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The Sound of Snow

By The Silver Phoenix

Now 24, Starfire is Kori Anders, a famous reporter for the Jump City Post. When Richard Grayson returns to Jump City after 9 years, Kori is sent to interview him. What surprises will she encounter along the way? KorixRich hinted GarxRae

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"True love burns the brightest, but the brightest flames leave the deepest scars."


Soft, white flakes of snow fell softly, twirling and spinning like icy ballerinas before settling softly on the ground. A thin layer of feathery snow dusted the red tiled roof of the quaint, picturesque little cottage. The ground outside was soon blanketed by a thick, icy white sheet. Somewhere far off, a haunting melody began to play.

24-year-old Kori Anders shook the snow globe, causing all the miniature snowflakes to swirl around the little glass sphere, creating a little snowstorm. Her emerald eyes followed the little snowflakes, darting here and there. This would be the only snowfall in Jump City for another few weeks. She then picked up the music box that lay next to the snow globe. It consisted of a simple glass Christmas tree that lit up as the base of the music box spun, the intricate mechanism playing the theme from Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake ballet.

Kori sighed, and carefully set the two items down on her dressing table, briefly noticing her own reflection in the mirror. A pair of wide, bright emerald eyes, framed by long, thick lashes. A pert nose, round pink lips. Long, silky locks of flaming auburn hair fell all the way to her slim waist.

Kori's fingertips gently danced over the top of the snow globe. She treasured those two items more than any of her other possessions. That was because they were the only two things that she had left, apart from the faded photographs, to remind her of Robin, and of their relationship—or what had been the start of one—nine years ago. But though he had left without a single word of explanation, without looking back even once, she was still very much in love with him. He had also been her best friend, and she missed him. So, so much. He had left an empty space in Kori's heart; one that no one else could fill. He was the only one, and always would be.

That was why she had to keep them: he had given them to her, one Christmas Day all those years ago. And that made all the difference in the world.

Kori picked up the snow globe again and pressed her cheek against the cold glass, as if being close to it would also bring her closer to him. She imagined the warm scent of his skin, the soft leather of his gloves as his hand caressed her cheek and his warm breath on her face as he told her that he loved her. She imagined that she could feel his warm body against hers as they kissed underneath a starry, moonlit sky. Just for one night, it would be all right to succumb to the passion of first love, to pretend they were normal teenagers and not superheroes. To pretend they had nothing to worry about, and that as long as they were together, everything would be all right…

Fleeting daydreams, all of them. Fragments of memories. Kori sighed again and stood up, shivering in her dressing gown. She thought she'd left them all behind, years ago, along with her old identity, Princess Starfire. But clearly her heart wouldn't let her forget the past—last month she'd had recurring nightmares of her tumultuous childhood; now, it was the bittersweet moments she'd shared with Robin. Too short and too few. They'd grown up too quickly.

Kori stood up and turned off the lights. It was getting late, and she had to go to work tomorrow. Kori undressed slowly in the dark, and put on her nightgown, crawling into bed. She lay huddled up beneath the covers, burying her head deep into the pillow. Fingers of warm yellow streetlight from outside filtered into her bedroom from the crack between the curtains. The slivers of light fell upon the little snow globe, the tiny snowflakes catching the light occasionally as they slowly settled. Kori gazed at the snow globe for a long, long time that night before finally falling asleep.

Little did she know of the surprises that the next day would bring…

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