

"Talk after I change! Now get out!" Chiharu got a door slammed in his face for the second time that day. Chiharu put a hand to his eyes and slowly brought his hand down his flustered face.

"What the heck am I doing?" he asked himself.

Kyo put a hand to her chest trying to calm her heart. Chiharu's sudden break-in was something she definitely wasn't expecting. After smoothing down her nerves enough to dress, Kyo stepped out of the bathroom to see Chiharu sitting on her bed. They both looked at each other an awkward tension making up the distance between them. Kyo rubbed her arm trying to figure out what to do next. Chiharu stood up bringing her attention to him.

"Before anything is said let me explain what happened earlier on today." Chiharu said taking a few steps closer. "That…kiss that you saw was all her."

"I know." Kyo said after a moment. Chiharu relaxed from the tension that he had coiled throughout his body. He hoped that Kyo had not misunderstood and when he saw her run away he had feared the worst.

"So why did you run away?" Kyo felt a nerve snap.

"You should know why." Kyo bit out and went to pick up the brush on her dresser.

"What do you mean 'I should'? I wouldn't know what's in your mind. I'm not a mind-reader." Chiharu replied frowning.

Chiharu never got to finish what he had to say. Kyo heard a loud BANG before she watched Chiharu fall face down on the floor.

When Chiharu woke up he found himself staring at a white ceiling. A few seconds later Kyo's face replaced it asking, "Are you awake?" Chiharu blinked a couple times as if trying to see if he was dreaming or not. The sharp pain on the side of his head proved him otherwise. He sat up rubbing the sore spot.

"Ugh, what happened?" he asked looking around him. He saw a bowl of water and a blue towel on the nightstand with a lamp that softly lit the room on his left. He also noticed the dark night peeking in through Kyo's window.

"You went unconscious. Tsuyaka accidently hit you with my door when she barged in. She thought the men that attacked my dad had come back." Chiharu blinked.

"Oh. Where is she?" Chiharu said sitting up.

"She's downstairs making dinner. She felt bad for hitting you so she's making us all a special dinner. It's kind of late but you haven't eaten anything." Chiharu grimaced trying not to picture Tsuyaka's usual spicy homemade recipes.

"Oh well I should get back before they close the gates. What time is it?" Chiharu began getting up.

"It's already past 10:30." Chiharu froze in position. He quickly swerved his long legs to the floor and grabbed his jacket from Kyo's chair.

"Damn it! It's past curfew. I'll have to sneak in." Chiharu cursed hastily putting on his jersey.

"Sneak in? But won't you get in trouble?" Kyo asked worry in her eyes.

"Doesn't matter, I'll be in worse trouble if they find I spent the night out."

"Don't worry about that. I have already taken care of it." Both Chiharu and Kyo turned towards the door. Tsuyaka was leaning against the edge of the door frame, her body cloaked in the shadow from the hall light.

"What do you mean taken care of it?" Chiharu asked skeptical eyes scanning Tsuyaka's face for an answer.

"Anyway you can stay here for the night. I'm sure Mr. Aizawa wouldn't mind letting you after saving his daughter." Both Chiharu and Kyo's eyes widened at the statement. They both looked at each other but turned away blushing. Tsuyaka smirked still in the shadows, her dark eyes calculating. She knew they were having relationship problems and the only way to fix it was to use forced circumstances. With her new plan in motion Tsuyaka straightened from her position and began walking to her room.

"Wait! Tell me how you took care of it. I need to know if you're lying." Chiharu demanded after recovering from the sudden images that had popped into his head.

"Simple, I called the principle and told him your predicament." Tsuyaka coolly explained without turning around.

"You what?" Both Chiharu and Kyo's voices echoed in her small room. Tsuyaka turned around this time bearing the look she wore when scheming one of her mischievous plans.

"Kyo, I leave our guest's accommodations to you. I'm tired from running up and down all day. Oh and dinner is downstairs on a tray. Good night." She said with a glint in her eye. When she disappeared into her own room Kyo gave a long heavy sigh, her small shoulders slumping. Chiharu glared at nothing in particular. After a few minutes of silence Kyo broke it by muttering about getting a futon and clean sheets. Chiharu followed her to a closet located in the same hallway where the bedrooms were located. Kyo dug through until she found what she was looking for.

"Here let me carry it." Chiharu offered.

"That's okay I can carry it. I've lifted heavier stuff than this before." Chiharu had a momentary flashback of when Kyo had worked at a construction site after running away from school. He smiled from the memory and followed Kyo. He stopped though when he realized where she was headed.

"Wait, why are we going to your room?" He asked his voice wavering a bit. Kyo put the futon down on the floor before answering.

"Well it's pretty cold tonight so the only heaters working are upstairs. The vent in the hallway is very small so one of the rooms would be better. Naturally I don't think Tsuyaka would like having you as a temporary roommate. And besides, we've slept in the same room before. A whole school year, remember?" Kyo said all this while arranging the futon. She came back for the sheets giving him a smile. Chiharu rubbed the back of his neck avoiding her eyes. She was right but he had suddenly remembered this new emotion that was brewing inside of him. He wanted to avoid anything that would entice it to come out.

"Well that's true but….are you sure there isn't another place I can sleep at?" Kyo scrunched up her eyebrows in thought.

"Ah, there's my dad's room but I wouldn't want to sleep in there if I were you."

"What? Why not?" Chiharu asked.

"Um, you see, my dad has an odor problem. I've tried getting rid of the stench ever since I can remember but I never could. I have no idea why." Kyo said thinking back to her bad experiences in middle school.

"It can't be that bad right? I mean your dad can still sleep in his own room." Chiharu said looking at the doors around him.

"True, but I think his nose got so used to the sent that he can't smell it at all."

"Which one's his room?" he asked opening a door finding the bathroom instead. Kyo's face quickly switched to apprehension.

"Trust me, you don't want to go in." Chiharu looked back at her.

"Just show me where it is. I think I can handle it." Kyo thought about arguing back but realized that if he smelled it for himself he would know. She set the blankets on the floor of the hallway and walked past him turning around the corner that lead to her dad's room. She stopped a few feet from the door before turning back around.

"There it is and don't say I didn't warn you." Chiharu walked up to the door and held the door knob. He took a moment before opening the door. It only took an inch of space between the door and its frame to make Chiharu's eyes water and lift a hand to his nose.

"I told you." Kyo's voice sounded farther away than before. He looked back to find her hidden behind the corner they had turned earlier. Chiharu put his hand down and breathed through his mouth.

"I…can handle it. I just need a few seconds to get…used to it." Chiharu closed his mouth and began breathing through his nose again. He opened the door wider and it took all he had from running away. The smell was horrible. He couldn't even identify what it was. Chiharu started feeling a bit light-headed as he took a step but immediately backed away from the door.

"Chiharu, just come sleep in my room. You'll die if you stay there for more than 5 minutes." Kyo insisted still from the corner. Chiharu ignored her and took a deep breath. Holding it he walked into the room slowly letting out his breath and sniff by sniff breathed in. With each small intake of the stench he felt his body begin to react violently. When he couldn't take it anymore he rushed out closing the door behind him and collapsed at the foot of it. He breathed in the fresh air feeling life come back to him. Then he felt a light touch on his shoulder. He looked up and found Kyo's brown, amused eyes.

"Come on you stubborn ass. I don't know why you keep on insisting on sleeping somewhere else. Like I said, we've slept in the same room many times. One more night shouldn't feel any different." Chiharu glared up at her but got up anyway and followed her to her room.

"I'll go get some of my dad's clothes from the dryer. I just finished washing." Kyo ran out the door again leaving Chiharu in her dark room. A few minutes later she came back with a tray of food and pair of shorts and a white t-shirt slung over her shoulder.

"I brought the food Tsuyaka made. You can change in the bathroom in the hallway after eating." Chiharu took the tray from Kyo and set it on her writing desk. They both ate in silence, Chiharu the first to finish.

"Um, I'll go change." Chiharu picked up his clothes and closed the restroom door behind him. He looked around the small room noting Kyo's white and green toothbrush along with Tsuyaka's red one, combs and blow-dryer next to the sink. He rubbed the left side of his temple where the blow-dryer had made contact. That girl seriously didn't know her own strength. Next his eyes went to the shower curtain and its sea design. Chiharu couldn't help but remember Kyo's towel-covered body and felt his whole body go hot. Now he realized what a stupid thing he had done. I mean what else was he supposed to do when Kyo was being so stubborn and not letting him explain what had happened at the amusement park. It wasn't like he wanted that to happen. He glanced at the shower again feeling his body react again. He quickly turned away and put on the clothes Kyo gave him. When he returned the lights were off and Kyo was already in bed. Chiharu felt his way to the futon on the floor and got under the covers. In a way it did feel like the old days.

"So how's it going with practice?" Kyo asked into the dark. It had been only a minute from when the lights went off. Chiharu cleared his throat before speaking. Ever since he entered Kyo's room his heart has been doing weird palpitations, not the bad ones he hoped.

"It's okay. Yura's been giving me a hard time as usual. I can't figure him out." Kyo smiled. She guessed Yura was having a blast getting on Chiharu's nerves.

"He's a masochist. Just ignore him Chiharu, that's the best thing you can do." Although I don't think he can do a really good job on that. Kyo added as an afterthought.

"Easy for you to say." Kyo's smile widened at Chihaur's grumbling answer. She could hear as he started moving around in the sheets. When he finally settled down she cleared her throat to ask him ever since the whole thing started with Hitomi.

"So what are you planning to do about Hitomi Tenjo?" Chiharu took a moment to answer. "Well I'm not sure yet. I mean the only way to get rid of her would be to pay back all the money." Kyo felt reality hit her deep in her stomach. That stupid debt, it's what's caused all this chaos.

"Right I forgot about that." Kyo sighed and turned on her side facing the wall. If only she could pay off the debt, then Chiharu wouldn't have to go on those forced dates. Kyo began brainstorming. She could take out a loan but it was too much money. The other option was to ask around…..Kyo gasped and swiftly turned around twisting the covers around her. Chiharu got up alarmed and asked what had happened. Without turning on the lamp light Kyo looked up at Chiharu feeling happier than ever.

"Chiharu! I know how we can pay off the debt!"

"How?" Chiharu relaxed.

"Tsuyaka!" Chiharu frowned in puzzlement. He sat back down on the futon before asking.

"What is she rich or something?"

"Yes! Wait, how'd you know?" Chiharu's eyes widened.

"I don't I was just joking."

"Oh well anyways I'll ask her tomorrow. It might be a problem convincing her though." Chiharu laid back down putting linked hands behind his head.

"What do you mean?" Kyo looked down at him and couldn't help admiring his long body. The moonlight coming from her one window kind of made him look sexy. Kyo abruptly stopped her train of thought and forced herself to answer.

"She has some problems with her dad." She finally managed to say. Kyo fixed the covers binding her and sat Indian style facing Chiharu. She had a better view this way.

"Problems? What kind of problems?" Chiharu asked inconspicuous of Kyo's stare.

"They're kind of difficult to explain…." Kyo trailed off not completing her explanation. Chiharu turned his head straining a little to see Kyo. He finally noticed what direction her eyes were staring at. He automatically pulled the thin blanket over body cursing inside his mind that it only covered a little over half his body.

"Stop staring at me like that." Kyo brought her eyes back to his face and smiled. Chiharu was grateful for the darkness in the room. He was sure he felt a blush on his face.

"Like what?" she asked her smiled still plastered on her round face. Chiharu put his back to her.

"Nothing! Just go to sleep you perverted monkey." Chiharu murmured the last part closing his eyes in frustration. He opened them again when he heard Kyo giggle saying, "Look who's talking." Chiharu ignored her comment and closed his eyes again desperately searching for sleep.

Coming up next is Tsuyaka's and Imai's relationship. I'm giving the KyoxHaru pair a break for a little bit and putting the spot light on these two tall and beautiful people. Feedback on this please! I still need a little more inspiration for this totally different pair.