Tarot Reading

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She scanned the entire place and challenged the burgundy, velvet curtains to a stare-down match. She frowned.

No. She wasn't supposed to be here.

Even though she didn't recognize a single thread from the tent covers, she knew nonetheless that this was another weird scheme cooked up by the Host Club. She clenched her fists tightly as a sizzling flame began to burn in her eyes. When she got out of here, they were going to get it.

And they were going to get it real good.

This was a terrible, terrible waste of time—especially when she should've been studying for the upcoming examinations next week.

Yet another reason to make them suffer in unbearable and sadistic torture.

But anyway, she decided to play along with their little game. Revenge would just have to wait until later.

So she continued her quest to find the exit of the seemingly endless tent—stopping abruptly only to find out she had reached a dead end. She muttered under her breath how rich people were so stupid and how they could manage to entertain themselves at someone else's expense. She sharply turned her heel, yet only to discover again that the long, narrow passageway she had walked through a while ago had disappeared completely—leaving not even a single trace of her sweat-provoking journey. Rather, in its place, a round, wooden table appeared. A clear, crystal ball was placed adequately in the center, and a pile of cards were neatly stacked beside it.

Haruhi could only blink her eyes in surprise.

"Now where did that come fr—"

"Ah, yes. So there you are. I've been waiting for you…"

Haruhi quickly froze on the spot and looked behind her.

She was greeted by an old woman dressed in a cloak, her neck wrapped by a shawl and her hands covered with gloves. Though something was quite familiar with the way she laughed, or cackled for that matter—it was somewhat high-pitched and not-so-old sounding—Haruhi couldn't quite pinpoint who it was, though.

Besides, she had more important questions to ask.

Like how in the hell did she manage to slip behind Haruhi so stealthily? And how was she going to get out of here? Because really, it was getting creepier and creepier by the minute.

"Dear child, please take a seat—"

"But how? There're no chairs he—"

But Haruhi was stopped short when the old woman pulled a chair out of nowhere and offered it to her. She motioned Haruhi to sit, and after a while of hesitating, she finally agreed—though still feeling very reluctant about it.

'Geez…This woman is giving me the creeps…' Haruhi thought as she cringed in her chair.

"Instead of thinking how frightening I look, I would like to invite you to a little fortune-telling session of mine…" The woman smiled, her crooked teeth showing.

'What? She even read my mind…Okay, I'm outta here…' "That would be nice but I think I have some other business matters to attend to." Haruhi hurriedly rose up from the chair but shivered as a hand grabbed her wrist. She turned her head and locked eyes with no other than the old woman herself. She quivered inwardly as hair rose from her skin.

"Tsk. Tsk. Aren't you interested in seeing what your future may have in store for you?" The woman looked disappointed.

"But I…really don't believe…in those kind of stuff…" Haruhi murmured, her voice shook uncontrollably.

"What a pity. Are you sure you wouldn't even like to try?" The woman seemed bent on convincing her.

"I guess it really wouldn't hurt to try, would it?" Haruhi smiled, knowing the faster she got this over with, the better.

The old woman motioned her to return to her seat and began to twirl her fingers above the crystal ball, creating circular motions with her hands. Haruhi had an eyebrow arched up because of this but nevertheless urged her to continue.

"Child, pick up one card from this pile. You'll have to get six cards all in all to see your future shape before you…"

Haruhi sweat-dropped, "Ehrm, yeah…Right." 'This woman is nuts…I guarantee it.'

Despite how she thought it was utterly ridiculous to have her future be determined by stupid cards, her heart still thumped loudly—although she was confused whether it was from excitement or nervousness. Her hands shuddered as it slowly went its way to the table, where the cards lay intact. As her fingers felt contact with the card on top, she felt a sweatdrop cascade her face. She swallowed hard as she lifted the card little by little and gradually turned it to reveal the card's identity.

Her brown eyes widened.

The card contained an illustration of a fairy, waving her wand as glittering dust spectacles surrounded her.

She blinked. It didn't make any sense.

What would a fairy have to do with her future?

But then her throat fell dry when she read the inscription at the bottom of the card, almost unnoticeable since her thumb blocked it awhile ago.


It was all clear now. Tooth fairy equals sweets since people mostly get broken teeth due to eating too much sweets. Cakes and candies to be exact.

Wait a minute.

What did she just think?

Tooth fairy equals sweets. Sweets equals cakes and candies. And cakes and candies equals to…

Oh. My. Gosh.



Okay. This was going overboard. She had enough. It was stupid for her to have stayed here longer than she planned. She prepared to stand up.


That was weird.

She couldn't move.

"Hey, old woman, what did you do to me?" Haruhi shrieked.

But the old woman had already vanished.

And suddenly, she felt really dizzy…and very drowsy too. The surroundings appeared to be twisting up into exaggeratedly distorted shapes—and everything seemed to be blacking out.

"What the—Hey, get me out of here!!!" Haruhi screamed as she was thrown into the darker recesses of her subconciousness—her shrill shouts evaporating into only tiny whispers…

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