In the plane, they were welcomed like kings and travelled in first class. Maybe, they could have taken the X-Jet, but to be lead was much more releasing

Scott had rented a bungalow on the edge of the sea in a small complex. They were quiet during two days, nobody seemed to know that they were mutants or Olympics champions, nobody disturbed them. They took advantage of the sun, the sea and the white sand.

They could find again each other even though they were never well far from one other. There they weren't in an Institute full of teenager for the majority immature, they were just the two of them.

It was out of season, the beaches were for the majority deserted, they could take midnight baths and simply benefit from the moment present.


The last day, they had settled in a hammock, in the shade of the palm trees

"We did one bit of a walk together, do you realize?" asked Jean, lengthened against Scott, looking at the waves breaking on the coral barrier as the fingers of her lover were grazing her skin.

"Yes, four years ago at the same date we didn't know each other"

"And I was unaware of who I really was" added Jean "Finally I don't regret what happened, if I hadn't met you I couldn't be so happy"

"Idem, those three and a half year and overall these twenty-eight months are the best of my life and it's only the beginning" he smiled "We go back to the sea?"

"Scott, our swimsuits are dry, and we set out again in two hours!" recalled Jean

"Who spoke about swimsuits?" he asked with a teasing smile

She raised her eyebrows

"I'm sure you can manage so that nobody could surprise us, even though the zone is already deserted... " he murmured into her ear, as he was yet using some means of persuasion more physical

"Hmmm, allocate" (or maybe "gone"?) she said

After all, whose woman had never dreamed to make love with the man of her life in a true blue lagoon? In all cases Jean had already dreamed it...


One month later

Hundreds of students were bounding around the results of the examinations, and more of the half of them returned from there by swearing, tears in the eyes, or simply crying.

"That's not good" said Scott

"In all way we won't change anything"

"I will see ok? you stay here"

Scott disappeared in the crowd for returning a few minutes later. He didn't let anything show through until he joined her:

"Then? Don't force me to read your mind"

He made her a small sadistic smile before saying to her

"Eh well, it's a real massacre..." he let plane before declaring "…but we are both received, mentions 'very well'!"

"Oh god!" she said by throwing herself into his arms.

She couldn't believe it, she who had feared that with their way of life these last months and Phoenix's last lobby, she might have not be prepared enough.


At the Institute the reaction was immediate:

"Champagne!" announced the Professor by opening a bottle

"It's the third of the year" pointed out Hank

"World champion for the second time consecutive, Olympics champions at 18 years old and now both graduated " Ororo congratulated them

"Congratulation kids, with all the work ya cumulated and the adventures, ya succeeded in ensurin' yer courses, well done" approved Logan

Everyone clinked glasses, each one having a bottom of champagne or of another thing according to ones tastes and ones age.

"More especially that Duncan, Taryn and a lot of other students missed their examinations" pointed out Rogue

"Don't speak to me about it, with our luck we'll land in their classes next year" deplored Kurt

"They shouldn't show off too much I think" said Wanda

"Yes there Duncan's father's money couldn't obtain a diploma to him, he redoubles and I doubt that it pleased him" approved Tabitha

"The examinations were particularly difficult this year, I read that there were a lot of failures" said Anton

"Yes and very few students can attend to a second chance, the failures are heavy which make me even more proud of your success" Charles congratulated them

"You'll do what now? Following studies?" asked Remy

"No, carrying on the competitions, it would be a pity to stop now even with the Olympics medal"

Anton approved. Peter spoke:

"When will you have your diplomas?"

"The handing-over takes place next week, the day after the annual collective exit" answered Scott

"Ah yes, what is it this year yet?" asked Jubilee


"Brilliant... " scoffed Evan.


The year melted away between competitions, exhibitions and trophies, but also with particular lessons for Scott and Jean in the subjects interesting them. Scott had chosen mathematical and Jean medicine and in particular genetic. It would take them much more time to be able to claim to be ready for passing a diploma, but this method enabled them not to waste time.

The X-Men had had several missions and Jean came with them, not wanting to be left aside since the sentinel' story. Phoenix wasn't taking control anymore during the battle, she and Jean were merging together in a common accord. She had been of a great help when Mystique had helped Magneto to escape his plastic prison. Eric hadn't been too fond to meet Phoenix again, both the entity and Jean having a lot of bad sentiment against him after their last meeting and what he had provoked. Phoenix had again to clean the master of magnetism's mess and to give him back to the authorities with mystique. They would never forget the fire in her eyes and the power emanating within her. When Phoenix and her host were together, this one was increasing tenfold, as Jean wasn't struggling anymore for avoiding any lose of control.

Of course, the firebird had continued her excursion; it was the only moment where Jean hadn't any control. In one hand, it was scaring her, but in the other one she also loved to travel through the universe and to feel this power. So far she had never left more than four days, but there that made six days and time became increasingly heavy, overall for Scott

The young man was sleeping of a light sleep when he was awaked by Jean's return who had almost just collapsed on the bed.

"Hey" he said as a welcome back.

"Hmmm" answered Jean obviously exhausted, she was in sweat.

"Nothing to declare?" asked Scott as he had taken the habit to do, while using a handkerchief for wiping her face. Her skin was hot, but it wasn't unusual in this type of situation, it was a kind of Phoenix's after-effect.

"Hmmm" made Jean in a way which seemed to say no "need... to sleep... and... you..." she articulated half asleep

"I missed you too" he said by taking her in his arms, holding her tight "I missed you terribly"

He tensed one arm for catching a bottle of water

"Jean, wait, you've to drink, stay with me a little more » he said to her by making her almost sit for carrying the water to her lips.

She drank mechanically, completely abandoned in his arms, and coughed at the last gulp she could swallow before falling asleep. Scott laid back with her,

Jean had yet fallen asleep. He laid a kiss on her forehead and stayed awake, stroking her hair. Her temperature had yet slightly begun to fall He was worried, six days must have been draining for Jean, Phoenix didn't seem to realize at which point she was exhausting her when she took control for long periods...

"I beg you Phoenix, don't forget Jean's human, she has limits and needs for food and drink" he murmured "take care to not asking too much of her, take care to not killing her from exhaustion…"

/Scott?/ asked Charles' voice by telepathy

/Professor?/ Scott thought strongly enough for his mentor to seize it

/Jean's back?/

/Yes, she's exhausted, I think that Hank should come to see her, she could hardly pronounce a word/

/I send him to you/


A few minutes later, somebody knocked on the door. Scott rose to go to open it for Hank who had taken care to go to seek his case.

"She came back a long time ago?" he asked

"Ten minutes"

"Something in particular happened during her absence?" he demanded by opening his case

"I don't think so. She almost didn't have the strength to speak, she had just been able to tell that she needed to sleep"

"You made her drink?" asked Beast whereas he was taking the young woman's pulse, a hand on her wrist, the glance riveted on his watch.

Her pulse was regular just like was to his breathing, nothing abnormal on this side.

"As much as I could, but she was very weak, I've never felt her so slackened in my arms" answered Scott, anxious. He had sat down on the edge of the bed, one of Jean's hands into his.


He observed her pupils with a mini lamp and was able to see at which point Jean was deeply sleeping. Then he took her temperature in a few microseconds thanks to an auricular thermometer.

"43.5°c" he said before explaining "I'll check in a few minutes that it's well falling down. The Phoenix's after-heat risks to be more persistent considering the number of days during which she controlled Jean"

He surrounded Jean's arms with a bracelet of tension, and asked Scott while waiting the result:

"You missed her, haven't you?"

"Yeah, terribly" answered Scott his glance on the young woman "Will she be ok?"

"I will make her a blood test and putting her under perfusion, she is exhausted, her tension is weak, and before all, she is very dehydrated, it is what's worrying me the most" answered Hank.

He re-used the thermometer.

"43.3°c" he announced "We will remove her uniform so that the air could circulates better on her skin. The perfusion will feed it and re-hydrate her, but if she wakes up, take care to make her drink ok?"

"Yes of course"

They withdrew Jean's uniform. Then Hank made her a blood test and put her under perfusion. During all these operations, Jean didn't move, she didn't even blink, she was in an almost comatose sleep.

"Well, I leave you the thermometer, you check that her temperature goes down well. If in one hour it hasn't yet pass the bar of the 40°c again, you come to seek me"

Scott agreed. Hank reassured him one last time and left the room.

Jean's temperature dropped correctly and when it had returned to the normal one, Scott made her slip into her pyjamas and took her back against him, under the sheets, letting the sleep taking him at his turn.

The young woman slept three complete days, the fourth only intermittently, drinking and eating what was offered to her before falling asleep again but of a lighter sleep. Scott remained the maximum close to her, nothing did oblige him to do it, excepted the simple desire to not losing her of his sight.

Had phoenix heard the request he had made a few days before? Surely. But had she listened to it? It seemed so, because the next months, she never set out again for so long.

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End of June

Rogue, Evan, Kurt and Kitty had reached their examinations, it should be said that the tests had been less difficult following the proportion of the failures of the preceding session. As at the end of each year, the headmaster gathered all the students in the stadium for announcing to them which would be the collective exit of the year:

"So, this year will be particularly exceptional considering that we'll assist to the end year spectacle of the ice-skating club of Bayville. What does that have of particular? It's that two skaters having trained on this skating-ring and studied here will take part in it. Of course, I'm talking about Scott Summers and Jean Grey who, henceforth, are universally famous in the sporting world. That's why I can you say that this exhibition is box office" he announced "However, I have met them a few moths ago and they have courteously agreed to reserve for us a third of the skating rink, so approximately 1670 places, right the necessary"

"It was only missing that, seeing mutants on the lake of swan... " mumbled Duncan

"Brilliant! I couldn't have ticket!" said another student

"The representation will take place Friday evening at 6 p.m, envisage hot clothing. As usual it's the establishment which pays the entries. The handing-over of the diplomas will take place Saturday at 10 a.m


Evening of the representation.

Medias were there, the commentators also, the five thousand places were occupied, and streamers in Scott and Jean's name were hanging everywhere. The ice was as smooth as a mirror, the lights projectors ready to take part in the festival. Scott and Jean's trainer was speaking to journalists.

A band of young people in ice-skate were nervous like all to see so much people at their spectacle and to know that Olympics champions were going to come. Some of them knew them a little, cos they had seen them train during on of their lesson, but others had never seen them in reality.

The students of Bayville were gathered on a side of the skating rink. Taryn was with her friends, Duncan with his and his umpteenth girlfriend of the year, the members of the Institute gathered with their true friends, those who hadn't turned their back to them after their discovery.

"Ppppffff who's interested by that?" asked a pal of Duncan.

"Five thousand people and apparently a whole rather enthusiastic group of supporters" said a student by indicating a group raising streamers addressed to Scott and Jean who had just made them heard by catching a glimpse of the skater afar.

"It's really ridiculous" mumbled Duncan

"What? The fact that they have fans?"

"Rick Julian, that's an athlete" he answered by referring to a star of American football

"This Rick Julian?" asked Rogue

"Oh man!!! Julian!" reacted Mathews, completely hysterical.

"He's a fan" pointed out Evan in a neutral voice "He moved heaven and earth for meeting Scott and Jean and having their autograph"

The athlete cordially shook Anton's hand who indicated the cloakroom by saying to him that his students were getting ready.

"What?" said Duncan "It's not possible, not him"

"At least wait the end of the representation for judging" purposed another student

Duncan didn't answer, too shocked.

"Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the skating rink of Bayville for this representation of the end year spectacle of the Bayville club of ice-skating where Scott Summers and Jean Grey will take part" said a commentator.

The group of fans made itself hear.

"They trained here, and still do, and they come back four years and a half after having begun ice-dancing, three years and a half after having begun competition. They have nineteen and a half years and won the America and the Japanese Grand price, the Lalique Trophy and Eric Bompard's one. They are triple national and world champions and of course Olympics champions in title. They'll make us the honour to present several programs whose news during these two and a half hours of spectacle" he carried on "But first of all, would you please, welcome the club of Bayville where, we hope, germinate new seeds of champions!"

During ten minutes some twenty students of all ages opened the spectacle on a music of Vangelis. They were young but very motivated and they gave the best of themselves. Once finished, they greeted the public and left the rink before Scott and Jean came in.

A thunder of applause and cracklings of flashes welcomed them. They were wearing their costumes of 'the man in the iron mask' program with which they intended to start. They had changed in one year: Scott had matured and was even cuter, Jean has also become more beautiful, both of them were henceforth two young adults. The made a turn of the ice for greeting the public before put themselves in position.

The music started, and there, in front of the symbiosis, the purity of the gestures and the expressions, the power rise of the choreography and the true symbolic which came out from it, even the most reticent students of Bayville were amazed. All was light, fast, flexible, slipped, with combined spins, acrobatic lifts and perfectly synchronized solos. The postures, the reversals were connected by running the ones with the others without forgetting Jean's lengthened reversed lift which was now famous. A deep emotion was coming out from it as if they were relating a true story, as if they were skating for each other. The crowd was encouraging them and the two young skaters had the feeling to find themselves back to the Olympic Games.

The commentators didn't say a word during this program, even though they wouldn't bother in any case the skaters, the wiring for sound was made in order to disturb them the least possible.

"The lake of the swan, hum?" said a student at Taryn

She didn't answer, she had to admit that she wasn't expecting that, it had almost touched her and she found it idiot.

"When I think that we weren't even able to do three meters without falling" said another one, remembering there excursion.

Scott and Jean left the place to another representation of the young students and went to change and put their costumes of 'Suzanna' in order to begin the exhibition in a strong way. Scott wore a black suit with a grey jacket, Jean a black pant and a glowing top

"There is a great ambiance" said Jean

"Yes and it's not finished" answered Scott which was finishing to re-lace his skates

"That'll be your turn again, children" Anton warned them

"We'll have to become transformers" pointed out the young man "Expected if you…?" he asked Jean

"We'll see, in the cloakrooms we are not prohibited to use our powers"

"Then come, Suzanna" he joked

Their return on the ice was again welcomed especially that this exhibition, the only 'rerun' of the evening, had had a lot of success.

Scott pretended to receive a phone call as the music began, and that Jean was obviously teasing him.

"Ah, what's happening? It seems that Scott has a problem which doesn't seem to please Jean" said a commentator playing the game.

But Scott hung up and joined her quickly. In fact their choreography was miming the majority of the lyrics, it was much more dared and released than the preceding program. The key word was relaxation but also originality and audacity. The ringing of the 'phone' of Scott resounded again as the singer was indicating it

"Really, he doesn't have luck, oh oh, Jean doesn't seem to agree it at all..." said the woman as Jean sent him back during a spin which Scott ended on his knees.

"It's the least we can say..."

Jean seemed clearly irritated. 'Wrong number'. She joined him as he was sending his portable on the ground with frustration, she made the same with Scott, before making him roll on the ice with her skates and... walking on him.

"What comedian they are" said the commentator laughing as the two skaters set out again in symbiosis.

They skated quickly and realized one vertical lift before a very suggestive musical passage of the compositor. Scott left his grey jacket under the girls' whistles:

"Wow" said the woman

"The evening seems to have been caught up" smiled the commentator as Scott was going behind Jean for a few rather sensual seconds.

"But Jean is not an easy young woman and she'll show it..." let predict the woman before they went back together and that Scott did an almost splits passage as Jean, in front of him, in the position called 'Lunge' was pretending to slap him

After a lyric passage letting predict the departure of this ' Suzanna ', they set out again for a reckless ice-skating, finishing the program by one lengthened reversed lift, before Jean left Scott on the ice and turn her back to him

The applause fused (Video)

"Which program of exhibition, it was the Olympics' one and I had really liked it" said the woman

"Yes they let show through their youth and it's very refreshing"

"We'll find again the club of Bayville"

In the steps, between the students, much had fallen from top since the first program and those who had remained insensitive with the aesthetics and the emotion of the free one had sincerely appreciated this role play on ice.

They returned after another pause in the shape of two characters covered with capes before the breath of Dark Vador made itself hear. Both skated quietly in the width of the skating rink until the voice of Yoda said:

"Here the dark side clouds everything, impossible to see, the future is"

And there, they pulled out their laser sabres, very realistic toys, for a combat on ice before giving up them when the music changed for Anakin and Padme's theme.

Scott removed his cape, revealing his Jedi costume, and slipped into Jean's one. Like that, against her back, his arms in her handles, they realized several figures before Jean left her cape at her turn.

They did one original horizontal lift from 'Anthem for Liberty', then figures on the ice used in 'Time to say goodbye'.

Then, the chorus part arrived, and everything accelerated it was the combat of Anakin against himself except that there he chose Padme

This program had as much success, overall that it was made on a known, soundtrack. (Video)

Scott and Jean eclipsed again to let the place to the ice-skating club. A young female skater presented a program by herself on... the lake of the swans.

Then, under an air of Church, Scott arrived alone on the ice clothed as a…priest. The Lyrics of the music 'Diablo in me' by Zucchero started on a sermon of church. Suddenly there was an effect of mini explosion for welcoming Jean's entry, wearing a red tunic on black trousers and small horns in her hair. She was incarnating the devil it was a completely mad program.

She started to make gesticulate Scott as a puppet who would be possessed.

"This priest of one time is seized by the demon" said the commentator

Jean manipulated him like it for a moment before a part of dance in couple.

"Jean seems definitely diabolic" commented the woman.

Jean let slip Scott on his knees, making him gesticulating again before raising him.

"She'll make Scott insane" said the woman.

Jean ended up by tearing Scott's jacket, leaving him in slipover with a flame drawn on it

"Wow..." said the woman before laughing when Jean, her back to Scott, passed her arms behind the nape of his neck so that he made her turn as in a centrifugal machine "And well here is, Scott is transformed"

"He decided to obey to the orders that's for sure" approved the commentator

"For the greatest happiness of the young ladies" said the woman

The couple was realizing a choreography synchronized before setting out again for a turn

"It's really very well, that moves well, that goes quickly, it's really very well" said the commentator "with these reversals that goes at all speed it's excellent"

Jean did a reversed lift.

"And their famous lift, by a system of balance move it's Jean who carries Scott" declared the woman.

They made a crazy choreography in duet.

"Here some extremely suggestive swaying walks from Jean and Scott doesn't let him count with the matter" said the commentator.

The couple realized a series of original steps work because they were in fact crossing themselves with one hand, considering that they were holding each other by the shoulders, before kneeling down.

"Would the demon have been defeated or is it a pact of cohabitation which had just been passed?" suggested the woman.

Arrived at the end of the width, they encouraged the public to applaud in rhythm, even though it was already the case, and set out again for finishing with one vertical lift ending in a horizontal one

The spectators rose for applauding them. (Video)

"They have an exceptional physical condition for having been able to connect four programs of approximately four minutes each one, just intersected with passages of students of the club of Bayville"

"Near of seven hours of training per day, seven days out of seven, that give you enduring" said the commentator.

"Yes indeed. And the crowd is asking for more, do they have something else in their bag?"

"I believe so, yes, but before, let's leave the place to the club of Bayville which will close their spectacle"

After the end of the spectacle of the students, Scott and Jean returned on the rink wearing sands coloured combinations surrounded by cords. A bond of approximately a meter length was connecting them to each other like shackles.

"Well, would they have become slaves?"

"You couldn't fall more right, they present to us this last new program on the soundtrack of ' gladiator'"

The music began and the choreography with it. All was based on the touching side, the bond connecting them perpetually allowed them to realise new lifts and figures. During the program, Jean released herself then Scott made the same at the end, they were free

The evening ended in signatures of autographs and interviews. Some were related to their private life, young people in love for three years and a half and that since they were sixteen were rare and the media were craving for it, but it was especially on their way of working that they were questioned, their musical choices and all the remainder.

The following day they accompanied, Evan, Rogue, Kurt and Kitty to their handing-over of the diplomas.


All the mutants of the Xavier Institute benefited from the two months of holidays for releasing and assaulting the swimming pool and the lake.

Few before the beginning of term, Scott and Jean took along the students for an excursion in a museum of New York. For not being recognized, Jean used her telepathy and that functioned perfectly. The Phoenix had become a true part of herself and the anguishes she could have had about her at for the most part vanished.

The same day, a new student was to arrive as scheduled. He was seventeen years old but his powers had just appeared.

His parents, Tom and Alicia were discussing with Professor Xavier while Ororo was making him the turn of the building.

"Then, I believe that all is in order, Mister and Mrs Masters" said Charles "I only have some more personal questions about your son to ask to you, that allow me to better know my students"

"We'll answer all your questions" answered Alicia

"You have said to me that you have adopted Alex after an accident where he lost his family, that's right?"

"Yes, he was just five years old the poor one" she agreed

"Does he keep after-effects of it today? Has he a reserved temper, depressive tendencies or maybe does he has nightmares?" asked Charles

"Alex is not reserved no, nor even depressive, he's rather extravert. He was very young when it arrived, but he remembers almost all" answered Tom

"He makes sometimes a nightmare, always the same one, where he sees the parachute of his big brother taking fire"

The Professor, seized by a revelation, opened wide eyes:

"You mean that it was during a private flight that he lost his father, his mother and his big brother?"

"Yes it was in... " began Tom

"Alaska " finished Charles

"How do you know it?" asked Alicia

"Stop me if I'm mistaken: Alex's mother name was Katherine Summers and his father's one was Christopher Summers. The plane took fire during of a storm, a lightning having struck the fuselage. There was only two parachutes and they gave them to their two sons, Alex and Scott Summers"

The two parents stoop opened mouth:

"Yes, it's completely exact" said Tom

"Is it by Telepathy that you?" his wife articulated

"Not at all, I've simply already heard the same history" answered Charles lost in his thoughts "and I can't believe it. he was alive..."


Charles caught another file in his office and a photograph left there, but he didn't show it to them

"My first student is called Scott Summers, he lost his little brother, Alex, his mother and his father twelve years ago in a plane crash"

"It's not possible, Scott Summers, his big brother, died at the time of the accident" answered Alex's adoptive father

"He also believes that Alex didn't survive" retorted Charles "But, unless if I'm mistaken, this little boy on this photograph must remind you something" he said by showing a photograph of family.

"Oh my god, it's Alex!" recognized Alicia immediately.

"It's their last photograph of family" declared Charles.

"Then his big brother is alive? And he's also mutant?" asked Tom

"Yes, you must have seen him or having heard about him. He and Jean Grey made speak a lot about them in the sporting discipline of the ice-dancing"

"Now that you say it... Jean Grey and Scott Summers?" reflected Alicia "the Olympics champions?"


"Then this Scott Summers is the brother of our son?" asked Tom


"My god, Alex has to know it!" exclaimed Alicia

The Professor approved and asked Ororo to bring him back. The young person of almost seventeen years returned in the office and worried by seeing his upset adoptive parents:

"What's up? You cannot help me it's that?" he asked.

"No, that doesn't have anything to do with that" answered his adoptive mother "sit down"

The Professor hand him the photograph and Alex seemed under the shock

"This, they're my parents and my brother, where have you found that?" he asked

"Among all the belongings of Katherine and Christopher Summers which had been placed in a movable guard after the air crash and which are now into the basement of the Institute"

"Why?" Alex insisted, still holding the picture in one hand

"Because it was all the remaining of my first student's family, at least until today..." said the Professor

"What does that mean?"

"Your brother is alive Alex, he lives here" Tom told him

"Scott? It's not possible, it's a bad taste joke, you shouldn't joke with that!" defended the young boy, his adoptive mother incited him to calm down by laying a hand on his shoulder.

The Professor decided to speak about something that maybe Alex was remembering:

"Since he left the coma after this accident he didn't cease to blame himself for not having been able to respect the last wills of your father: to take care of his little brother, you Alex"

"It's what my father said to him " he realized

"This photograph is one of many which Scott has, it was in his file" said Charles "It's by speaking about you that I understood that it was the same tragedy that Scott's one"

"Then he's alive? I mean, really?" asked Alex, still shaken.





"Not now, he accompanies a cultural excursion but he should be their soon" smiled the Professor

"Then he must be approximately... "

"Twenty years old in two months" he answered before searching in a paper heap for pulling out a sporting magazine of the Olympic year "Here is a photograph of last year"

He handed it to Alex who compared it with the old photograph

"It's unbelievable... and moreover I had already seen his photograph, but considering believed him dead and that my memories were rather vague... "


Scott and Jean brought back the band of crazy students to the fold and were almost more exhausted than they, and they did have endurance.

Jean felt immediately something and looked for more by telepathy. It's at this time that Ororo arrived:

"That went well?" she asked

"Nor human nor material losses to deplore" answered Scott, Jean's hand in his.

The weather witch smiled before saying to him:

"The Professor would like to see you in his office, it's very important"


The young man realized that Jean hadn't moved. Without releasing her hand, he turned to her, the interrogative look:

"You'll have to open this door alone Scott" she said to him

"It's that's horrible?"

"If it was a bad news, do you believe that I would let face it alone?" she asked him by offering a smile to him "Go ahead, trust me"

He tried to know what she had perceived, but she didn't let anything filter. She passed her hand on his cheek:

"Go go ahead, don't make him wait"

He briefly kissed her and went to the Professor's office of. Ororo didn't seem astonished, she had guessed that Jean must already knew what was awaiting Scott.

"It won't believe it" she said "even I had trouble to"

"I found my father and my older sister" said Jean "It's formidable that he finds his little brother he believed dead since nearly twelve years"

"Why didn't you accompany him?" asked Ororo

"This moment belongs to him" Jean contented to answer.

She addressed another smile to Ororo before going to the kitchen for joining the majority of the students. She felt through the bond she shared with Scott a powerful emotion coming in as she sat down. She was happy for him, he had found a member of her family and they would have a lot to speak about.

The End

Marinna Anissina (Russian having obtained French nationality) and Gwendal Peizerat (French, born in Lyon), the French skaters of ice-dancing who I took as a starting point for the programs have had much more trouble in the competitions than what I've describe. They underwent injustices, scampings, critical and I pass from there and that during years. Their originality, their style, their technicality and especially the power and the emotion which they put in their programs started to pay only later, at least with regard to the judges. Yes, because the fans and the crowd had already placed them in their hearts at the point to rise for applauding them or to hoot the judges. It was the old system of notation, a little more corruptible than the current one. In 2002 they became Olympic champions then passed professional. Currently they make exhibitions and in March they pass on the skating rink where I skate, and of course I'll be there; -).

As opposed to what you could think, no they aren't a couple in the current life but very good friends.

Oh and what wasn't scheduled at all is that, because of their temper, their coach called them "The fire and the ice" lol, like what and I didn't do it purposely, the title of this fic being the French one of the movie "The cutting edge".

The program Exhibition program on 'gladiator' is skated by Isabelle Delobel and Olivier Schoenfelder, the promising changing of Marina and Gwendal. In my opinion they don't have yet this same passion retransmitted to the public by M&G, not yet this incomparable slips, but they improve and their trainer being the same one than the one of M&G they are in good hands. Unfortunately, the same injustice seems to be following them and had been particularly obvious at the last world championships where the marks had been abnormally low.

I hope seeing one day a system of notation truly just and incorruptible, because, during this whole season and that in all the ice-skating disciplines, some obvious and incomprehensive over high and over low marks had been observed.

Here here

It was vveeerrrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyy long fic, when I think that at the origin I thought of making some twenty pages, well, 200 lol

So much time passed since I wrote this fic (more than 1 year) that I lost interest in it

Sorry for not having worked more on some passages which would have deserved better

I hope that you liked it;)