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Writer's marks: I practice ice-skating for the pleasure, I love ice dance and X-men, so I made something with my two passions. There can be improbabilities: with the fact that they are in high school at 15 years old (but I translate the fanfic from French into English, I had to simplify to the maximum, moreover that the technical terms of ice-skating must also be translated). Improbabilities also for putting the short and the long program of ice-skating the same day, and for other things like the number of trials and the judgement, but it's my fic, na ! lol

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DO NOT READ THIS FIC IF YOU DON'T LIKE ICE SKATING, because some parts are integrally consecrated to competitions or other, and of course this make of this fic, an alternative universe one.

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A week before the national championship for figure skating

Skating rink of Bayville,

When Scott went to the Bayville skating rink at the break of dawn like he did every morning, he was surprised to see that that the rink was already occupied. It wasn't the first time, but this time it was by a girl he didn't know or had seen before. She was a young teenager of his age with red-hair attached into a bun. She was moving gracefully on the ice on the original soundtrack of the animated movie 'Anastasia'. She was wearing training clothes, but something was emanating from her, something which he didn't have words to describe.

Scott leaned on the rail next to Ororo.

An older woman, also red-headed, was on the other side of the skating rink without leaving the girl out of her sight.

"She's gifted" said Storm after the skater had perfectly achieved a Biellmann spin.

"Da, she has strong potential" approved Anton Pamchenko, Scott's trainer and choreograph for five years.

He was Russian and had a strong accent, but with practice, that didn't pose any trouble for him to communicate to anyone anymore.

"But she expresses such sadness through her interpretation" Storm carried on.

"She has hard life, not only with the fact she is a female skater... you know, strict regime and all..."

"I had never seen her" said Scott, staring at her.

Storm passed a hand in front of his face.


"You have never seen her, but she's bewitching you"

Scott made a mimicry saying something as 'you're saying something stupid', but he didn't answer. He was 15 year old, and girls were only starting to interest him.

Anton carried on without paying attention to them.

"She and her mother moved in Bayville one month ago. She has a divorced family, her father lives Illinois and she has also an older sister. She is selected for the senior national championship taking place here at the end of the week" answered the extradited Russian "But she's already won first place in junior world championships. She goes to Bayville high school"

" I was telling myself that I had yet caught a glimpse of her somewhere" said Scott in mid-voice

"You seem to be quite well informed Anton" smiled Storm.

"I've spoken with her trainer, very strict woman, this girl must be under terrible pressure"

"Is it that woman?" Ororo asked as she indicated her with a sign of her head.

"No, that is her mother, she also lets nothing pass to her"

The teenager moved as if she had not heard her mother and went on with her program. After a backward acceleration, she made another jump which she followed with a combination spin after a change of foot.

"Higher Jean, higher!"

The teenager made as if she had not heard and carried on her program. After a backward acceleration, She made another jump which she followed with a combination spin after a change of foot.

"You are not concentrating!"

This time, the teenager, stopped abruptly in a squealing of ice:

"How do you want me to concentrate? You keep on interrupting me each minute mom!"

"You must involve hard in it if you want to become a champion and I don't speak about juniors championships!"

"And what is I didn't want it? Did that never occurred you that I was skating for the pleasure? The competition, why not, but the medals and prices, it's your trick, not mine!" She answered as she walked over to the radio and switched it off

Scott couldn't help to think she had a strong temperament for a fifteen-year old girl.

"What are you doing? The training is not finished!"

"It is for me" answered Jean as she left the rink, running her fingers over the blades for removing the ice before putting the protections. "You can go now" she told to the trainer of the skater who was waiting.

"It's not up to you to decide! You're lucky it's me and not Lucinda today!"

"Stop howling please, I have a headache" said the teenager as she opened a bottle of water.

Scott had changed his sunglasses for a flexible version, but as classy as the other ones, before entering on the ice for warming up. The teenager mother's voice was still ringing out across the place:

"Again? It's lasting for weeks now, I'll bring you to Doctor Franz in order to examine you again"

"It'll go away, it comes and goes since…since you know when" ended Jean, her voice dying out at the end of the sentence.

"That will make eight years since you left the coma Jean, when will you...?"

"Please, do not spread out my private life in public!" Jean cut her off.

Her mother slapped her.

"Don't speak to me like that!" she shouted "I will wait for you in the cloakroom, don't linger!"

Jean sighed and sat down on the row of seats for recovering. The slap was still resonating into her pained head. She had again had the impression to hear voices, the training was driving her insane.

She watched the teenager on the ice, he seemed to be of her age and was rather handsome, but why was he carrying sunglasses? Surely to give himself a style, she thought.

"I'll come back in two hours Scott" said an elegant black woman with white hair…white??

Jean emptied half of her bottle of water and quickly swallowed a cereal bar knowing what would occur if her mother surprised her. Then, imagining the scene that she was going to make if she made her waiting too much, she grabbed her bag and left the steps as the music from the movie ' matrix' was starting.


Xavier Institute

"So, Anton didn't break him too much this time?" asked the Professor, seeing Ororo bringing Scott backto the institute

"No, that's ok, I'm used to it now" said the young teenager "But he doesn't let me off lightly, that's for sure"

"Hey it's not juniors anymore bub, ya'll pit yourself against skaters of all ages" said Logan, entering in the room.

"Thank you Logan, I hadn't realized it at all…" Scott replied sarcastically.

"Would ya've the wind up?"

"As you have just said, championships juniors and seniors, are completely different. Some skaters have already participated to this competition at many times, and have seen a lot more skating rinks traveling under their skates than me"

"You will succeed Scott " said Ororo

"Yeah, we'll see. Well I'll take a shower"

The others looked as he climbed the stairs.

"He acts strange"

"He met a girl" Ororo said with a smile.

- "Really?" the others asked.

"Well 'meet' is a big word. Let's say that he saw her ending her training and has witnessed a row with her mother"

A'BAMF' resounded beside them

"Is she pretty?" asked Kurt.

"Would ya mind?" asked Logan "By the way, while I'm thinkin' about it don't ya have a certain drag of cleanin' to make Elf?"



"Then?" asked Wolverine

"What?" asked Ororo.

"What does she looks like?"


"Hey, I have the right to ask the question" he defended himself "Fair? Brown?"

"Redhead, but a fiery red, fifteen years old, I'd say five feet and one inch tall. She comes from Illinois, has divorced parents, has quite a temper and has won numerous competitions" cited Storm "Happy?"

"That's our Cyclops"

Kitty arrived

"Ororo, have you, like, purchased the tickets?"

"Yes for the short and free program male and female as promised and at the first rank as usual"

"Cool!" exclaimed Kitty.

Scott had the whole Institute supporting him at each competition, and for once that it happened in Bayville (and this thanks to the capacity of reception of 5000 seats of the skating rink usually used for the tournaments of hockey), they would not miss it. It was the occasion for watching all the competition, even the feminine part. As a matter of fact, usually they wouldn't have yet arrived at the skating rink for this trial or they would have left, in function of the day the masculine part was taking place.

"Ah, so we'll be able to see her" said Hank who accepted to use an image inducer for attending the championships.


"Nobody half-pint" grumbled Logan.


Six days later, Bayville high school

Jean went to her locker. She was tired and had almost fallen asleep again during her French class. Fortunately the professor was informed and was understanding.

"Hello" said a voice that was unknown to her.

She looked in its direction and recognized the teenager who she had seen a few days ago.

"I did not introduce myself, I'm Scott, Scott Summers"

She puther books into her locker and answered the teenager as she shook his outstretched hand

"Jean Grey"

"Only two days left"

"Three for me, the female trial proceeds the day after the male one"

"Ah yes" remembered Scott, massaging his neck "It's your first senior national championship too?"

"Yes, and I've got the pressure that goes withit…"

A band of young people arrived in the corridor.

"Well well Summers, did you find a girlfriend?"

"Go away Matthews" Scott replied as he glared at him, or at less it was what it seemed.

"Will you allow me to introduce myself at least?" he asked, but it was more of a statement rather than a question.

He turned toward Jean:

"Has someone told you already that you have wonderful eyes?" he smiled "I've never seen such a beautiful shade of green. I'm Duncan Matthews, but you must have heard about me" he said with confidence.

"No, sorry"

"Ah?" he asked surprised before finding a way out "It's because you must be new here, if not I would have noticed you long ago. You should not hang out with some loser like Summers, I'm sure he hasn't told you that he practices figure skating" he said with scorn, All girls like footballers, he said to himself. "If you stay with me I'll show you who are the persons worthy to be known, and…"

"No, thank you, I'm perfectly able to judge people by myself" Jean answered "And I do know that he practices ice-skating because I practice it too"

"Oh, but sometimes, ice-skating is very well too…" he attempted to catch up; he had a reputation to keep, especially in front of his group.

Scott wasn't saying anything and seemed to obviously appreciate how Jean was handling him.

"Goodrecovery" Jean pointed out by referring to Duncan's unsuccessful attempt "But drop it, I'm not interested"

"Bah, you'll change your mind, well, let's go guys" answered Duncan before moving away

"Oh, but what brazen and conceited is that guy!" said Jean

Scott couldn't help to laugh.


"You don't realize, but you must be the first girl has rebuffed Duncan Matthews like that"

"You can't tell me that idiot has admirers apart from his gorillas?"

Scott smiled again, decidedly, he liked this girl, she wasn't like the other ones.

"A whole herd" he answered.

Jean looked at him perplexed, before saying almost for herself.

"Sometimes I wonder if I'm normal"

"If you want my opinion you are, at least you aren't blinded by his position of captain of the team of football"

"Me and the popularity. I don't stay long enough in the same school or at least I don't spend enough time into it to worry myself with that" she said

The ringing resounded

"Ah I must go" said Scott "I'm glad to have had a little conversation with you, and good luck at the championship if we don't see each other until there"

"Thank you, the same to you"

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