Title: Once Lost, Now Found

Author: nilereina

Pairings: implied Harry/Remus

Rating: T

Summary: The Last Battle has begun but Voldemort found a source of power to fulfil his dream...The world's only hope lies within the hidden words of the Gods...Harry Potter was the only one who learned and knew the truth...He lost everything and everyone he knew in flames...But the Gods showed him favor, granting him a second chance at life only for Harry to learn that the Fates have followed in the same footsteps that ended his world...This time he plans to do everything and anything to stop Voldemort's and Fates' plans

Archive: FFN, Unique Realities

Warnings/Disclaimers: HP characters belong to J.K. Rowling...Characterization of the Gods came from the Encyclopedia Mythica...Implied M/M, M/F pairings...Mild situations violence, bloodshed, and character death...Implied situations of torture, physical/emotional/verbal/child abuse...AU setting...Possible spoilers from books 1-5...Harry Potter Lexicon is also credited for characters and possible time lines

Author Notes: Book 6 was not used which is why there's an AU setting...Implied pairings stated because there are only hints and/or memories but very little romance...AU setting begins in Chapter 2 (chapter one is set about 3 yrs after Harry originally graduates Hogwarts from years 1991-1998)...AU time line: Harry Potter was born July 31, 1960 and attended school in years 1971-78 (parents attended about 1938-1945 give or take a year according to my beta:))...Some family ties, House sorting have been altered to support the new time lines...Also, I'd like to thank Kiritsu for helping me out here (thanks for agreeing to beta for me:))

Key Code:

Blah-- Thoughts, emphasis

/Blah/-- Flashbacks

"Blah"-- yelling/screaming

Blah-- Foreign language

Chapter One

Cold, empty emerald eyes watched, almost unseeing, as a blood-shedding battle reigned, slicking the ground with death. No one was surviving the fatal falls, each taking a life from both sides, no matter who rose up to take the fallen one's place.

He, himself, had been taking lives, searching for those close to him, one in particular. He wanted to end it all. It wasn't fair. Life had no chance now. Not when all those willing to die were doing just that. He just wanted to see the world no longer bathed in shadows. But he had stumbled over something unexpected, something he knew would have happened since all others had perished.

He had stumbled over the tortured body of his lover. The pale body before him lay in a pool of drying blood, covered in deep gashes and mud. When had it started to rain? He could not remember feeling the icy fingers of rain running down his body. He could only feel the warm tears of sorrow as he watched the battle reign onwards. But seeing the dark, rich Earth turn into mud made him realizing it had to have been raining, everyone was covered in splotches of mud and blood.

And the blood made the Earth richer in darkness of color. All he could see now was the body of his lover, deathly still and pale. He had fallen to his knees, dragging the cold form to his trembling arms. His wand fell from stiff fingers, drowning into the surrounding mud. But he never gave another thought. All he wanted was to feel the life and warmth of the body in his arms, to hear the sound of his lover's voice.

No, no, no. Please. Please, no. He rocked back and forth, silently begging to the Gods above. No one answered him. One hand steadily stroked the stiff, bloody, dark blondish hair. The other curled tighter around his lover. Tears stopped falling. Empty emerald eyes stared about, almost not seeing the fallen bodies of those he knew and cared for. His best friends, his mentors, his family. All were gone. No one was left for him.

Looking down, nineteen-year-old Harry Potter sought out the emerald and amber ring upon his lover's hand. He wore an exact copy upon his left hand, the same one clutching his lover. They had dreamed of being together, being bonded. They had planned, hoping to relieve the stress of life surrounding them with something happy and hopeful. Only one more month.

It was true. One more month they would have bonded upon the one day that started this all. October 31st. Halloween. The same day he had become an orphan, his parents gave their life for him. It was only fair. The dead always walk upon Earth to speak to the living on that day. As the saying goes, Halloween was the start of the Day of the Dead. A day to celebrate the spirits of the dead and Harry felt it was only right to bond upon that same night, a night where his parents' spirits could return to the living and see their son celebrate the happiest moment of his life. And now it's ruined. I have nothing. No one.

How could it have fallen apart so quickly?

As the war raged a forgotten memory pushed forward.

/"He's searching for an artifact called the Eye of Persephone." Severus Snape, Death Eater spy for the side of Light, a member of the Order of the Phoenix, had returned from a meeting called by the Dark Lord, by Voldemort. He escaped major torture because of the news. Voldemort simply wanted his loyal followers to search for something that could give him power, give him the world.

"Eye of Persephone? What exactly is that?" Several Order members had never heard of such a thing.

But one member had. Bill Weasley, Gringotts Curse Breaker and Order member, was visiting for this meeting. The tall redhead had heard of such a thing. "It's a myth that many believe exists. Something created by the Greek Goddess, Persephone, and hidden from the world deep within the Tomb of Hades. But as far as we know, the Tomb has never been found. But rumor also says that it is deep within the bowels of Greece."

"What does it do? Why does it exist?" Molly was quite curious. So was Hermione Granger, who had recently joined the Order, along with two of her closest friends, Harry Potter and Ron Weasley.

But Bill didn't have the chance to answer. Someone else did. And this someone surprised them all, even Hermione, who was know as the Brain, Miss-Know-It-All. Harry Potter had been distracted, trying to think of ways to fight back in the war surrounding them, as well as distracted by the thoughts of his lover. "The Eye of Persephone is actually a sliver of the Goddess' heart, carrying negative emotions she suffered from her kidnapping." He hadn't paid much attention to the meeting but heard someone mention the Eye of Persephone. He had always been fascinated by mythology and the Gods represented in them.

In a distracted voice, Harry continued to speak, the others allowing him to further their curiosity, "It is said to be a silver glass sphere, created by Hephaestus, the God of Fire, just for Persephone by her husband after her kidnapping. She used such a gift to hide the sliver of heart. At first she hated her husband, being taken from the sun and beauty of the Upper world down into the dark damp Underworld. She had longed for home and her mother. But over time, before Zeus demanded Persephone's release, she grew to care, to love Hades. And she didn't want to risk losing such love for him, not wanting it to be tainted by such negativity.

"She embedded her hatred, her anger, her sadness, her loss deep within that piece of her heart. Then with her own brand of magic, she ripped the sliver from her chest, casting it into her glass sphere. And then when she had been freed from her prisoner, only to find out she must return six months out of the year, she added more anger and hatred to the sphere. She felt free of negative emotions, elated with her life. She had then gone to Zeus, explaining it all to him, begging that Hades not know. Stories aren't clear on who had entered the fray but it's known that several of the Gods had cast protection spells over the sphere.

"Stories are also unclear as to why they placed the spells. But they believe that the Sisters Fates had warned of a future trouble. They warned the Underworld Queen that she must deal with these emotions before they are freed, and freed they will become if she does not accept. Her emotions had so much power with negativity that Darkness would overtake the world. That power would answer to the Darkness' wishes of innocent deaths and leadership of the world."

Mouths dropped in astonishment, eyes wide in fear. Everyone hoped that Voldemort would not get his hands on such power. Because if he did, they knew that nothing could stop him, not even Harry Potter. Hermione swallowed, asking the one question they all wondered, "How do you know all of this?"

Emerald eyes remained locked in their faraway stare, voice low and whispery as the knowledge flowed from his lips. "I was fascinated by mythology. When everyone was busy I searched the Hogwarts library, even the Restricted Section. Madame Pince gave me a pass when I told her about my search upon the mythological Gods. And it was in that very Section that I found a small tattered journal, buried deep in the shadows. At first I could not read the title. But as I studied it I could."

Harry pulled the same journal from his robes. He was almost done reading it. Opening it, he began to read the last pages, but no one could understand him. The Fates came to the meeting. All three sisters, sharing the one eye among them. Past, present, and future. Each looking towards the same thing, my heart sliver. And they had said something that frightened us all. I had to accept my emotions or I could destroy the world with their power. I cried as I heard, turning away. I tried to forget all about it. I allowed the others to cast their own protection about the sphere. And then I hid it, deep within the bowels of my husband's most faithful temple, the one the mortals called the Tomb of Hades. He would never know.

Harry paused for a mere second, turning to the very last page. Everyone could see the yellowed pages, aged with time and weather. Unsure what to do, they allowed the emerald eyed wizard to speak in the strange tongue. But each thought it seemed similar to Parseltongue and knew if it was, Harry would tell them again, this time where they could understand. The time has come. The Fates had refused to tell us. Our time has come to an end. The mortals had allowed us to fade over the centuries. The oldest of the faith had perished first. Their very essence had depended upon such faith, such trust, such belief. We youngsters believed we survived by our magic. But it too was fading. The mortals no longer believed in such tricks, except for a select few. As each of us, who survived, we granted our very lives to those selective, faithful mortals, granting them magic. But before I could give over my life. I decided to do something different. I visited my husband's temple. His tomb. Deep within the bowels I had traveled. Finding the one room that held my heart. Even with my lover gone, I still could not accept. I was too terrified. But I knew what I could do. I create, I take. Yes, with my essence. With the last of my breath, the last of my life, the last of my magic, I take. I grant. I give. The world shall perish. That I cannot stop. But you, my successor, the reader of this book, the only one to know this language, the true language of all languages, the Mother and Father, will have the power, the power not known. You, my successor, will have the courage, the strength to do what I could not. You will accept my burden of heart, my emotions. You will be the one to save us all. You will know what to do. I create. You take./

Harry had simply told the Order that Persephone had tried to find away to forbid the Sisters Fates prophesy from coming true. But she was not strong enough. She would not accept such negative emotions. And he did not know what power could defeat the Eye of Persephone. At least, on the outside that's how he played. "I'm sorry. Forgive me. It must happen. She creates. I take."

His words were whispered into the rain, carried away by the drops. His eyes closed as he remembered those very words again. And flew open at the low hissing of a very familiar voice, "Harry Potter. Welcome to my new world. And welcome death with open arms."

Red eyes squarely met emerald. "Voldemort." And that was all Harry had said. The only words that past his lips for the last time.

And those same red eyes gleamed with dark humor, "I win." One hand lifted a glass sphere high above his head, murmuring, "You know my wish. You know my desire. You know what I want."

Emerald eyes closed in defeat as he felt the pain of such negativity exploding with crushing force from the glass, shattering it into millions of pieces. Within seconds it flared throughout the Magical World, heading further to the Muggle World. And Harry bowed his head, laying it close to his lover's. You created. I took. You created. I took. You promised, you swore, you saw. I bled, I gave, I knew. You created. I took. You created. I took.

Nothing more came from his thoughts but those four words, you created. I took. And deep within his magical being he felt the rising well of untapped magic. He could feel her. He merged with her. He gave her life. With one last breath, Harry breathed her deep within and spewed her out. She burst from her shell in fury of power. She took the merged powers and barreled into the remaining sliver of her heart. With desperation she overloaded the Dark Lord's desire, engaging her own and Harry's. The Dark Lord wanted the death of all those unworthy. And Harry wanted the entire world free of his grasp.

"What is going on?!" Voldemort frowned heavily, turning to his nemesis, only to find a deathly still Potter. His rage turned to his loyal followers, who were succumbing to the power he unleashed. "No!"

It is too late, my Darkness. You wanted death. You got death. I wanted to be free of my emotions. I got freedom. He wanted to protect the world from you. He got everlasting peace. A ghostly figure stood before Voldemort. She sadly smiled as magical flames sprouted from the sliver of heart, racing through the invisible strands of power. Every where the power touched sprouted flames, burning brightly. She watched as the entire world fell to endless sleep, bursting into flames mere moments later. Cascading tears fell, mixing with steaming rain. The same rain that refused to oust the fire, instead it seemed to encourage it to higher depths. Glancing down, she faced the one child who took it all, her successor. I created. You took. I created the Darkness that destroyed your world. You took it to save your world. I created the means of Death. You took it to grant everlasting peace.

She knelt by the lovers' sides, stroking them gently before vanishing in a puff of smoke. Her whispery words melting in the flames with no one alive to hear, I am sorry, my love.

She had created a means of destruction, not meaning to. In return she gave someone the means to love, to know mercy, to accept the bad with the good. But she had one unfilled wish. She had wished for the courage to accept her bad with her good. She had wished never to have created such Darkness, nor give it such power. And how she wished her successor had more to gain than he had lost because of her weak foolishness.