A/N: I'm beginning to realize that as much as I hate song fics, I certainly write a lot of them. The song used is 'say you will' by Foreigner. Let me know what you think, and if you think this should continue. I mean it for a one-shot, but am amenable to continuing it.

Temperance Brennan sat in the black SUV as her partner, Seeley Booth drove back to the Jeffersonian Institute. Their day had been a long one, and both were eager to get home. As Tempe looked out of the window, she reflected on the day they'd just had. It had started that morning when Booth had arrived at the Jeffersonian with a new case.

"Bones, a body was discovered at a construction site just outside of DC. The foreman was arguing with one of his employees when a fight erupted. During the scuffle, bones were uncovered." He set a coffee and a bagel down on her desk as he gave her the information. She looked at the items in surprise before smiling in thanks. She stood up from her desk, shrugged off her lab coat, and left with Booth after grabbing the coffee and bagel.

Temperance sighed. How long had Booth known how she liked her coffee? It was never something that she had to state; he'd just figured it out at some point. She looked over at him, admiring the soft, but tired features of his face. Of course the attraction between them had been there the whole time, but until recently, it was something she could ignore. Damn the man for being around during her weak moments. Booth looked over at her and offered her a smile before returning his eyes to the road ahead. She tried to ignore the flutter in her stomach that the simple look caused, but found herself unable to.

"So, the bones aren't even human?" Booth shook his head in amazement. He and Brennan were walking along a sidewalk, heading back to the SUV after the examination of the remains.

"No. I've heard of an illegal trade in gorilla skins, with the bodies being dumped in uninhabited areas before. Unfortunately that's what happened here." Brennan looked at Seeley as she stepped into the street to cross to the vehicle. Booth grabbed her shoulder, pulling her backwards, and out of the way of an oncoming car. She felt herself pressed into his chest, surprised at the feeling of electricity that seemed to course through her body.

"Careful Bones." Booth didn't let go of her until he was sure she was okay. Brennan felt the loss of his touch immediately, and had to fight the urge to reach out to him.

Brennan closed her eyes and leaned back into her seat. Booth reached to the radio, turning it on to break up the silence in the car. A song came on, making Temperance smile. Foreigner.

I get the feeling I've never been here before

"Cos no one I've known's ever moved me the way that you do

And I know this it the real thing,

It's all I've been searching for.

I put it all on the line,

Now I'm hoping you feel that way too.

She glanced once more at Booth. That's what he always seemed to do, put everything on the line for her. Things changed a little when Camille appeared. She knew he was seeing her, well, not so much seeing as sleeping, but it had changed their dynamic. Despite that little hitch, he still remained loyal to her, defending her despite his relationship with her boss.

And if you do, why don't you

Say you will; say you won't make up your mind tonight

Say you do, say you don't wanna be mine

Now will you say you will, say you won't

Make up your mind this time

Say you will, say you will, you'll be mine tonight

"I will," Temperance murmured. It never hurt to dream, right? Maybe she could put everything on the line and take that leap with her partner. If only he felt the same way.

"Wow, you must be tired. I didn't even get an argument out of you," Booth chuckled. Brennan looked at him sharply, her quizzical expression showing that she clearly hadn't been paying attention to him.


"I said, when we get back to the Jeffersonian, I want you to go straight home and get some sleep."

"Oh, sure." She offered him a brief smile before turning away.

"What did you think I asked?"

"Nothing," she mumbled. Stop this Tempe, she thought. He obviously doesn't feel the same way. Brennan sighed and turned back to the window. Booth looked at her curiously. She'd been acting strangely all day, especially after he'd pulled her out of the way of the car. He'd been expecting her to fight him off, or spout off how she was a strong, independent woman and could take care of herself. Instead, she'd gasped as though she'd been burned before almost leaning back into him. He shook his head and returned to the task of driving.

Will you tell me how much I mean to you?

Will you say you will always be true?

I need more than a come on sign, so

Won't you say you will be mine?

"Hey, you okay?" Booth couldn't help but be concerned about her. She just wasn't herself.

"I'm fine, Booth." Sure, fine. That's right. Just ignore the fact that he makes you feel more than you've ever felt in your life. Go on, tell him. Tell him how you feel.

Now won't you say you will, say you won't

Make up your mind tonight

Say you will; say you will be my guiding light

Say you will; say you will make up your mind this time

Say you do, say you do, you wanna be mine.

"Well, here we are," Booth said as he pulled up next to her car. She looked at him with a start, not having realized that they had arrived back. With a deep breath, she tried to steel her courage. This was it. She had to tell him.

"Booth, are you interested in maybe going out for a drink?" She watched as his eyebrows shot up. It took a moment before he got control over his surprise.

"Geez, Bones, I'd love to, but…"

"You have plans?"

"Yeah, I do. I'm sorry."

"No, that's okay. I'll see you later then." She offered him a tight smile and climbed out of the SUV. Booth watched her as she left, but caught the door before she could shut it.

"Hey, maybe tomorrow?"


Come on, come on, say you will make up your mind tonight

Say you will; say you will be mine tonight.

Temperance shut the door to the vehicle, and watched as Booth drove away. Once the SUV was out of sight, she let out a long sigh. Maybe tomorrow she could tell him, but until then, she'd go home.

"Good night, Seeley." With another sigh, she went to her car, eager to just be alone.