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The Woes of Fred


There she was. Lying in the hospital bed. Not being able to reach out and touch her, hold her hand, was slowing killing him inside. But this was the way it was going to be, had to be, loving your brothers girl was not on.

"How is she doing?" his brother asked, rushing into her room.

"Better, doctors say she is ready to wake up, just got to wait it out", you reply.

"Thanks for sitting with her, but you can go now if you want, not that I don't appreciate you waiting here with her".

"It's okay, gave me time to think about things."

And there it goes, the excuse, the reason to stay behind and make sure she is okay, that no more harm comes her way. He is here now; she doesn't need him any more. Not that she needed him before, but a sick part of him wanted to be the first face she saw when she woke up. To look at him and say that she had always loved him and only him.

Stupid dreams of course, there was no way that was going to happen. He had always had an overactive imagination.

"What sort of things?" his brother asked, shaking him out of his daydream.

"The usual, getting the shop going again, now that the war is over, things can start to go back to the way they should be."

"Yeah, it's about bloody time, makes you think about what you really want doesn't it, who's important".

"It certainly does". He replied. "Best get going, told George I'd meet him in Diagon Alley, see about getting some new premises since the other ones are burnt down and all."

"Ok, guess I'll catch you later at home, and thanks again mate for staying with her, I really wanted her to see a friendly face when she woke up".

"Don't mention it, give her my love when she wakes up".

"Will do mate, " he replied, turning back to his girlfriend.

His girlfriend, he thought when he left; she was his, never going to be his. Best get used to that fact, because something told him that once his brother figured out what he almost lost he wouldn't let go, ever.

"Hey Fred".

He looked up to see Ron's best mate Harry Potter rushing towards him.

"Where's Hermione", he enquired.

"Oh she's down the hall in room 658…with Ron."

" Thanks mate, how are you doing anyway? You haven't seemed yourself lately".

" Just had a lot on my mind is all, best keep on moving, gotta meet George", he answered. "Catch you later".

"Yeah, seeya mate."

And he continued on, his heart heavy. Hoping against hope that after time he would stop loving her, because she would never be his, her heart belonged to another. His brother and he would never do anything to hurt his family, especially after all that they had been through.

He just had to accept the fact and move on, Hermione would never love him the way he loved her. She loved someone else, and nothing he could do could change that.


So this is the first story I ever wrote! I was so happy when I found this hidden away on an unlabeled disk. Not the best stuff, but amusing me nonetheless:)