Kathryn Janeway harumffed furiously. "Where is that PADD?" she asked. It was a ridiculous sight, the Captain was in her peach colored robe in the middle of the mess hall digging through everything, looking under all the tables and chairs. "Oh God! Where is it?" she screamed. "Captain, is there something wrong?" asked Tom. She furiously turned around, "Yes there is something wrong Tom! I've lost my presentation for Starfleet HQ on our homecoming and the delta quadrant." she said. She whirled back around to the stove counter and began to throw down pots, pans, and various kinds of fruit. "Whoa Captain, can't you just re-write it?" he asked. "Re-write?" screeched the now famous Captain. "That report took me ten hours of revision and 20 cups of coffee" she said. Tom whistled. Chakotay entered the mess hall. "Is there something wrong Kathryn?" he asked looking at the mess. "Yes there is something wrong! How many times do I have to repeat myself?" she shouted. She returned to finding her PADD. Chakotay leaned over her as she was digging furiously through a pile of vegetables.

"If you did deeper, you just might find it"