Royai 100 Prompts!

Hello all, I'm doing a 100 Royai Prompt challenge thing. I am not doing the prompts in order, because I fail like that.

Dont' own FMA, but it'd be cool if I did!

1. Military Personnel

She had a strange tendency to return to militaristic behavior, even when on a rare day off. She walked with her shoulders back, head upright, and it made him snicker every time. She stood out like a sore thumb, every ounce of her behavior screaming that she was one of the many military personnel in Central.It was one particular Sunday afternoon that he stopped to talk to her. He had spotted her about two blocks away, though the dead giveaway had been the cornflower-yellow hair. She was stooped over a produce cart, hand-selecting apples.

"Hello, Riza." He grinned, as she turned, somewhat startled. After waiting a beat, she smiled.

"Hello, sir."

He bent over the cart as well, following her gaze. "Choosing apples?"

"Yes, sir."

Memories came to mind, filtering into his consciousness. The thought of her reminding him more than once to eat properly, that he was to eat some fruit every day, and that one day not even a week ago, she had insisted upon giving him the apple she had brought for her lunch.

"You seem to have a talent for that," he said quietly, picking up what was obviously a terribly beaten little piece of fruit. "Care to help me select?"