AN: As promised at the end of my last story, here is the Angel Dedication fic. I've been planning it for a long time, since finishing The Story Never Ends, especially the story's conclusion. I hope it has the desired effect on readers. So, sit back and enjoy.

It was a crisp mid-September day. The Bohemians, Mark, Roger, Mimi, Collins, Maureen and Joanne walked up to the Loft together, everyone laughing and joking with each other.

"I remember that," Roger groaned. "You're never gonna let me destroy that picture, are you?"

"Aw, come on Roger, babe," Mimi cooed. "How often are we going to have an embarrassing picture of you letting Angel and me style your hair?"

"And into pigtails, nonetheless!" Maureen shrieked with laughter.

"Mimi said I'd get a reward for it, later," Roger blushed. Laughing, Mark opened the door to the Loft and was greeted by the sight of Emily sitting alone on the couch, playing solitaire. The moment she saw them walk in, her face broke out in a smile.

"Hey, everyone!" Emily greeted cheerfully.

"Hi, Emily," Mark nodded. "What brings you here?"

"I dropped Penny off at school. Then, I figured since I had a free day, I'd come over and see if you guys wanted to do something. But when I got here, you were all gone. Where were you guys, anyway?"

"We were off visiting Angel," Collins explained. Emily's face fell instantly.

"Oh. I see," Emily muttered. At that moment, Mimi started laughing.

"Remember the time we were going on a picnic, and tried to make some bread for sandwiches because we were out and Mark and Roger forgot to pick up some more, but we all kept adding the yeast because none of us realized that everyone else was doing the same thing until it exploded in the oven?"

"Oh, yeah!" Mark chuckled. "I remember that. Angel went and played the drums outside the bakery, so they'd throw bread at her. She came back with over twenty loaves in various varieties. I never thought I'd get sick of bread until that day." The Bohemians continued to reminisce amidst laughter, failing to notice Emily looking increasingly uncomfortable until she abruptly stood up, an expressionless look on her face.

"Well, I'll see you later, I guess."

"Hey, Emily!" Mark stopped her. "I thought you wanted to do something."

"What? Oh, that. Never mind. Doesn't matter much anymore. I should… go and develop my pictures, anyway. See you around, Mark, guys." Without another word, Emily was out the door. For a brief moment, Mark toyed with the idea of going after his friend to help her develop said photos, but as the others continued to share stories of Angel, those thoughts vanished from Mark's mind.

"Hey, you know, Halloween's coming up," Joanne remembered. "We should all try and come up with something to do in her memory."

"Like what?" Maureen asked. "Go hassle Benny about Evita?" The Bohemians broke into laughter at the memory, but soon got serious as they offered ideas. However, each one was turned down for different reasons.

"Well maybe," Mark began. "Actually, I met this guy during my time at Buzzline, and we still talk with each other. He has a camera that can record sound, unlike mine. Maybe… we could all get together and…"

"Record ourselves giving a short dedication to her!" Mimi filled in the blanks. "Mark, that's brilliant."

"Great idea, Mark!" Maureen complemented. "We could each do our own bit, but in private, so what we say won't be influenced by anyone else. That way, the things we say will be completely honest." The others all shared a mutual approval of the idea.

"It's settled then," Collins smiled. "Mark, when can you get a hold of this camera?"

"Next week."

"Then that's when we'll start."

"And to make it extra special," Joanne suggested, "We can all have the official first viewing on Halloween."

"Hey, wait," Roger frowned. "I'm game for that idea, but how will we be sure no one watches it beforehand?"

"Trust each other?" Maureen pointed out.

"Like the time I trusted you to not to smear makeup all over my face while I was sleeping on April Fool's Day?"

"Actually, Roger brings up a good point." Joanne nodded.

"I have an old cash box in our room," Mimi volunteered. We can keep the finished product locked in there until Halloween."

'Thank you, Mimi. That's just what we'll do."

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