Tarot Reading

Chapter 2: Aisle 4

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A thunderous plummeting of boxes awakened Haruhi to her present condition. She looked around—the place was awfully familiar to her—with multiple items lined up in shelves, signs hanging from the ceiling with numbers on them, and the typical voice-over echoing from the large speakers dispersed across the place.

She made no mistake about it.

It was the supermarket.

But what was she doing here?

She looked up and saw a bag of ootoro-flavored chips. On intuition, she reached for it—with her hand extending high above her head, in an effort to get said object she knew that was beyond her height.

"Ugh… Just… A little… more…" Haruhi tiptoed, her feet barely touching the ground as she let her fingertips sway to get at least a touch of the cursed chips.

She mentally talked to herself how lack of nutrition contributed to her short stature.

"Only… A few… inches… more…" She huffed for air and returned to her standard position. She readied to launch herself as she quietly counted to three and jumped.

With her feet suspended in the middle of the air, her hand managed to grab the edge of the foil.

Her inner voice screamed a triumphant yell that transformed into a loud, vocal shout of victory.


But unluckily, another hand appeared in the way and got it instead.

She was back on the ground, with nothing in hand. She was fuming mad, her teeth gritting like that of a lion, fists clenched into a tight, rock-solid ball, eyes so dangerously reduced to slits and eyebrows crinkled in a very unlady-like manner. But she didn't care.

Who was this person anyway that he just grabbed that bag just like that when she exerted every ounce of her strength to have at least a hold of it?

She turned around and began screaming incessantly as she pounded her fists on his chest. "Who do you think you are, suddenly grabbing what I put so much effort in—"


"Shut up, I'm not done yet—" Haruhi grumbled at the interruption of her sentence. "What?"

She turned to look up at him.

And her jaw dropped.


The said man smiled and handed her the hard-earned prize of her endeavor, while his other hand lightly patted her on the head. Then he started to stride away, with grocery basket in hand.

It took an entire minute for Haruhi to absorb everything.

Then her eyes merely moved just in time to witness Mori's retreating back.

"M-Mori-senpai, wait!"

"I was wondering…" Haruhi mumbled nonchalantly, "What are you doing inside a commoner's supermarket?"

Mori glanced down at her, his face as blank as ever, "Grocery shopping."

Haruhi sweat-dropped.

"N-no, of course you buy groceries in the supermarket, no question about that—but I mean, you rich guys have someone to do the grocery for you, right?"

Mori averted his eyes back to the upper shelves as his hand easily reached for another item. "I just feel like it."

"Huh? I don't get it." 'Gee, what an answer this guy's got!'

"It's really not a different experience. All these years of following Mitsukuni have taught me to do things by myself."

Haruhi's eyes widened. It was the first time she had heard him answer in more than one sentence. He always seemed to be answering in phrases and fragments—mostly consisting of grunts and nods.

"I see." She grinned to herself. Hunny-senpai definitely had a heavy effect on him.

Though it wasn't obvious on her part, Haruhi actually felt at ease with the fact that Mori was around. And she was glad for that.

"Ahh… I… can't… reach…" Haruhi muttered. She was on tiptoes again. Sometimes she wished she just had elastic limbs that stretched out to whatever she wanted to get.

Her fingers waggled back and forth, but were always a millimeter away from the object she wanted to have.

She sighed. 'The dilemma of being vertically-challenged…'

She tried to jump again.


There was something quite not right.

Her feet were dangling above the ground for more than five seconds.

She was floating.

No, that was stupid. There was no possible way that could happen.

Then the answer poked her right in the eye. Down her waist, there were hands firmly gripped, holding her up.

Mori-senpai was carrying her, with his long, sturdy arms for support.

"Get it."

She quickly did as she was instructed. Before long, she was back on the floor again.

It was…


She knew that well because she could feel the stares burning holes on her back. No, it wasn't embarrassing or something like that. Just… plain awkward.

"Uhm, thank you." Haruhi managed to mumble.

Before she knew it, she began to blush, her cheeks turning into a pastel hue of pink.

Unfortunately, her inattentiveness cost her.

Because not far away was a rushing man, pushing a cart full of boxes, running in a mad dash of who knows what.

"Haruhi, watch out!"


In a split second, Haruhi found herself flung in the air, together with a dozen boxes hurled in the same direction, arms wrapped around her waist, and her face buried into someone's chest.

From his distinctive scent, Haruhi immediately recognized who it was and let her eyes shut themselves to relish the celestial fragrance that was entering her senses. This time, however, she didn't feel any discomfort being pressed so close to him, their bodies touching together, creating a heat she would never want to extinguish.

Eventually, both of them fell to the hard ground, with Mori falling on top of her, though it didn't hurt since his arms provided as a soft cushion for her back.

It could just be her imagination, but it appeared as if Mori's face was getting closer, nearer to hers. She blinked, thinking it would probably snap her away from this dream—but as she opened her eyes again, he closed the proximity by pressing his lips against hers, his hold on her becoming tighter, yet she couldn't care less.

Somehow, although her sanity forbade it, she wished that time would stop—just this moment.

She moaned as he dived deeper into her mouth, as her eyes snapped wide open in shock of her newly-discovered realization.

All eyes were on them.

Different expressions were plastered among different faces. Some of astonishment, some of disgust, and some of congratulation of some sort.

One man in his mid-forties shook his head, "Kids these days…"

Haruhi swiftly pushed Mori away from her and sat on the cold, green-tinted tiles, her hand impulsively covering her mouth, fingers leisurely brushing her lips, a ghost of a kiss remaining.

She could also hear her ragged breathing, collective gasps forming in her throat. And if she only had a mirror right now, she could see how she flushed, her face toned in a dark color of scarlet.

"I-I'm sorry, M-Mori-senpai, I really, really have to go now!" She frantically hurried to the supermarket's exit.

As she closed the door, Mori only rose up from his place on the floor, "You forgot your groceries."

But as Haruhi's hand left its hold on the metal handle, her environment began to spin like crazy again; the zooming cars looked like they were whirling in water. Soon, she was knocked out cold.

Not longer though, she was awake again—and her eyes identified the similar black oblivion. As she expected, there were those disturbing bundle of cards cluttered on the round table, waiting for her to pick another one.

"Here goes nothing."

With that, her hand reached out to the center, she shut her eyelids, her heart hammering discordantly, as she slipped a card in-between her index and middle finger.

She gradually turned it on its face.

It was… the High Priestess.

She knew she had no time to think of who this was going to be, so she just left her mind empty as she was once again thrown in zilch but darkness...

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