Note: This little story comes out of me being profoundly bored at work, and asking the folks on my LJ to throw me a drabble prompt. Someone said, "Write a drabble just about a dinner conversation between everyone," and this was the result. And it was great fun to write. Enjoy!

Dinner Time

"Hey, is there any rice left?"

"You've had three bowls already, Heihachi, you wanna leave some for the rest of us?"

"Aw, come on, Nasami, please?"

"Don't bother giving her those puppy eyes, Heihachi, it won't work."

"Then maybe you should just schmooze her, Momotaro, and that way he can swipe the rice when she's not looking."

"Who you calling Momotaro, Kikuchiyo?"

"Don't bother, Shichiroji, Thirteen over there won't listen."

"Oh, shut up, Gorobei!"

"That's enough, you two."

"Yeah, old man, make the kids behave."

"Not so much of the 'old man', if you don't mind, Shichiroji."

"Oooh, looks like Kambei's getting touchy about his age!"

"No, I'm just trying to eat my rice."

"I thought only women got huffy about their age."

"Excuse me, Katsushiro, I don't get huffy about my age."

"Does that mean it's safe to ask you how old you are, Nasami-dono?"

"That depends if you would prefer that rice in your mouth or on your head."

"Well, if you're just going to throw Katsu's rice at him, can I have it?"

"Just take Kyuzo's, he never eats."

"No, thanks, big guy, I like my hands attached to my arms."

"Yeah, I guess he would get upset..."

"And stop playing with your food, Kikuchiyo."

"Yes, mother."

"I am not old enough to be your mother, even if you are thirteen!"

"That's okay, Kambei-sama goes for older women."

"Can we please get off the subject of my age already? What the- Heihachi!"

"I figured I'd snag it before you threw it at Shichiroji."

"What did you do, inhale it?"

"You can have some of mine, Nasami-san."

"Aww, now that's true love right there, giving you his rice."

"Did I ever tell you that you talk too much, Shichiroji?"

"Not recently, no... wha- Heihachi, gimme that back!"